U.S. Department of Justice Sues Georgia: True Motivation?

Well, seems your (sorry, not really yours, but the Left-Wing-Government-Owned) Department of Justice has apparently now decided that suing Georgia’s newly established Voting Rights law would be the quickest and easiest way to show America that the Democrat-led DOJ, and not the states, is taking some charge of our lives, since we, and perhaps the states, apparently seem to our government, incapable of running our own.

The Republican-led Georgia legislature worked hard to hammer out much needed voting reforms, as provided by the U.S. Constitution, by the way, in order to clean up the far-too-lose voting policies and procedures within the state.  You’ll recall the deal that was cut early on, prior to the 2020 election, completely apart from the out-of-session state legislature, made changes to some of the rules, via the Secretary of State’s Office, apparently without legislative approval. Those loosened procedures might possibly have resulted in the loss in Georgia for both President Trump and our two then-sitting Senators.  And for that, we may, or may not, ever know for sure.

The new legislature-approved, and Governor Kemp-signed procedures were specifically designed to either prevent completely, or at least greatly lessen, the chances for fraudulent voting. Much of the change centered around the requirement of a picture photo ID to vote, along with tighter restrictions on determining that absentee voters are, in fact, legally eligible to vote, and, if so, vote only once!  You may have heard about one instance here that surfaced, regarding military absentee ballots, where it was determined that out of over 900 ballots submitted, every one of them, 100%, were marked for Mr. Biden.  The chances of that happening are, of course, infinitesimal.  So, there was definitely a need to tighten up the policies, procedures, and restrictions applicable in Georgia. No attempt was made, with the changes, to make it more difficult to vote, or to in any way exclude certain folks from their legal ability to cast their vote.

Now, up steps the Democrat-directed Justice Department, under the leadership of U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, to challenge Georgia’s voting law changes, the first such suit to be filed among the many Republican-led states who also worked to tighten, legally, their voting laws which is, again, their right under the Constitution.  Said Mr. Garland: “This lawsuit is the first of many steps we are taking to ensure that all eligible voters can cast a vote.  The (GA) complaint alleges that the state enacted those restrictions with the purpose of denying or abridging the right to vote on the basis of race or color.”

In two choice, non-jurist words, this is all Bull (Dookie).  There is nothing in the new state voting regulations that is aimed at stopping voters, regardless of gender, race, or skin color, from legally voting.  Emphasis on ‘legally.’  The changes were made to, as much as possible, eliminate fraudulent voting activity, whether that involves machine/computer manipulation (which was charged in some locations around the country), absentee ballot manipulation (so-called, “ballot harvesting,” false identification, etc.), or being ineligible to vote in a particular jurisdiction in the first place, based on proper, legal residency, age, citizenship, and proof of who you are (photo ID).

Said Georgia Governor Brian Kemp regarding the DOJ suit: “This lawsuit is born out of the lies and misinformation the Biden administration has pushed against Georgia’s Election Integrity Act from the start.”  And he is correct.  The Left (politicians and national media, born of the same “mother”) have immediately accused Georgia, and other states having also implemented new tighter voting laws, of attempting to discriminate on the basis of skin color; attempting to limit the rights of eligible voters to vote.  It is simply absurd to come out against photo ID’s.

Fundamental to voting integrity is the mandate to ensure that all who vote are both eligible to do so, and that they are each who they say they are.  For those without a current state-issued driver’s license, photo ID’s are readily available at no charge at all local city halls, court houses, or licensing offices in the nation (call to determine which).  Yes, some folks may have to actually make an effort, heaven forbid.  Fine, have a friend or relative drive that person to the local photo ID site. No different than having to have assistance getting groceries, seeing a doctor, or any number of other citizen tasks.  If this DOJ suit is truly all about alleged denial of voting access to citizens “on the basis of race or color,” it is an erroneous assertion and should be tossed out by the court.

