Third ID’s 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team Color Casing Ceremony

At a 9 AM ceremony on January 30, 2020, at Marne Garden, Fort Stewart, the Third Infantry Division’s 2nd ABCT ( the “Spartans”) cased its colors prior to deploying to Europe, where they will help train and conduct exercises with troops from several NATO nations there.

On a quite cold and windy day, 3rd ID Commander, Major General Tony Aguto began his remarks by thanked all of those attending for coming out on another “beautiful” Coastal Georgia day!  The General spoke about the 2nd ABCT’s mission, how well prepared the soldiers were to undertake that important assignment, and the complete confidence he had in the preparation and caliber of both the Brigades soldiers and their officers. He indicated that seeing cased unit colors always made him a bit said, but at the same time, he always felt immense pride knowing that said unit was prepared and ready to move out to undertake whatever and wherever the nation required.

The General’s remarks were followed by Colonel Scott O’Neal, the 2nd ABCT’s commander.  He began by wondering whether those who came that morning,  despite the weather, came out to honor his unit soldiers, or whether they were really there because they were anxious for the Brigade to leave !! He was joking, of course, and the audience reacted in kind.  COL O’Neal then assured everyone that his Brigade was extremely well prepared and looking forward to fulfilling this important European mission.

The ceremony concluded, as always with the singing of the Dog Face Soldier song  and the Army song, accompanied throughout by the great 3 ID band.  A fine, well deserved send-off for the Spartans, whose motto is: “Send Me.”