The “To Keep Progressive Politicians in Power Forever Act” of 2021

Camouflaged as the “For the People Act” of 2021, this bill (H.R.1) has now passed in the House and will next be debated in the Senate.  Yes, it needs to be debated, but more importantly, in the name of citizen fairness, it must be soundly defeated.  And that can only be achieved if voters in a couple of states can pressure one or two reasonable, common sense, common decency, Constitution-supporting Democrats to vote against this dangerous federal-take-over charade.   Thanks to the The Epoch Times newspaper, which has painstakingly laid out the proposed bill’s provisions for all to see (and starkly realize), we’ll take a look at just some of the most negative, disingenuous elements within this hostile take-over of American citizens’ voting rights.

Despite the fact that our Constitution gives to the states the right to establish voting policies and procedures, the House has deemed its authority otherwise and, with this legislation, assigns to the federal government the right to control and administer federal elections within the states.  Bottom line:  Total control over the states for all federal elections.  This means that should this damaging-to-democracy legislation become law, all the current efforts going on around the country to correct and re-legitimize states’ voting procedures, removing illegal pro-fraud efforts put in place that clearly impacted several state election results in 2020, all of those efforts intended to win back voter confidence at the polls would be overruled by this federal take-over.  Taking away proscribed states’ rights, making possible continuing fraudulent voting procedures aimed solely at benefitting the Democrat party, done clearly to seek perennial political power.

Next: Automatic voter registration.  Currently, in 19 U.S. states, if an individual provides personal information to a state DMV, a public university, a social service agency/department, etc., they will be automatically registered to vote! Important to remember that some states now provide drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.  That means, in those states, illegals are allowed to vote, and have been voting since that state policy went into effect.  This proposed Act would nationalize that procedure for automatic voter registration in ALL states.  Now, do you see why the Progressives have been so unconcerned about the flood of migrants entering our country at the present time, now that all of President Trump’s very effective restrictions have been dumped by the Biden administration.  Get a drivers’ license or enroll with a social service or government agency, and bingo, illegals are registered and can vote in U.S. elections, watering down, by design, the impact of legal citizen votes. That rumbling you hear is the sound of our brilliant Founders rolling in their graves over this proposed citizen voter integrity travesty, already well into effect, recall, in some auto-registration states.

Absentee Ballots:  No witness signature or notarization required to establish identity.  Oh, and states would be required to accept, and count, absentee ballots received up to ten days following election day!

Ineligible Voters Can’t Be Removed from Rolls: Prohibits any attempt to verify voter addresses or to determine if a voter is registered in multiple districts or states, or even eliminating inactive voters from current rolls!

Bans State Voter ID Laws:  States could no longer require a valid photo ID in order to vote.  Must simply accept the potential voter’s statement that they are who they say they are.

And if all of that wasn’t destructive enough to America’s sacred adult voting right and privilege, cinch-up your seat belts another notch.  This Act would also permit 16-year-olds to register to vote.  Given the increasing indoctrination going on in our schools, you can imagine which way these mind-captured votes will go, especially with our major electronic media (broadcast and social) so deeply in the cell-block bunk for the Progressives.  Absence of reality, absence of legitimate, factual American history and U.S. government instruction, and the growing lure of “free stuff,” along with ever-present peer pressure, within and outside the classroom, would make real-world awareness and common-sense voting beyond the reach of way too many 16-17-year-olds still being exposed to, seduced by, we suspect, far too many liberal-dominated public schools.

Thankfully, this does not include all of our young people by any means.  There are a great many bright, exceptional, eyes-open, mature-thinking young people heading to good post-secondary universities or career schools, heading off to our military academies, or enthusiastically enlisting in one of our military branches, with an eye toward giving back with thanks for the values, opportunities, and benefits of our great country.  Made possible by the guidance and upbringing of excellent parents, teachers, coaches, and other positive adult influencers.  But there remain too many under the America-is-evil spell of the now, new, perpetually victimized cult, sometimes even seen out among “peaceful” protests on municipal streets, and even, in some cases, for classroom credit!  Progressives seem to be committed to the concept that just about everyone is, in some way, a “victim,” caused, of course, by conservative thinking and President Trump. With this Act from Progressive government, all as young as 16 would now be eligible to vote, regardless.

