Thoughts On What Has Now Happened, and What Could Happen Next

Judge Brett Kananaugh was confirmed for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court by the U.S. Senate on Saturday (10-6-18) by a 50-48 vote, one of the slimmest margins ever, following a confirmation process, said Kellyanne Conway, that has “gone on much longer and much deeper than any Supreme Court justice in modern history, if not ever.”  The reason for the extended length was due to ambush accusations of sexual misconduct against the Judge, which Mrs. Feinstein introduced at the eleventh hour, after the formal and lengthy confirmation hearing had concluded and a Senate vote was due to be scheduled.  This even though she was in possession of such for several weeks prior.  This clearly indicated a set-up, a pre-arranged desperation plot to insert a broom stick in the Senate Judiciary Committee spokes, if needed, to slow or stop the vote.  Ultimately, after an unsuccessful full-court-press to smear the Judge and tarnish his many years of respected judicial service, by means of 30-year old accusations that were never collaborated, never proven, Justice Kavanaugh now sits on the nation’s highest court, despite a bit of shameful weakly disguised partisan whining from one former justice and two current female ones, who, to apply the prior sharp words aimed at all men, from the female Senator from Hawaii, those in robes whining, now just need to “shut up.”  So, then, what’s next?  What have we learned and where does this lead us?

Off the top of the stack, we’ve learned that the ultra-leftist elites, the new “deplorables” (thank you for reintroducing the term, Mrs. Clinton), will stop at nothing.  As observed, they will disparage the sanctity of traditional advise-and-consent judicial confirmation proceedings, and will take opposition tactics to a new level so low and deep that foul odors surface from the dark and dank soil freshly disturbed.  Is all of that over now?  Have the leftists learned a lesson?  Not on your life.  If any lesson was learned, it’s a green light to continue to push beyond the legal limits, and continue to disrupt or attempt to discredit any opposition initiative, in any and every way possible (or until now, perhaps thought impossible).

Another lesson sadly learned once again, through all of this, is that most of the national and big city (television and print) news media outlets have continued, again, to drop the news component of their responsibility and blatantly replace it with their new role as partisan promoters.  Media operators who, anymore, are so far in bed, spooning ever so closely, with their leftist elite Democrat dates, that conception has proven impossible to prevent.  Carrying the recent ‘conviction by accusation’ water for the hard-left Dems, has now added to the already-well-underway obliteration of the media’s storied and respected past as the nation’s unbiased presenters of truth and fact.  Shame on them for totally forgetting that traditional mission, and abandoning the millions of devoted American followers, who had heretofore counted on their unbiased reporting for generations.

Genuine journalism has entered a fog-covered, seemingly blind-to-justice, disgraceful phase. And by doing such harm to their credibility, now, for so long, IF (that’s a questionable IF) at some future point, most of today’s fallen from grace media outlets decided to give up the partisanship, crawl out of that comfy, amorous leftist bunk, and begin reporting the news, all of it, and doing so truthfully and fairly again, how would we know?  And for that reason, their self-chosen, self-imposed damage to their image may, now, simply be beyond repair.  And that is a real loss for our country, which had depended on the media for accurate, truthful news reporting for so long.  That said, thankful are we for conservative leaning (or all in) websites and for conservative talk radio.  The latter, about the only remaining national/local broadcast voice (along with Fox Cable News) of right and reason. A welcome life-raft of sanity, communicating truth and justice, amidst an otherwise distorted and angry sea of swirling partisan-left propaganda.

These hyper-politicized folks, leftist ideologues and their shameless media partners, have demonstrated that the rule of law, and due process, like the Constitution, are all, to them, outdated concepts and, thus, do not apply to the party of feelings over facts; of destructive change to our country rather than pride in our truly exceptional nation and traditions.  The new standard in their view:  guilty until proven innocent, and mere accusations are enough to prove guilt.  This threatens all future confirmation hearings, judicial and otherwise, and if allowed to exist, persist and fester, could ultimately turn America’s courts, and the judicial system within, on its head. These attitudes, and these actions, tear at the very fabric of our cherished Constitutional republic.  Allowed to prevail, at any level, will bring an end to the traditions, culture, spirituality, and morality of American life, and the American nation that generations of our courageous military members have fought and sacrificed to protect and preserve.

The leftist elite, and their mob-on-command paid activists, have announced, via Mrs. Pelosi, that they intend to seek FOI access to the FBI’s material on the post-hearing investigation (and possible even prior to), in an effort to assemble some form of rationale to initiate House impeachment action against Justice Kavanaugh, thus continuing to create discord, possibly even for a time handcuffing the Court itself, regardless of merit.  Only one Justice in our history has been impeached by the House (1804), but not removed from the bench by the Senate.  Impeachment proceedings can, of course, be introduced, but can only hope to prevail, if the now-increasingly ultra-left-leaning Democratic Party wins control of the House (and, ultimately, the Senate, as well) in the upcoming November election.

For this reason, and a gaggle of others too numerous to catalog here, America’s conservatives, moderate Republicans, disenfranchised moderate Democrats (those remembering and supporting the past era of sanity and compromise practiced by Georgia’s Senator Sam Nunn and his colleagues), and political Independents, all these caring Americans must come together in November and vote to keep the Republican majorities intact in both Houses. And on that vital note, poll watchers and other election observers must be vigilant in watching for, and preventing, non-citizen and illegal immigrant voting.

Is this really an issue?  Yes, because the ultra-left Democrats are now, more than ever, virulently desperate for power.  And closely related, because California cities and other metropolitan areas, especially of the law-ignoring sanctuary city types, have, unbelievably, green-lighted the right of illegals to vote in limited “local” elections.  That “local” mirage opens the flood gates for potential, make that, likely, illegal voter abuse.  Those illegal votes would go, of course, to their benevolent suppliers of free-stuff, those patrons of open borders, and other initiatives guaranteed to impose long-term, perhaps irreversible, harm on our country.  This could very well upend, via orchestrated, rampant voter fraud, the nation’s House and/or Senate leadership, if not closely monitored throughout.

We’ve lived through the negative “transformation of America” actions imposed by the last president, to disrupt our nation with the beginning examples (e.g., imposed healthcare and exhaustive federal regulations) of what a Socialist take-over would look like. Giving the nation a taste of what Marxist-Socialism would bring, only much, much worse as eroding individual freedoms kicked in, and as centralized government took even fuller control.

Again, for negative outcomes too numerous to mention here, and as the self-serving desire by radical elites for active Socialism has recently become open and obvious, the present and future of America, for ourselves, for our children, and for generations to come, depends totally on genuine, patriotic, nation-loving Americans standing firm NOW, and voting to retain and continue Constitutional Republican government and leadership.  Failure to do so, allowing a raging wave of Socialism-Marxism to wash over and drown us, might very well mean that we may never again have the opportunity to stop this evil ideology, being peddled to gullible, dazed, freebie-duped citizens as a wondrous heaven on earth.

There is only one Heaven and it is not here on earth, and it’s definitely not Marxism, now purposely disguised in an alluringly-seductive Socialist bikini.  Make certain that you, your family, and friends (those at work as well as social) make the no-excuses commitment and effort to VOTE Republican this November, so that we may preserve our America, the greatest nation, with the greatest economic system, on earth.

(Conway quote via, Trent Baker, 10-5-2018)