Truth Held Hostage

Sadly, since 2016, and no doubt during the eight-years prior, truth has been kidnapped by Leftist-Socialist-Marxists (LSM’s), mostly, now, out of irrational hatred for President Trump, with the remaining portion of untruths simply the reflection of their ‘lying-is-cool-because-it-takes-no-thought, plus-thought-gives-me-headaches’ comfort zone.   Facts for LSM’s have been officially rejected in favor of another F-word:  Feelings.  Welcome to the Sensitive Party, a genuine commitment you can witness daily, to include the warm rainbow of kindness below.

No question, among the prominent ultra-libs, truth is now in full hibernation, unlikely to awake anytime soon, and certainly not before President Trump leaves office in 2024!   And  by  then,  the danger is that a  slice of the  younger  generation(s) will go forth into the real world, seeing and accepting lies as truth, after having their minds  shopvac-ed and  “re-programmed” at the College of  INAH (I Need A Hug).

So who among the LSM luminaries is lying lately.  Too many to include here (so many lies, so little time), but here is but a sampling. With a Native American activist or two currently in the news, we’ll begin with one, a female activist who has reportedly said: “Borders are a white supremacist tool of oppression” and President Trump “is the most openly racist president, since Andrew Jackson, in our history.”  She managed to nail both “white supremacy” and “racism” in one public rant.  Nicely done, accept, of course, both charges are false and without any credible evidence, as always.  But perfect for feeding sound-bites to the ever-hungry, partisan media regurgitators at DEM-NN and DEM-BC, and other such bunk-mates firmly on the Democrat leash.

From that same controversy, not to be left out of any LSM opportunity, sage seer of tomorrow land, Alyssa Milano, has been quoted as saying: “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood (KKK).  Without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself.”  According to her dooms-day prognosis, the survival of our society (perhaps world, she doesn’t specify) is solely in the hands of white boys wearing red hats.  Attention Russia, China, Iran, and terrorists of all nationalities, sorry to disappoint, but it appears we won’t be needing you to bring down humanity, since as we speak, failing last-minute “empathy with other people,” we’re in the final count-down to “destruction,” courtesy of America’s white boys, exerting power they never knew they had, just trying to mind their own business and get on a bus.

Then there’s one-time Native American, Elizabeth Warren, who reportedly accused President Trump of trying to “build a monument to hate on the southern border.”  There, to her savvy credit, she completed the lib-charges trifecta:  supremacy, racism, and hate.  Ironic, as is blatantly obvious, that it’s not the Republican pro-capitalists, but rather the LSM’s who have total ownership and control of the nation’s prolific, bi-coastal, lie-embracing, flame-throwing, hate-spewing, solar-powered, denigrating venom machine (powered solely by recyclable thoughts).

A University of Pennsylvania female professor, referring to the recent white boys with red hats controversy (made into a controversy thanks to major media mis-reporting, due to haste or intention), reportedly said, in part: “The smiling face of Whiteness always hides a knife behind its back” and “Whiteness endlessly forgives its own transgressions” (meaning harmful acts).  The verbal stream of untruths continues.  Seems we have a ‘War on White’ going on, as those of us burdened with that pigment are only now discovering.  Next step: Appears we need to, at the very least, change the name of that large House in D.C. where the President lives to another more acceptable, less hateful shade.  But do it quickly, with, again,  “humanity” due to tank, unless the White boys ‘empathize.’

The red hats are coming, the red hats are coming.  The Patriot Post quoted CNN  Commentator Angela Rye as saying: “When I see the ‘Make America Great Again’ hat now, I am triggered.  I’m so triggered.  This Make America Great Again hat is just as maddening and frustrating and triggering for me to look at as a KKK hood.”  Well, we’ve now learned that not just college-age students, but some adults as well can be “triggered” (Service Mark: Roy Rogers).  So do we now need to create “safe spaces” for grown-ups as well?  It does seem that this nice lady might have been sneaking a peek at Ms. Milano’s test paper in history class.

Changing the subject completely, but just as goofy, again from Holly(dead)wood, Sarah Silverman was reported to feel that “our trans(gender) military are heroes like the rest, (but) more so, because they have to deal with s**t from (other) people…”  Military “heroes” are more often those who display exceptional bravery in combat, sometimes at the cost of their lives.  Transgender military members, who perform at that same level of combat bravery, are heroes as well.  But being the possible and regrettable target of criticism or negative comments doesn’t rise to the level of being the target of enemy bullet, remembering that the decision to rearrange biology was one that they themselves have made.  Truth be told, however, since now less than one-percent of Americans volunteer to serve, and sacrifice, in our military, with that commitment to defend America, all those who do wear our country’s uniform can definitely be considered our nation’s heroes.

And finally, also hog-tying the truth, renowned climate scientist, Al Gore, explains the reason for the drastic increase in Central American migrants traveling up through Mexico seeking entry into the U.S.  Perhaps you’ve already guessed. Yep, the reason is (man-made) global warming.  The “dry corridor” (impacting El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras) “is the most vulnerable region in the world to global warming,” according to Professor Gore.  Goes without saying, then, that we Americans are the root cause of the hoard of migrants that keep coming to our border, and in some cases, enter our country illegally.  We could solve it, (man-made climate change), if we would walk to work, stop accepting plastic bags at the grocery story, and drink carbonated beverages without plastic straws (but with a bib).  We have the power to stop illegal immigration from those countries by putting our cars up on blocks and wrestling them big paper bags home from the Kroger, before the now-wet bottom’s give-way. Who knew it was that simple to both stop the migrants and keep the world from boiling-over, too.

There you have it.  Just a sampling of current untruths (i.e., lies) uttered over-the-miles by a wide array of joined-a- the-hip Leftists-Socialists-Marxists, who prefer to think of themselves as caring, nation-loving Democrats (oops, three lies in four words).  Regardless of what they wish to call themselves, they’re readily identifiable in public due to their pants being pretty much continually on fire.

For those of the White Tribe, we’ve been educated by these learned scholars about supremacy, oppression, racism, and hate, which few of us never really thought of, let along actually practiced. But we Caucasians did learn one important fact and warning from the repetitive drivel above:  Stay the heck away from White boys. They all have knives!


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