Think About This

Reportedly, last year, 449,000 Californians received a jury summons, to which they replied:  “I am not a citizen, therefore I cannot sit on a jury.”

The number one source for jury summons candidates in California is the VOTER REGISTRATION list !!!

Give that some thought.  In other words, nearly half-a-million persons in California, who are not citizens, are registered to vote.  And the number is bound to be much higher, since those were just the ones who received jury summons.

And we are to believe leftists when they try to assure the law-abiding among us that there is no voter fraud.  Don’t think so.  And that’s just anti-common sense, anti-federal law, and let’s face it, anti-America California.  Wherever leftists rule in our nation, voter fraud is certain to follow.  That’s the only way they can gain, and retain, power. Corruption favors them.

(On-line, Anonymous, 12/18) (NOTE: Jury summons figures may not be exact.  But no doubt, the concept exists.)