Third I.D. First Brigade Uncases Its Colors

Yesterday afternoon (11-29-18) marked the official return of the Third I.D.’s First Armor Brigade Combat Team, with the uncasing of the unit’s colors, in a ceremony at Fort Stewart.  The BCT returned to home station following a nine-month deployment to South Korea.  In his remarks to First Brigade soldiers, 3rd ID Commander, Major-General Lee Qunitas, said, in part: “Your presence on the Korean Peninsula made it clear to all that our military, especially our Army, remains ready to respond to any contingency.”  Welcome home to the soldiers, and sincere thanks to the supportive families, of the 1ABCT!

And on the subject of Fort Stewart, the installation is one of two in the Army piloting a new program of having food trucks and, eventually, food kiosks, positioned around the Post.  The food, featuring both hot and cold menu items, will be prepared at the regular Fort Stewart dining facilities.  The intention is for the trucks to be more mobile (locations posted on social media), while the kiosks will be fixed positions indoors within designated major soldier utilization areas. Said an Army spokesperson for the program: “Soldiers can’t always get back to their dining facility, so we’re taking it to them!”  Great expansion of meal availability for our hard working and training soldiers.

(1ABCT/MG Quintas via, 11-29-18; Food trucks via, Matthew Liptak, 11-29-18)