Time To Put The Open Borders Lunacy On ICE

With allegedly now four massed migrant “caravans” (such a nice sounding, sanitized word for invading hoard) heading for our southern land entry points, it’s a dream come true for open borders zealots.  A proposal and a movement that is incurable insanity. No borders, no nation.  Which means that open borders proponents, globalists, if you will, are flat out anti-America, plain and simple.  They have no love or regard for our great country, its history, character, traditions, and laws.  None whatsoever. They could care less about any of it.

These anti-sovereignty fools clearly care nothing about what unchecked borders would do to America.  No concern for the crime, the costs to our nation, including the drain on our welfare system, the drain on our medical facilities, or the drain on our public schools.  They just don’t care what destruction an unending flow of illegals would do to the land of our birth, the nation we would grow to not recognize, perhaps ever again.

All these anti-America (and, frankly, anti-American) zealots fervently care about is satisfying their own, totally self-centered, insatiable desire for social, economic, and political power, no matter who or what it rolls over, no matter whom it may hurt.  It’s just all about them. And the flood of illegals are simply their chosen means to that end.  They care nothing about the illegals as people.  They are but a commodity, to be used to achieve their selfish goals, and then discarded when no longer of social, economic, or political use.

Illegals are welcome here for one reason: securing and insuring total, unending political power and total control, long into our future, if not forever.  Forever that is, until our democratic republic gives way, inevitably, to Socialist-Marxist-Communist tyranny, meaning dictatorship, the ultimate form of elitist control.  Once illegals are feeding at the government’s financial fountain, and are given citizenship by the leftist government in power, they will vote to keep in full control those who financially underwrite their stay here with that free-flowing money supply (until the wealthy run out of money to redistribute).  So illegals are a commodity, to be watered and fed for their votes, and then figuratively dumped along the road they came in on, when they are no longer of any political use.  No use, because, by then, the elitists will have been in full control of the country, so that neither elections, nor “voters,” will any longer be needed.

Meanwhile, the zany, extreme Socialist Congressional candidate from New York City (there’s a shocker) proclaims these illegals have a “right” to U.S. asylum.  And that’s because, claims this ultra-leftist hot-pocket, the approaching hoard, you see, is made up of “refugees” and we citizens should welcome them.  Breitbart.com effectively straightened out that purposeful mischaracterization: “The caravan of migrants is made up of primarily job-seekers and previously deported illegal aliens, neither of which make the Central Americans eligible for asylum in the U.S.”

If not welcoming this unending trail of migrants, with open arms and hearts, makes America’s citizens intolerant, then so be it.  For the record, we’re intolerant of anyone intending to invade our country!  And the trail of migrants will, in fact, be unending, if those first approaching our southern border are admitted.  President Trump is absolutely correct when he states that they will not be allowed entry.

And there’s more. Along with opening our borders to anyone, from anywhere, whether criminal or not, whether carrying a disease or not, the Socialist-Marxist leftists have also crusaded to abolish our courageous law enforcers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), out last line of defense, when and if illegals have slipped past our dedicated Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) agents, who stand strong on the very front lines of America, protecting our sovereignty and, ultimately, our freedoms, by trying their very best to keep intruders out.  Needing a Great Wall of America down there is becoming more and more obvious.

So let’s see if we understand this combo leftist dream.  Open the borders so that we can be welcoming to all who wish to come here, regardless of everything, because background, illness, arrest records, language, culture or employment skills mean nothing, mean nothing to this recent breed of amateur globalists.   Then, let’s do away with the law enforcement agency directly responsible for apprehending illegals who are independent criminals, along with those in defined gangs.  Eliminate enforcement and sit back while crime, and very serious crime at that, increases and spreads unimpeded across the country.

Sheer stupidity. Eliminating our borders, along with ICE, is a recipe for domestic mayhem, and worse.  And especially so, as more and more gangs and other bad guys flood through our open door (like, for instance, terrorists who enter from Mexico and don’t speak Spanish!) and have their run of our nation, like an adult candy store, only an increasingly violent one.

Sorry for not being able to put any kind of a smiley-face on this subject. And that’s because there is simply no happy or acceptable ending to this destructive, evil, nationally-crushing two-pronged escapade. So it needs to be said yet again. Opening our borders, and abolishing ICE, would be pure lunacy.

(Quote via Breitbart.com, John Binder, 10-26-18)