United States Army 246th Birthday: June 14, 2021

For 246-years now, the United States Army has faithfully served and defended America and our nation’s allied interests abroad.  No matter the challenges the Army, and our country, have faced, Army soldiers and civilians have had the courage and patriotism to answer America’s call, whenever and wherever the need.

Born on June 14, 1775, America’s first regular fighting force was authorized by the Second Continental Congress to pursue the nation’s combat interests in the Revolutionary War.  The force consisted, at that time, of over 25-thousand militia troops assembled from the several eastern colonies.  However, not long after George Washington took command that following month, it became obvious there was a real problem with the current force structure.  It seems that, by past assumption and practice, militiamen were accustomed to returning home following the conclusion of a particular fighting or disturbance assignment!  To fight an on-going war, ultimately for the nation’s independence (Declaration: July 4, 1776), this practice was not going to be either workable or lasting. Accordingly, at General Washington’s urging, Congress then established a ‘national’ standing army, with soldiers drawn from the colonies, but separate from the various militias.  That standing force represented the beginning of Americas’ regular Army.  Although this occurred in January 1776, America’s Army has always considered June 14, 1775, to be its true birthdate.  The birth of our nation’s oldest and largest branch of the U.S. military, the United States Army, whose legacy mission was always, and continues to be, to train, fight, and win our nation’s wars.

Among the nation’s Army birthday observances this year will be a Cake-Cutting & Mass Re-Enlistment Ceremony at the Pentagon, to begin at 11:30 AM on the 14th. Featured will be the re-enlistment of 10 soldiers from the Capital District taking the oath, in-person, to once again defend the Constitution, along with 50 soldiers doing so virtually, men and women from 5 installations around the country, to include Fort Stewart, Georgia, as they all declare their intention to remain trained, ready, and Army Strong!  The live stream of this event may be seen via Twitter (twitter.com/USArmy) and via LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/us-army).

Happy 246th Birthday to America’s Army.  Genuine heartfelt thanks, from the grateful citizens of this great nation, to all who choose to serve with courage and distinction within America’s military, and in particular, on this special date, within our best-among-nations, United States Army!