Tyndall AFB Update #2

The 150-mph hurricane force winds that struck the Florida Panhandle Region left devastation at near-by Tyndall AFB as well.  Over 90% of the base’s 1,300 buildings were either destroyed or heavily damaged (including all of the housing units on base which were left uninhabitable).

While it will take a long-time, and supplemental Air Force funding from Congress, to re-build, the feeling at present among Air Force officials is that Tyndall will be restored (perhaps not to all of its original capability and operations). Some of the reasons why a re-build is necessary: “Tyndall has direct access to valuable and expansive military training ranges (over the Gulf Coast), ample runway for its training F-22’s, purpose-built F-22 simulators, and a separate runway for target drones.”

It’s estimated that about fifteen-hundred airmen will have returned to Tyndall by this time (12-6-18).  The base should be fully staffed, uniformed and civilian, within about three months, say officials.  The big questions remaining are to what extent will Tyndall be re-built and will Congress make the funds available for construction.  Tyndall has great value to the Air Force and to the nation, especially with its F-22 training mission.  Hopefully those controlling the funding authorization will feel the same.

(Tyndall advantages via airforcemag.com, John Tirpak, December, 2018 issue; Airmen returning via airforcemag.com,  Brian Everstine, 11-2-18)