This Just In: Pot Calls Kettle Black

Former Secretary of State (repeat: former, which he doesn’t seem to understand) John Kerry has admitted to repeated trips to Iran to counsel with that terrorist-sponsoring totalitarian regime, in an apparent effort to somehow give possible re-assurance that the secretive Iran nuclear “deal” may not be dead after all, despite America’s participation having been withdrawn by President Trump.  “Even if Kerry violated no laws (that, by the way, is in question),” wrote Michael Rubin, “a more self-aware statesman would recognize that such freelance diplomacy weakens the U.S., emboldens enemies, and has a track record of failure.”

Clearly, however, Kerry is not a self-aware statesman, but a life-long self-serving, self-absorbed one. His plan was likely to assure the Iranians that President Trump wouldn’t be in office that much longer (for whatever reason), and to simply wait it out until that happened.  Similar to the time when the former president told the Russian proxy-president to tell Vladimir to be patient, that he’d have more flexibility after his next election (2012)!

And speaking of self-supremacy, Kerry than had the nerve to state on a recent HBO telecast that President Trump has “the maturity of an 8-year-old-boy with the insecurity of a teenage girl.”  Talk about immature, as the Kerry-Pot calls the legitimate, duly-elected U.S. President-Black.  And does so childishly, as if he, Kerry, is in any way superior to the President which, in all respects, he is not and will never be.  What a foolish, totally inappropriate characterization of an outstanding, Constitution-upholding, nation-loving American President, qualities apparently absent in this irredeemably partisan, spotlight-missing mouthpiece.  Freelance diplomacy is dangerous by not only providing mixed signals, in this case to the leadership of a dangerous, enemy nation, but also by undercutting the legitimate work and policies of the duly-elected Administration then in office. Bottom line:  Regardless of his fantasy mind-set, he speaks for no one in the United States Government. By his more recent actions and pronouncements, Kerry has likely re-established his preeminence as the dictionary definition of the term:  pompous-you-know-what.

(1st Quote via Michael Rubin, NY Post, 2-14-18 / 2nd Quote via Ian Hanchett,, 2-14-18)