The Symbol (Make That, the Sole) of America: Discontent ?

Recently, an athletic shoe company decided to team up with a former football player for their advertising campaigns.  And despite that company’s marketing proclaiming that all is well, with their sales and stock’s up, etc., this embrace of an individual now known best for his self-fulfilling dissatisfaction with, and disrespect for, our country, rather than his past athletic prowess, will, once the sheen wears off, come back to haunt the shoe folks who, by this errant decision, have managed to offend and insult the vast majority of nation-loving Americans who work.

And isn’t it always true and disgusting, that those who prefer to find nothing but fault with America, and who simply can’t accept the leadership of a President who, through obvious, but unreported actions, is, in fact, bringing our nation back to the strength, respect, and economic energy, that we need in order to remain a world power, all of which languished badly during the previous administration. And isn’t it true and disgusting that those who find little or nothing positive about this great country, insist on complaining or demonstrating, rather than acting like adults and actually leaving in order to find true happiness in their imagined Socialist Dreamland, one with the welcoming softness, yet resilient strength of Charmin, while exuding, daily, the ever-lasting aroma-therapy of Gain laundry pods. Note: There is NO Socialist Dreamland.  Note #2: And there never will be.

No, they choose to stay here in a country they profess to loathe, for one reason:  This is where the money is.  America stinks, say the malcontents, but this is likely the one civilized place in the world where disparaging one’s homeland can generate a hefty pay-day.  Oh and don’t forget all the individual rights they have, and then the free stuff they can get, the latter, of course, made possible by the hard workers of this “deplorable” country.

And therein lies the phoniness of the disgruntled and disgusted.  Rather than leave, or stay and do something meaningful to cure the alleged ills they say plague this nation, they prefer instead to complain, protest, carry disparaging, often profane, signs, or even adopt the immature stunt of taking a nation-insulting knee during our sacred anthem, all rather than actually trying to do anything positive, anything at all, to actually work toward correcting the wrongs they proclaim to be infecting us.  That stance does, however, justly reflect that of their political party of discontent, the party where everything about America is wrong, whenever they’re not in power.  Those who make and proclaim problems are content to do just that, proclaim, but never solve, over and over again. Problem creation, with no intent to ever solve such, is the life-blood of ultra-lib advocates and politicians.  If perceived problems or issues are ever, in fact, solved (a definite no-no), the town-criers are out of work, and revenue.  Perpetually haranguing about problems and issues, but never really solving any of them, keeps them in business, literally.

OK, then, let’s get back to that shoe company and its patriot-insulting choice of promotional face.  Our land is full of much more positive, even heroic, symbols to front their ad campaign.  Individuals who, by contrast, represent the very best of America.  One case in point, the men and women of our Coast Guard and Army who work tirelessly and heroically to rescue, by boat and air, those stranded in the Coastal Carolinas by the sustained flood waters of Hurricane FLORENCE.

One obvious, positive choice, if that shoe company was actually serious about showcasing “sacrifice,” would be Pat Tillman, former outstanding pro-football player, who gave up millions in earnings and a life of comfort, in order to serve both our nation and freedom’s defense.  Not only did he join America’s Army at a time of great national need, he went on to qualify as a Special Operations Ranger, to insure that he could make a front-lines difference in support of America.  Pat Tillman would go on to lose his life in combat, fighting to the end for the country he respected and loved.  In contrast to fabricated sacrifice, Pat Tillman is a vivid illustration of nation-loving, and serving, genuine sacrifice.

Mike Rowe, whom we all know as a common sense conservative, and current standard bearer for pride in hard work, which with all due respect to Chevrolet, is the true “heartbeat of America.”  Rowe has suggested another courageous and proud American who could also have put a positive, heroic face on those shoe commercials.  His name is Tom Burnett. Burnett was one of those “Let’s Roll” heroes on that ill-fated flight who charged toward the hijackers with the hope of gaining control.  Failing that, their disruption insured that the airliner would subsequently go down in a Pennsylvania field.  The courage to act, rather than simply sitting there and allowing those Islamic barbarians to slaughter still more Americans by crashing that plane into D.C. or another metropolitan area. Burnett concluded his final phone conversation with his wife by telling her not to worry, “because we’re going to do something.”  That something saved countless lives on the ground, at the cost of their won, a true gift from those soon-to-perish souls on that terrorist-controlled flight.

Like Pat Tillman, Tom Burnett’s intention and action that day was heroic, offering his life so that others might live, and live in freedom.  Patriotic Americans, and especially those who make actual, meaningful sacrifice, like our current military members and the veterans before them, are to be remembered, respected, and revered.  Our military, our police, fire, and security personnel are dedicated to their professions, their training and responsibilities, and to their nation.  Their unquestioned dedication is such that, apart from many or most of us, they move toward the crisis, toward the cries for help, be it from an individual or from a nation.

Their willingness to make real sacrifices, too often the sacrifice of lives, limbs, or health, in stark contrast to the aggrieved, make-believe “sacrifice” of our spoiled discontented, mental ex-patriots, who far too often, thanks to a pandering national advocate media, are fawned over, and ushered into the national spotlight.  Their actions bring no honor, but rather insult to our country and to the vast majority of patriots who, with our warts and all, continue to love, respect, and when called, serve our nation, in countless ways, ever thankful for the blessings abundantly offered by our America, the greatest, most generous, most achieving and amazing nation on earth.

Made so by our devoted citizens, known and unknown, who are, by now, beyond tired of having perceived, out-of-proportion, self-centered negatives about our nation incessantly jammed down the collective throats of God-fearing, nation-loving Americans.

And on that note, to our once-respected national media:  Knock-off the incessant tearing down of our country, our leadership, our customs and traditions. Knock-off being a submissive hand-puppet for the Left.  Here’s an idea: Try truthfully and factually showcasing the positives achieved by everyday Americans and by America’s leaders.  Although that will require the effort and anguish of turning your huge ship-of-negatives around, by so doing, over time, you may actually re-establish your credibility.  The effort to regain that legitimacy must start with you.

(Tom Burnett quote via The via The Real Mike Rowe at