Why would the Democrat-directed DOJ be opposed to proper, legal, photo verification of a potential voter’s identity, and the minimal effort it would take to secure such, if Georgia’s true objective, which it clearly is, is to make certain, as much as possible, that only eligible voters actually vote.  Who in their right mind, in today’s racially sensitive environment, would openly attempt to diminish the vote total?  The correct answer, especially with an entire state involved: No one would be that stupid.  Now, if the DOJ truly is filing against the state’s good-faith efforts to ensure free and fair elections, that leaves some interesting questions regarding the DOJ’s actual motive.

Georgia, and the other states which have implemented similar tightening of on-site and absentee ballot voting procedures, has instituted those changes in the genuine interest of not blunting or preventing the vote, but rather to insure, as much as possible, that the total vote is legitimate; that all who are eligible can vote, and that little or no discernible fraud can take place. To file against Georgia on the basis of those intentions and facts, does raise questions, as stated, regarding the DOJ’s actual intent.

Since Leftist-Progressive-Socialist-Marxist activists and politicians, as we clearly know, desperately seek perpetual power and control for their surrogate Democrat team in Washington, and are, no doubt, willing to make that happen by any means necessary, legal or illegal, even perhaps to the point of actually introducing vote fraud procedures into national elections (as some still claim, right or wrong, happened with the 2020 elections). That being the case, certainly the nation’s Department of Justice, which is supposed to be apolitical in its practices and procedures, would not be filing a suit aimed at actually overturning the state legislature’s legally-mandated voting procedure revisions, in order to, it would seem, revert back to previous procedures (e.g.,lax voter identification), made via a political deal, totally apart from the required legislative approval.  Are we to assume, certainly this can’t be true, that the DOJ prefers voting requirements and procedures that are loose to the point of perhaps permitting, intended or not, vote fraud?

Certainly, no one wants to ever think of that possibility, but the question of why a federal suit would be filed against perfectly legitimate and legal new state voting rules and procedures, aimed solely at enhancing the true and legal vote, with, as any reasonable person can clearly see, absolutely no intent to “deny or abridge the right to vote on the basis of race or color.”  We’ll just have to see how this all plays out and hope for proper justice for Georgia’s true vote-integrity intent.

ADDENDUM:  Something to keep in mind with this DOJ ‘fishing expedition’ into Georgia’s revised election laws.  With the recent Senate defeat (thankfully) of the fictional “For the People Act” (aka “For the Progressive Politicians For Life Act”), the angered and revenge-seeking Senate Democrats will now reconvene in dark places to come up with a slightly adjusted alternative measure that might sometime actually pass. Pending that effort, it seems quite possible that this move against Georgia’s new election laws (again, a right to establish such guaranteed to the state by the Constitution) might well be an interim effort to thwart the tightened rules in Georgia (e.g., required photo ID), as a state-by-state challenge step and progression toward achieving what the Progressive Democrats wanted all along: Nationalization of election laws, overriding individual state efforts toward fair and honest elections, free of fraud.  You can be assured that Democrat controlled election law provisions would be as loose to get a hold of, control, and stop as a rogue stampede of angry partisan greased pigs (purely by chance, perhaps a close analogy).

There may, however, be some sunlight to this seemingly-inevitable announced DOJ challenge.  Said respected and fair George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley: “I’m highly skeptical and I think they (DOJ, et.al.) may ultimately regret this move.  It could indeed clarify this issue in a way the Biden administration does not want.  One of the issues that the court may ultimately amplify is that elections were left in the Constitution to the state.” And “voter identification, as an example, is extremely popular with voters.”  This case, and the over-all issue of voting procedures legality, is of critical importance to America going forward.   It bears closely watching its progress.  Concluded author Scott Powell on this key issue: “There simply is no substitute for victory in the fight to restore and protect the honesty of our electoral system.  Election integrity is the indispensable firewall to keep America a free nation.”

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