The “Squid”

The recent partisan political battle royale over provisions to be included within, or in some primarily Democrat cases, stuffed into, the emergency, gotta-get-this-done-now-not-tomorrow, federal legislation, now known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARE), seemed to leave most Senate and House members reasonably satisfied, at least for now.

But unsatisfied was one very vocal, but little known, “Independent” (former Republican) Representative from Michigan, and three, considerably better known, but also unhappy Progressive-Socialist Democrat freshman Representatives, one each from New York, Michigan, &Minnesota, political soul sisters, if you will, who collectively refer to themselves as the “Squad,” co-opting a term primarily belonging, historically, to our military, designating their smallest tactical unit.  To avoid, then, appropriating that military-centric term, and since there actually are (or were) four members of the group, those very special Representatives shall instead be known, for the purposes of this narrative, if not for ever hereafter, as the “Squid,” which, by definition, are “carnivores inhabiting the deep ‘C’ (Congress), having eight arms.”

As we well know by now, the Squidites spend most of their public time expressing dissatisfaction, or even anger, yes, by golly, anger, and especially so when they feel that the Congressional legislative train has left the station and they apparently weren’t invited to be on it.  Such seemingly was the case with last week’s finally approved, and presidentially-signed, CARE Act, which drew Squid complaints about alleged omissions, almost before the ink was dry.

First up, Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Squid Captain, who complained that the Senate “Majority(!)” had just approved a bill that was “one of the largest corporate bailouts, with as few strings as possible, in American history. Shameful!”  She went on to express her concern that America’s families were, in her view, being left out of the pending legislation. Said she: “The greed of that fight is wrong, (with only) crumbs for our families. The option that we have is to either let them (families) suffer with nothing, or to allow this greed and billions of dollars, which will be leveraged into trillions of dollars, to contribute to the largest income inequality gap in our future.  There should be shame about what was fought for in this bill…our community’s reality is this country’s future, if we don’t do anything.” But, with her Progressive-Socialist bull-horn firmly elevated, her biggest, specific complaint about the CARE Act came down to this: Those $1,200.00 federal checks authorized would go to individual American citizens who qualify (income level), but (rightly) would not be going to anyone in our country illegally.  That’s common fiscal (and rule of law) sense.  Already burdening our hospitals, schools, and social services, in this domestic emergency, no further hand-outs need go to those who entered America, by whatever means, without legal permission.  By the way, and perhaps not surprisingly, she and others of the P-S persuasion also feel that housing is a basic “right” in America, to include, of course, illegals.

Stepping up next, with, not surprisingly, a couple of terrific ‘radical ideas’ (her word) of her own, Representative Ilhan Omar, who, along with calling for President Trump is issue a “national lockdown” order (which few, if any, would support), also called for ICE detainees to be freed, and, there’s more, additionally, for an illegals deportation freeze, all such measures for the health and safety of those illegals affected, due to our virus crisis.  Continuing to add to her demand stack, said she: The U.S. needs “a moratorium on incarcerating people who are low risk to others”, as well as needing an “increase in medical staff in prisons and jails. Incarcerated individuals deserve our humanity, too.” By the way, “low risk to others” in the eyes of whom?  Who exactly would make that collective call?  Pretty sure they were incarcerated for a reason.

And, now here comes the stunner. Because our nation lacks a “functioning health care system” (her words), Representative Omar suggested that “all private hospitals should be made public for the duration of the virus.” Actually calling for America’s private hospitals to be taken over by the federal government!  So, then, for example, with all of the past, decades-long complaints from our veterans about the lack of quality care, or even timely access to care within the VA clinic and hospital system, she is apparently convinced that the U.S. Government could do a better job in this crisis, than our hard-working, over-loaded 24/7 (these days especially), privately administered hospitals.  And then, we suppose, the feds would simply return those hospitals to their rightful private owners, at some future date uncertain?  Beyond radical, Mrs. Omar’s government take-over suggestion is a cautionary example of what extreme Socialism looks like, with more than a dollop of Communism on the side.  Favored by radicals, this is exactly the kind of government-takeover of private business and industry speculation or, more accurately, intent, that we must be vigilant about spotting and forever rejecting.

And, for now at least, the final Squid, in this trio (formerly foursome) of the seeming always dissatisfied, who are clearly not as fond of America as are we (the ChiCom virus scatter-bomb aside).  Representative Rashida Tlaib offers us yet another swell full socialist take-over-of-America idea.  Let’s give everyone, including illegal immigrants, and those residing throughout the U.S. territories, their vision of a UBI (Universal Basic Income) for all.  Please be sitting down for this one, with no hot beverages in hand.

Representative Tlaib proposes: “In response to the Coronavirus crisis, the ‘Automatic BOOST to Communities Act,’ which would immediately provide a U.S. Debit Card, pre-loaded with $2,000, to every person in America. Each card would be recharged with $1,000 monthly, until one-year after the end of the Coronavirus crisis.”  ‘Until one-year after the crisis’…and who exactly will determine, without any dissent, exactly when the coronavirus plaque is actually conquered and completely eradicated? Oh, and exactly how would we pay for this monthly-lard-for-all, without adding enormously to our national debt (far more so than is already being added by the CARE Act)? Simple, says she.  No Problem.  Just order the U.S. Mint to make “two $1-trillion-dollar platinum coins,” then have them purchased by the Federal Reserve “at full face value.” Easy. And no added deficit!

Yes, and the Tooth Fairy, with that ever-ready bag of quarters, really does exist.  Wow, and here, all along, we earthlings thought those welcome coins came from mom or dad. For the record, there apparently really is, in fact, a provision in federal law permitting the Treasury to have the Mint produce commemorative coins.  Thinking, certainly, more like a special $1 silver coin honoring, let’s say, Ronald Reagan. But minting $1-trillion-dollar coins. And in platinum!  No one back then could possibly have imagined any request so incredibly outlandish (and foolish).  But outlandish is home turf for today’s Progressive-Socialists who work to alter all, and everything about, America to fit better their own repressive designs.

Just another out-of-left-field attempt by the extreme-left-wing to initiate a guaranteed universal income to Americans (that is, “all residents”), the dream of further tightening the reins on the future bit-in-the-mouth of all compliant Americans.  This UBI proposal actually was a more time-sensitive modification of the presumably far longer lasting, more comprehensive, proposal promised by former Democrat presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, who wanted to seek, instead, $1,000 per month for all, which would, then, continue permanently!  As in, no end-date. Ya gotta love those inventive and dazed Progressive-Socialists.  Actually, no you don’t.

The collective “Squid,” philosophically bound together by their strict adherence to Progressive-Socialism, as are, unfortunately, doubtless others of that political tribe of anti-existing-America intent, who are encouraged and supported by the same shadowy string-pullers of stealth and wealth, that represent significant financial backing to any and all federal and state elected officials, who wave the Progressive-Socialist banner, and stand/squawk united in their apparent never ending desire to “fundamentally transform America,” by golly (or by George).


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