Third Infantry Division “Raider Brigade” Return & Colors Uncasing Ceremony (8-3-21); “Raider” Change of Command ceremony (8-12-21)

Third Infantry Division “Raider Brigade” Colors Uncasing Ceremony (8-3-21)

Division Commander MG Charles Costanza was the Reviewing Officer for this morning’s official return and uncasing of the colors ceremony at Fort Stewart for the “Raider Brigade” after the nine-month deployment to South Korea of those great soldiers in that historic brigade.

The “Raiders,” the Division’s 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, were first constituted on November 12, 1917, at Fort Bliss, TX, deployed to France during World War I, and were a prominent presence in several battles there.  They deployed during World War II and were actively involved in operations in North Africa, Morocco, Sicily, France, and on into Germany, for a total of three-years at war.  The Brigade has deployed to the War on Terror in the Middle East several times, beginning on March 20, 2003, when its soldiers crossed the border into Iraq and began the march to Baghdad.

Following General Costanza’s welcome home remarks, Brigade Commander Colonel Trent Upton spoke about the “Raider’s” many accomplishments during their time in South Korea, and of his personal pride in their consistent readiness training in order to be able to “Fight Tonight,” during their rotation.

The Raider Brigade is known as the “Battle Ax” of the Division.  Welcome home to the soldiers of the Raider Brigade, with appreciation for the caring and support provided by their spouses and families during the nine-months away.

ADDENDUM:  Change of Command Ceremony for 1ABCT (“Raider Brigade”) (8-12-21):  Following 26-months as Brigade Commander, COL Trent Upton relinquished command to COL Peter Moon at Cashe Garden, Fort Stewart.