Today’s Federal “Rough Riders”

Unlike Teddy Roosevelt’s valued, desired, and needed Spanish-American War-era “Rough Riders,” the far less valued, desired, and needed federal administration’s two-legged Rough Riders of today are riding roughshod in their unleashed stampede to trample on our rights (e.g., free & fair elections), and our fundamental national concerns (e.g., open southern border migrant rampage), and on everything else, it seems, that loyal, law-abiding citizens feel is best, in order to maintain our freedom-forged Constitutional Republic.

Case in point:  In the midst of a citizen uprising in Cuba, against their repressive Socialist-Marxist government, rather than provide encouragement, or even assistance, to those brave Cuban freedom fighters, our own power-and-control- seeking government has remained largely silent, with only a brief spokesperson generic comment (“Communism is a failed ideology and we certainly believe that”).  Even to the point of having our Homeland Security Department Secretary actually announce to any and all Cuban, and Haitian (political upheaval there, as well) refugees: “Allow me to be clear: if you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States.”  And if they do manage to get here, by apparent official policy, they will not be allowed to stay, but will instead “be referred to third countries for resettlement.” Meanwhile, migrants from Central America, and apparently from all corners of the world, continue to pour across our southern border, daily, and,  we are told (but only by conservative media) are being “resettled” here.  Among those entering the U.S. illegally, as we know, are human and drug smugglers, other known criminals, an unknown number of those infected with COVID, and, of perhaps most ultimate concern for the ultimate safety of the nation: possible terrorists.

So then, why is our government welcoming all manner of southern nation migrants, but preventing any Cuban refugees from coming to settle here, as clearly we have done in the past?  There are at least two obvious reasons.  First, and foremost, Cuban refugees and those of Cuban heritage have been known to largely vote Republican.  Mexican and Central American migrants generally vote Democrat, as thanks for the handouts and for the sneaking-in privilege.  If that was reversed, you can bet that our southern border would have been slammed shut on Day One of the Biden presidency.  This is totally about present and future political control by the administration and by Democrat state governors.  Self-grandeur and gratification for party and their elite, rather than what would be best for America, which is definitely to shut off all illegal migration, now.

Secondly, the administration doesn’t want a fresh flow of Cuban refugees here because they, the refugees, are seeking freedom from a Socialist-Marxist government.  Leftist Democrats seem to be ultimately seeking a centrally-controlled, authoritarian form of government for America.  There, then, is the, non-humanitarian, but political philosophy conflict.  Seeking individual freedom goes against the wishes of what the leftist politicians and activists have in mind for us.  Remember that famous Obama campaign desire to “fundamentally transform America?”  Well, what “transform” really meant was not a better, freer nation for all, but a far more centrally-controlled, less-liberty-filled one.  Two major reasons, then, to prohibit Cuban refugees from coming here.  And here is the most hypocritical piece of this Cuban refugee “stay away” saga:  Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is reportedly, himself, a Cuban refugee who, with his family, escaped from that island nation back in 1960 !!   Do as I say, not as I do.  Incredible.

And speaking of an anti-America insult and a move that will embarrass our nation in front of the entire world community, “Teddy” B’s Rough Riders from the U.S. State Department have issued a “formal, standing invitation for United Nations officials to investigate systemic racism in American policing.”  First of all, we know based on facts and figures that there is no actual “systemic racism” in American policing.  Do we have some racial issues in law enforcement?  Probably some, yes.  Are there some less than top-caliber cops?  As with all professions, yes, there are bound to be some who don’t measure up. In fact, it was one of those few whose careless action in Minneapolis seemed to have ignited this whole year-long+ domestic destructive chaos (now, including elevated murder rates) that has devastated portions of several of our major cities.

But not only are racial issues with the public not rampant within law enforcement, in point of fact, there is no “systemic racism,” overfall, in America, period!  That assertion is a total fabrication and falsehood that activists and their appeasing national media benefactors continue to spread.  Regardless, and seemingly determined to make that falsehood an issue, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has announced the following: “I welcome the UN Human Rights Council’s adoption today in Geneva of a resolution to address systemic racism against Africans and people of African descent in the context of law enforcement.  I look forward to engaging with the new mechanism to advance racial justice and equity.”

And there’s that never-can-be-fully-achieved buzz word “equity,” once again.  Not equality, mind you, which every American wants and supports, meaning equal opportunity to achieve, but the unequal “equity,” meaning equal results and outcomes, regardless of effort and ability.  This will actually involve United Nations representatives coming here, to America, to research/analyze/access our nation’s policing relations with non-white citizens.  And you can already guess the negative outcome they will be “encouraged” to find and report.  Are we to conclude that we cannot, ourselves, with American experts, determine if there is a systemic, policing environment, legitimately biased toward non-whites, all the while taking fully into account the actual percentage of serious crimes committed by non-white Americans, which require a policing response?  This is U.N. intrusion is absolute unnecessary and insulting nonsense.  Shame on the State Department, with approval most certainly from on high, for initiating this politicized insult to America.

