This Conservative Gem Shines Ever-Brighter

There’s an old saying about discovering a ‘diamond in the rough.’ Nation-loving Americans have, thankfully, discovered, and, frankly, have been gifted with, a rare diamond, a brilliant, sparkling gem, who’s as smooth as can be.  A Black American woman, clearly mature beyond her years (29!), who is intelligent, savvy, and masterfully articulate. And one with firm convictions regarding what is right, along with love of country, and a deep desire to support genuine civil rights for all, in a peacefully-blended populace, joining with President Trump in wanting to make America truly great again, especially here at home.

Her name is Candace Owens. She recently testified before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on ‘white nationalism and hate-crimes,’ controlled by hard leftists, who likely thought she was swamp bait.  Turned out, she was the charging alligator in the room, brazenly swallowing the political loonies whole. Said she at the very start of her remarks, setting her tone: “The hearing today is not about white nationalism or hate-crimes. It’s about fear-mongering, power, and control.”  So much for the big-shot, self-loving (vs. America-loving) progressives who thought they owned the room!  Days later, their anguished remains would wash up on shore, amidst sea-weed and other contaminants.

For the Donkey Party Committee members, she was far from done.  “The biggest scandal in American politics is that Democrats have been conning minorities into the belief that they are perpetual victims, all but ensuing our failure. Racial division and class warfare are central to the Democratic Party platform. They need blacks to hate whites. The poor to hate the rich.  Soon enough, it will be the short hating the tall.”

And in a post-hearing interview, Ms. Owens underscored her belief that this hearing was all about raising largely inter-city issues, not for solutions, but disingenuously, purely for political gain.  Responding to that conclusion, Ms. Owens stated: “At the core of this hearing, it was just another anti-Trump rally.” The tactic is to “create fear amongst minority voters,” so they’ll continue to vote Democrat.

As you might expect, Ms. Owens verbal hand-grenades turned the hearing, sorry, political rally, on its tail.  A columnist for the stalwart leftist media hand-puppet, the Washington Post, concluded that what was supposed to be a “serious” inquiry (heaven help that presumption), ended up being a “farce.”  And whom did the WP blame for that, and whom American’s can be mighty thankful for, yep, Candace Owens!!

In a follow-up article written by Ms. Owens, she repeated, for emphasis, her concerns about the Democrat’s political intent. Wrote she: “Democrats 2020 election strategy, which involved getting minority voters to the polls with a combination of fear and bribery, using the specter of “white nationalism’ to smear Republicans, while Democrats call for ‘reparations’ in the form of government handouts.”

Wrapping up her observations on that make-believe hearing, the intent of which was, again, purely political, by intending to blame Republicans for everything evil in the world, Ms. Owens had these thoughts to leave with us: “It’s rather ironic that after a whole room of Democrats devoted an entire hearing to pretending that Black Americans, like me,  need to be terrified of the white nationalists ’rising’ behind President Trump, it was the President and his family who came to my defense in response to their race bating.”

And this general concluding quote from Ms. Owens gets to the very essence of race-baiting and her core beliefs about the need for genuine civil rights, and civil responsibility, for all races fortunate enough to be living in this great nation: “America is not a racist country. Anyone claiming otherwise has a vested interest in keeping us divided.”

For our Constitution, our democratic republic, and for the rule of law, Candace Owens is a long-needed, refreshing breath of common-sense-laden fresh air. Far from a race-baiter, as you well know by now, but rather a bright, bold, young woman of color who is determined to stand strong and speak the truth.  Determined to be, not another race-instigator intent on discord, but a gifted race-solver, determined to mend the divisions purposely stoked by others who seek personal gain.  A recent brief article about Ms. Owens’ hearing appearance (and victory) referred to her in its title as a “Wave of the Future.”  Fortunately for all freedom-and-nation-loving Americans, her “Wave” is not off in the distance, but here right now !


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