The Schiff Hits The Fan

The House “Intelligence” Committee phase of this “deplorable” impeachment charade is now over, with Chairman Mao, sorry, but not really, Chairman Schiff having pre-determined President Trump’s “guilt” on the basis of no Constitutional wrong-doing!

In an interview with New Yorker magazine, the delusional Pinocchio, sorry, California Democrat Schiff, was actually quoted as follows: “The President doesn’t give a sh*t about what’s good for our country, what’s good for Ukraine.  It’s all about what’s in it for him personally and for his re-election campaign”.  That is a perfect summary of this whole scheme. What Schiff apparently doesn’t realize is that he has just described this whole phony liberal (redundant) impeachment “scheme.” And the fact that it is he, and his cronies, who don’t give a schiff about what’s “good for our country.” The absolute fact is that this whole fraudulent undertaking, this impeachment thing, in his House committee, has to this point, been all about positioning and inflating the ego of the Big Schiff and his band of little schiffs.

It is, in fact, President Trump who cares deeply about our country, and is working hard to keep it a free and prosperous democracy, and one out of the totalitarian-dreaming-clutches of the constantly seeking-to-undermine Liberals.  And among other deplorable traits, Mr. Schiff now has “the ignominious distinction of being the first congressman to use his official powers to spy on a fellow member and publish the details.”  Clearly, we have not yet heard the end result to this, yet determined, but possible  illegality.

Now, pulling down their tent, the circus packs up and heads to its next open field of dreams (literally), the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by yet another pre-determined-guilt Big Top Ring Master, Democrat Representative Nadler. Pre-determined, based on searching and searching for some misstep by the President, anything that will stick on the wall, after every other “charge” has come totally unstuck.  The latest gambit: “misconduct and obstruction.”  That sounds like something a regular person might face a misdemeanor arrest for vs. impeaching a duly and legally elected President.  This clown college is doing battle with imaginary windmills and coming up with broken lances and ticked-off horses. So now, the hoax-based effort moves to the next Congressional stage, as the liberal’s campaign to do nothing of value for their American salary-payers, now plods into its fourth year of zero accomplishment, except this on-going complete waste of the nation’s time and resources, as well as the embarrassment of our President, and themselves, before a world audience.

The Nader Committee phase began with testimony from a panel of staunch Democrat Constitutional law professors convinced that the President was clearly guilty of impeachable offenses, concluding, like an off-key choir, that President Trump had committed “the impeachable high crime and misdemeanor of abuse of power.” Added to that, to further seal the deal, they spoke of impacting the security of our country, of bribery (a new charge based on desperation-polling of Democrat voters), and then when all other “charges” had failed to budge the guilty needle, one of them included, for good measure, “behavior worse than the misconduct of any prior president.”   Oh, please! That last part, especially, is preposterous and laughable, for one need only look to the previous Administration, their anointed one, for bad behavior, with the Benghazi murders of brave Americans, and quietly sending billions of dollars to the nuclear-threatening (and, by such, nuclear-enhancing), despot regime in Iran, as but two examples.  All, at the very least, bad behavior!  This stacked Democrat legality-deck, with its powered-wig false claims and charges, resurrected, it seems, from 18th-century England, conduct deemed insulting to our Founders, was in itself, more ridiculously insulting “high crime” assertions, based on assumptions, but on zero fact or proof.  Just more of the rigged Democrat, string-him-up campaign.

And the additional conclusion drawn by one of the pro-impeachment legal testifiers, was particularly over the top.  Said he: “If Congress fails to impeach here, then the impeachment process has lost all meaning, and, along with that, our Constitution’s carefully-crafted safe-guards against the establishment of a king on American soil.”  What pompous bravo sierra, from a law professor, said to be a Constitutional expert, self-assuredly stated directly in the face of, to date, no actual proof of a genuine impeachable offense, while whitewashing the Clinton and Nixon “misconduct.” And perhaps Obama’s, as well.

But among this pack of renegade dream weavers, all specifically selected by the Democrats in power, emerged one bold legal scholar who stood strong, apart from the anti-Trump herd, the one the Republicans were “allowed” to add to the Constitutional panel: Jonathan Turley.  A distinguished George Washington School of Law professor, Jonathon Turley is also a Democrat who freely admits that he did not vote for President Trump!  But as a result of his reasoned, learned testimony, he emerged as a true Republican hero.