Among those rightfully incensed by this craven U.N. invitation, Senator Tom Cotton responded, in part: “Tony Blinken, like his boss, Joe Biden, is sticking a ‘Kick Me’ sign on Uncle Sam’s back. They should tell that U.N. rapporteur to pack his bags and head to China, where China is committing genocide against religious and ethnic minorities; where they’re engaged with the systematic sterilization of minority women so they can’t reproduce.  To say nothing of what they’ve done to Hong Kong over the past year or to Christians. They (U.N.) should not be coming to the United States…it is a disgrace.”

Given her previous role on the world stage, our former U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley, was particularly upset by this ridiculous proposed U.S. ‘human rights’ inspection.  Said Haley, in part: “This is flat-out insane. You’ve got a million Muslim Uighurs that are being tortured (China). You’ve got people being bullied and beaten in the streets of Cuba.  You’ve got Venezuelans that are arresting political protesters, all of which (nations) Biden chooses to sit with on the Human Rights Council.  And the U.S. is asking the United Nations, a cesspool of political bias, to come into the United States and investigate us on human rights?  I mean, you can’t make this up.  This isn’t just insane, this is dangerous.  It’s incredibly dangerous…”

And Black Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds weighed in on the insult to American sovereignty, as well.  Said he, in part: “Have we had racial issues?  Of course, we have. Let’s be clear.  We’re the freest, most tolerant nation on Earth.  It’s what happens when you have a free society and people do bad things and harm comes to certain people.”  The left tries to create “this moral relativism so nobody is better than anybody else.  It’s a joke.  We are the country of liberty and hope in the world.  Period!  U.N. countries can learn from us.”

Then, as the administration Rough Riders saddled up once again to launch out of their taxpayer-paid luxury barn, the chief Rough Rider himself stood up in the saddle and raced forward, barely ducking in time to miss hitting the rafters over the main door. During a political speech last week in Philadelphia, the top wrangler himself launched into a tirade about those evil state Republicans and their efforts at ‘voter suppression.’  Or as those of us on the right side of liberty would see it, the successful efforts to improve state voting rules and procedures, so that Americans can once again have faith in the legitimacy of the voting process.  Oh, but no, he claimed, these much-needed improvements would actually make it more difficult for citizens to vote, and especially so for our non-white citizens, by actually requiring them to (gasp) provide a photo ID when casting a ballot.  Said Mr. Biden emphatically: “The 21st-century Jim Crow assault is real.  It’s unrelenting, and we’re going to challenge it vigorously.” Continuing: “It’s the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That’s not hyperbole, since the Civil War,” he emphasized. Chances are actually pretty darn good, however, that such was, in fact, hyperbole (i.e., “exaggeration for effect; not to be taken literally”)!

So, was he referring more accurately, per chance, to the on-going destructive, out-of-control violence occurring (still in some cases) in cities like Portland, Oregon?  The fact that such has been allowed, yes, allowed to continue indefinitely, is, in fact, an actual, regrettable “test of our democracy.”  But, alas, no. He was animated and exasperated by the fact that well-meaning, level-headed, Republican-led state legislatures were doing their very best to make their voting laws freer, fairer, and as absent from ballot fraud as humanly possible.  Oh, the shame of it!  Actually attempting to make things fairer and more accessible for all. Said the New York Post Editorial Board, in response: “When state Democrats change the voting laws, draw the Congressional districts, restrict who can even get on the ballot, (or flee to D.C. to prevent voting law changes), or (in Congress) use the filibuster, it’s just democracy in action.  When Republicans do it, it’s apocalypse now.”  By the way, in Mr. Biden’s words, Georgia’s newly revised voting rules, apparently due to be challenged by the Feds, are both “vicious” and “racially discriminatory.”  Looks like we’re right back to “Hi-Ho-Silver” hyperbole!

For the record on the very important, perhaps most important voting integrity measure, 80% of voters polled supported the security measure of requiring voter ID’s. And you should also know that, despite self-centered Democrat hand-wringing over that ID requirement, according to a recent survey, 69% of America’s Black citizens agree!

Whether it’s prevention of Cuban migration, pulling the U.N. into American policing’s racism status, or resisting honest efforts to revise and tighten state voting laws to provide fairness and integrity for all, and, no doubt, still many more issues yet to be invented and presented, this administration’s self-centered, continual power-seeking Rough Riders persist in their apparent desire to ride roughshod over the present and future rights and concerns of patriotic Americans.


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