Thoughts On Some (And Some Not-So) Prominent Events Of The Day

We begin with a case of “political correctness” gone clean off the rails. But not so in the mind of Democrat Duluth Mayor Emily Larson, who is asking her City Council members to vote to remove the term “chief” from all of the city’s job titles.  And why you would incredulously ask?  “So that we have more inclusive leadership and less language that is rooted in hurt and offensive, intentional marginalization,” said the mayor.  She is concerned about Native Americans being offended by the word “chief”.  So I guess chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief diversity officer, etc. will have to search for alternate leadership designations.  Appears she hasn’t yet solved the police and fire “chiefs” issue!

Ironically, the word chief apparently did not originate with the Indians.  Its roots go back to Latin, evolving over the centuries to develop an English meaning. “When English colonists called Indian leaders chiefs, it was not a derogatory term, but rather a standard English word for leader.” With all that we as a nation are dealing with, eliminating the word “chief” from the City of Duluth’s staff language usage would not seem to be a priority, now, or frankly, ever. According to a past poll, if the majority of Native Americans are not offended by the Washington Redskins name, chances are pretty good that they are not at all bothered by the word “chief.” This is a great example of an effort in search of a need.

Next, you’ll be delighted, although perhaps not surprised, to learn that of those polled in the age group 18-29 place more trust in their college or university than they do in either the police or the military.  Only 38% of Americans in that group indicated some or a great deal of trust in the police, while only 58% of the college-educated in that age group feel the U.S. military is trustworthy.  The word ‘only’ used with regard to our military reflects the fact that, in a 2019 poll, 70% indicated that they trusted the military. That would certainly seem to make recruiting enlistees and officers into military service sound more difficult, given the declining trust attitude. And it’s already difficult enough for our service branches to secure young people who can actually meet the qualifications to join our military.

All of this distrust of two fundamental must-have organizations serving our society, the police who protect us, and the military members who protect our freedom, comes of course from the years of classroom indoctrination by liberal (to be kind) instructors, where conservative professors are an endangered species. And heaven forbid there’d ever be any constructive discussion, since it’s only the anti-America side that’s permitted.  There, that’ll make your day (or evening).  More trust for liberal schooling than for either our police or military.  And it’s those “peaceful protests” that seem to amplify the negative attitudes toward both vital services.

Well, sometimes (perhaps most times) when you are at least perceived as appeasing individuals or groups who threaten, best intentions can come back to bite. That’s what happened to Olympia, Washington’s Democrat Mayor Cheryl Selby, who had recently declined to declare a nighttime curfew, so that residents could peacefully protest the death of Minnesotan George Floyd.  And here comes the bite.  One week later, “peaceful” protesting activists came to the Mayor’s home shouting ‘abolish the police,’ and then preceded to spray-paint the letters ‘BLM’ on both her front door and porch!  Fortunately, she was not home at the time.  But later, she reportedly told the city newspaper that she was “really trying to process this. It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair.”  Why, yes, it is domestic terrorism which has happened, not only in Olympia, but in way too many metropolitan areas around our country. My, how quickly lib attitudes can turn when the impact, now ever-so close to home, goes from political ideology to personal animosity!  One might imagine, in hindsight, she’s probably re-thought her ‘no curfew’ decision!

And speaking of close to home. As the libs turn. Everything was fine with Portland, Oregon’s Mayor Ted Wheeler when, two-years ago, he reportedly  instructed the city’s police not to interfere when leftist-activists (redundant) made every effort to prevent federal ICE officers from apprehending illegals set for deportation.  But now, when new or returning leftists attempted to copy Seattle by establishing an “autonomous zone” in an area that reportedly included the Mayor’s home, then, what a surprise, in came the police to clear out those be-loved “peaceful” protestors.  Not in my back (or front) yard!  Say hello to their devoted friend, hypocrisy, the liberal-leftist’s permanent calling card.

Regarding Seattle’s ridiculous and embarrassing “autonomous zone,” the new promised land of rioters, a bold, black, female preacher, reportedly took on the BLM occupants and other zone ‘residents’ by shouting to them: “Why don’t I see my brothers and sisters outside Planned Parenthood? The number one killer of the black population is Planned Parenthood. You just want to get rid of the police. You get rid of the police and we’ll still kill our babies.” No doubt this impassioned appeal fell on deaf ears there, but kudos to one of their own for making the effort.

On the subject of anarchists (opps, sorry, “peaceful protesters”), factual American-history-never-taught-or-understood vandals toppled statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson in Portland (Oregon), and then Frances Scott Key in San Francisco. The Washington statue, you won’t want to hear, once on the ground was set on fire with a burning American flag lying on it. We guess for the thugs, that would count as a two-fer.  So, then, the father of our free and independent country, and first President, the respected third U.S. President, and the author of our national anthem!  All of this because, over two-hundred years ago, these elites and landowners, like many others, the practice at that time, owned slaves. Americans haven’t owned slaves for countless decades. Emancipation Proclamation…Hello!  But none of it matters. The slave issue is just a handy excuse for vandalism by historically ignorant, anti-America-types directed at destroying the treasured reminders of our founders and historic past.  A history that way too many fringe stragglers, out on the streets and in Congress, wish to forget and re-write. Several other statues around the country have also been pulled down by “peaceful” show-offs. Apparently, few if any participants have been arrested, which is not helping, but it’s also happening at a time when police officers, too, are being pulled down.

Several progressive-socialist luminaries are running, and seemingly pandering, for the vice-presidential slot alongside Mr. Biden. One such is Susan Rice. And, right now, Ms. Rice is very angry that Mr. Trump is President or that he even exists.  Talking about the 2020 national election, she reportedly said that her goal is to “remove Donald Trump and consign him and those who have supported him in the Senate to the trash heap of history.” And the pandering to the p-s base continued, as she blames Mr. Trump for a “series of lies, the disgraceful, despicable lies this president tells.” You know, thinking now of the apparent top-down corruption and pre-coup inauguration aimed at Mr. Trump, as the boom-a-rang comes whirling back, she might well be describing, not him, but her previous boss. Oh, and on the subject of disgraceful lies, Ms. Rice, please tell us again about the obscure video tape story you shared with weekend national TV news programs, that supposedly caused Benghazi!

And nearing the end on another low note, a very recent study by the Young America’s Foundation found that only 1 of the top 100 universities in the U.S. had a conservative speaker for their commencement address this year.  That one school was Miami University of Ohio.  Their speaker: Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R).  Makes you think that the other 99 schools in this study might have a wooden club house on campus with a poorly painted sign hanging on its front door reading: “No Conservatives Allowed!”

Finishing up, now, with a great up note. On the current fashionable and ridiculous issue of defunding or abolishing local police departments, Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker has a suggestion and solution. Tweeted he: “I have an idea. For all these people who don’t want any police, I’d love to meet with American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest, and make a deal to fly them to countries that don’t have police.  I want them to be happy!”  A great athlete and a great American, on and off the field.

And this reminder: “Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out!” And that destroy-America concept makes our vote in November so incredibly more important.


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