Said Professor Turley, in part, in his opening statement to the Committee: “Basing impeachment on this obstruction theory would itself be an abuse of power… by Congress! In the current case, the record is facially insufficient.  The problem is not simply that the record does not contain direct evidence of the President stating a quid pro quo. The problem is that the House has not bothered to subpoena the key witnesses who would have direct knowledge.”  Turley went on to state in a written op-ed the following day: “I remain concerned that we are lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger. These ‘agitated passions’ will not be a substitute for proof in an impeachment.”

Professor Turley’s pro-rule-of-law testimony in a hostile, Democrat-dominated setting, came with consequences, even, he said, before he had finished his Congressional appearance. That same day, he received threatening messages at his office and home, even calls for his firing by George Washington University, all for presenting the fact that the case for the President’s impeachment had not, to that point, been made.

Conservatives must remember, with real appreciation, the role that Professor Turley played before that Judiciary Committee, perhaps more accurately described as an ultra-partisan, Democrat-staged, old-fashioned stake-burning. By his cogent, non-partisan arguments, he effectively nullified the very biased claims of the previous three law professors.  He re-leveled the playing field from its pre-determined steep tilt.  Not to the Democrats, of course. But in the minds and observations of concerned, anti-railroading, fair-minded, fact-seeking Americans.

This whole Democrat-driven, scheme is nothing but a self-serving impeachment farce.  The supposed “misconduct” charges are like the whack-a-mole game, where as soon as one charge disappears down the hole (for lack of staying-power), another one pops up, with the up-and-down attempts to entrap the President continuing until the liberals in charge decide to just take a shot, going for impeachment based on generic, unproveable assertions.

This self-serving farce, an insult to all those loyal Americans, who chose to accept and adhere to the Constitution, as written (vs. those on the left ever-searching for a more “modern,” flexible one, or who simply ignore it completely).  And all of this strictly partisan game-playing at a time when our citizens are enjoying an amazing era of economic prosperity, with unemployment at a 50-year low (across demographics), enhanced for the employed by rising wages. All that really good news is, of course, discouraging to liberals who apparently hope for a recession to run on in 2020, since they have nothing else. There is no more stark current case of embracing political party and socialist ideology, over what’s truly best for America.  Today’s liberals, especially the ultra-progressives, (who are effectively now the Democrat Party), are shameless by supporting everything that enhances Party, in hopes of ruling forever, rather than working with common sense and decency toward what’s best, now and in the future, for our great nation.

Regarding the full-force impeachment push by the Democrats, Mrs. Pelosi had a delightfully supportive comment for their anti-Constitutional effort.  Said she: “Civilization as we know it today is at stake in the next election, and certainly (for) our planet.” Now that’s interesting.  Were President Trump to win a second term (yes, please!), she strongly implies that not only would that life end here as we know it, but around the planet as well.  Oh, my gosh, grab the kids, I had no idea the end was that imminent!  Now, when she and her gang, aren’t quite as fervently partisan, in recent past, on-going warnings, they have boldly suggested that it is “climate change” (man-made, of course) that is the greatest current threat to mankind.  One of their political tribe (with apologies to former squaw, Mrs. Warren) have even shouted that the earth is “burning” and “people are dying” as in, right now. Suggestion: For the need of global warming/cooling correction, bow your head  and ask that of God, the ultimate and only true climate controller.

Now, what this impeachment charade is all about, in addition to enormous tax-payer expense and a total waste of productive Congressional time, is getting President Trump, whom the left thoroughly hates and despises (despite Mrs. Pelosi’s recent attempted denials), out of the way for the 2020 elections.  The last thing they want to do is face him again in this next time, Because they have nothing worthwhile to offer, including their candidates. Fact is their political cupboard is empty.  All they can hope to do is get rid of the President, or so besmirch or diminish him, that he becomes politically damaged goods.

But this whole senseless and desperate saga is longer and deeper than all of that.  In a recent print commentary, it was written that “Mr. Trump’s opponents rejected his legitimacy from the start, pushed fabricated allegations, (and) spoke of impeaching him before he even took office” (elements of which are now, finally coming out from the U.S. Attorney and Justice Department investigations). “His opponents were not satisfied with opposing him.  They sought to destroy him.”  And the heinous efforts continue as we speak, and will definitely, and most regrettably continue, in one form or another, until election day.  And whether he wins or not, forever thereafter.

A far lesser American President would very likely have eventually crumbled under this three-year continual, oppressive on-sought, from both his political opponents, and from the shameful, self-defeating, ultra-partisan (at least most of the) American media (eliminating the word “news”).  But, thankfully for the nation, the President isn’t a lesser leader.  He is a bright, strong, and bold one, long needed by America.  We are thankful for him.  There’s no question that common-sense Americans strongly support him, and wish for his dynamic style of national/international leadership to continue into a successful second term!


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