Nationwide Mail-In Voting Without Photo ID:  In federal elections, an individual need not provide any form of identification in order to obtain an absentee ballot.

Ballot Harvesting?  No Problem!  Any person may collect and return absentee ballots to any ballot drop-off box or election office, provided that person doesn’t receive compensation for ballots collected. There would be no limit on the number of those ballots an individual could gather. Like so much else wonderful, this harvesting scheme was developed in CA and now exported to the nation.

States Required to Permit Curbside Voting:  Again, for federal elections, intended to make it easy for individuals to vote.  With methods like this, plus ballot harvesting, absentee balloting eased, and no photo ID needed, makes it tougher and tougher to make a valid claim of supposed “voter suppression,” the continual and unsupportable claim of Progressives, particularly if this elimination of voter-integrity bill passes.

States Must Re-Draw Congressional Districts Via Independent Commissions:  Taking this traditional power away from state legislatures, these “commissions” must reflect “racial, ethnic, economic, and gender” diversity.  Yep, let’s eliminate the traditional prescribed authority of state legislatures and make the mandated “commission” process as complicated as possible, with an intentional left-wing demographic slant.

And here’s a beauty to wrap-up with:  Permits Politicians To Use Campaign Funds For Personal Expenses:   Use donations for personal needs, such as child care. And who knows, or perhaps cares, what else.

All of this, and more not spelled out, is intended to federalize state election laws.  And to make vote fraud both more possible and convenient.  And then there’s the whole question of constitutional legality.  “It’s an absolute power grab. At least six sections in the more than 800-page bill potentially run afoul of the Constitution, legal scholars say, including requirements that states offer automatic and same-day voter registration, rules on the expansion of mail-in voting, and provisions for creating commissions charged with redrawing congressional districts.”

More to the operational point, in the words of the founder of the Public Interest Legal Foundation’s Election Law Center: “The proposal would not only rig the elections; it would rig the litigation (challenges could only be filed with liberal-leaning D.C. federal courts).  It just shows you the whole thing is about rigging a system.”  Wrote noted columnist, Conrad Black: “…the Democrats intend to admit practically unlimited numbers of unskilled and unscreened people into the United States and qualify them immediately as voters.  At the same time, they intend to eliminate any procedure for the verification of votes, the monitoring of the eligibility of voters, or of the correct allocation of votes to the places of residential districts of the electors.”  Mr. Black continued: “The idea that elections might not in fact be free and fair, that one-party rule could settle upon the United States, that the courts could be intimidated or suppressed; all of this is without the slightest precedent in the history of the United States.”

Removing the legal photo ID requirement in order to vote in federal elections is not supported by the vast majority of registered voters across the various demographic sectors.  Research done by the Honest Election Project indicates that 77% of registered voters support the photo ID requirement (92% of republicans / 75% of independents / 63% of democrats).  Its retention is even strongly supported by Biden voters (62%), Black Americans (64%), and Latino Americans (78%).  Since, for non-motor vehicle drivers, photo ID’s may be obtained at no charge through local governments everywhere, the assertion of ‘voter suppression’ due to that requirement is another false and hollow claim.  Period.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) did not hold back in his expression of opposition to this proposed ironic reverse suppression of legitimate-votes legislation.   Wrote he: “Democrats call this bill the For the People Act, or H.R.1, but a more appropriate name would be the Corrupt Politicians Act because it’s designed by the politicians, of the politicians, and for the politicians.”  The Senator continued: “A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 39% of Americans think the 2020 presidential election was rigged. And if the Corrupt Politicians Act is signed into law, things will only become worse.  This bill would destroy the American people’s confidence in our democratic system for the foreseeable future, because it is designed to rig future elections for the radical left. And allowing millions of illegal voters to cast ballots robs you of your constitutional right to (a free and fair) vote.”

It goes without saying that H.R.1 is, by design, anti-fairness, anti-democracy, anti-America, and must be defeated in the Senate, if at all possible.  However, should it become law, there is no question that it will be challenged on constitutional violation grounds all the way up to the Supreme Court, where much, if not all of it, should be overturned.  There is nothing positive for America’s citizens about this Act, which is very appropriately labeled, as it is simply, nothing more than, a deeply partisan political ‘act!’


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