The Progressive “Pirates” of D.C.

In days of old, pirates, by vocational definition, stole stuff.  Traditionally, piracy was accomplished by accosting and robbing ships on the high seas, reveling in the harsh reality and profitability of denying others their goods, even sometimes their lives.  High seas escapades, which were always terrifying to those who were put upon by these ocean-going, self-serving thieves.  Today’s modern white-collar pirates, known more commonly as Progressives, continue the tradition of stealing, but this time their mayhem is conducted far more continually and conveniently on dry land.  Over the terms of the last two Democrat presidencies, the wellbeing of today’s American citizenry, it seems, has been, largely, cast into the willing, and oppressive out-stretched hands of the Progressive pirates of D.C.

Most visibly, since the election of 2008, and growing in prominence and influence especially since the just-possibly-false presidential election result of 2020, the anti-American smothering influence of Progressive socialism’s ‘rolling thunder’ has, by invitation, infiltrated every corner and all aspects of the current executive branch and administration, bolstered by a seemingly limited, but highly vocal, cabal initiated within Congress.  Both of those key branches of our federal government seem to fester with the strident and overbearing ultra-liberal influence being systematically imposed upon the good people of America, by executive orders, mandates and actions, sometimes even accompanied by supportive legislation from the Democrat-controlled Congress (excessive, Treasury-busting, seemingly non-stop trillion-dollar federal spending comes to mind).

While our domestic life in America is now dealing with seemingly unending turmoil (like: run-away inflation, out-of-control crime, improper “instruction” on sex and gender variations in lower grade levels, and increased federal taxation), imposed on America by ultra-liberal state/local administrators, prosecutors, and school boards, there are however, in addition, at least two other major and absolutely unnecessary pockets of turmoil about to implode and impact anew on our citizenry, courtesy of the Progressive pirates.

One of these major issues directly impacts our access to reasonably priced home, business, and vehicle fuel.   And the second major imposition on our daily lives involves a projected massive new surge of illegal migrants, on top of the now-millions who have already illegally entered (invaded) our nation via the southern border.  The first push for these modern-day pirates is to steal our national energy independence.  The second threatens to steals our history, culture, language, and rule of law.

First, then, the energy issue.  Energy independent under President Trump, America has now reverted to an energy dependent nation.  And that’s because the Progressives are now clearly driving the Biden administration’s ‘bus’ (electric, of course). From Day One of his administration, they have been calling the shots, starting with the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline, meant to be a continuing U.S. source of near-by Canadian oil, shipped more safely by pipe, than by rail or truck.  The Progressives are bound (we can wish they literally were!) and determined to do away with fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal), while placing fantasy-land reliance on the unreliable current renewables of solar and wind.  Therefore, “Americans are made to suffer unnecessarily, and national security is imperiled, all for an agenda that is junk science fueled and impractical, regardless of how you feel about United Nations ‘climate science.’ This is not rational policy.  It is intentional nation-wrecking.”

Anyone with even a marginally educated brain knows that, today, for now, renewables simply cannot adequately provide for the energy needs of America.  Despite the Progressives distaste for common sense, fossil fuels will continue to power our nation for many, many years to come.  That’s a fact.  And another fact: Nuclear is the only current renewable capable of providing dependable power, regardless of weather (!), but no one wants to even mention the possibility of increasing America’s existing nuclear generators, although some European nations are having second thoughts now about reopening and expanding their nuclear power resources. “Europe’s decision to race away from coal and close much of its nuclear power capacity before having reliable alternatives in place has left it at the mercy of Russian natural gas imports and soaring global gas prices.”  And now forced to reverse course on power generation, John Stossel reports that in Germany, for instance, “high pollution coal now tops wind as Germany’s biggest electricity source.”  Stossel says that Germans now pay more than three-times what we pay in the states for electricity!

Said Myron Ebell (Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute): “The Biden administration is still using every regulatory tool to slow oil and gas production on federal lands and offshore areas, delay pipeline and infrastructure approvals, and bully banks into dropping investments in new production.”  And that last one, availability of production loans, is key for increased domestic oil and gas capability. “Before pumping billions of dollars worth of capital and labor to drill, producers need signals of certainty from the White House that economically sensible drilling may proceed without sudden interruption.”  So, then, meanwhile, the administration must now seek oil and gas supplies from elsewhere, including non-freedom-loving sources like Venezuela, Iran, and for the time being, it seems, Russia.  Regarding Russian gas exports, reportedly such emits over 40% more pollution than the far cleaner U.S. gas.  Foolishly ironic when the Progressives are climate and environment fanatics!

America has generations worth of known oil and gas deposits in the ground, right here within our own land (!), with no rational reason to not expand our capability and return/maintain our nation’s ability to exist energy independent.  At least until such time as future scientific research and American innovation lead us to economical and reliable renewable energy alternatives. Fossil fuels currently supply 60% of America’s electricity (40% from natural gas alone), including that to manufacture, and then power, those now-sacred EV’s!!.  And one related thing more for solar and wind devotees.  Solar and wind construction, federally subsidized and otherwise rewarded, is swallowing up productive American farm land, which becomes even more critical now that portions of Europe’s “bread basket” are apparently compromised, and perhaps to some extent eliminated, by the on-going, destructive and savage Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Wrote Francis Menton, in the Manhattan Contrarian: “President Biden, who appears to be completely unaware that the intermittent renewables cannot replace fossil fuels without massive amounts of battery or other storage that are totally unaffordable and don’t even exist as a technological matter, keeps the government-wide fossil fuel suppression campaign going at full tilt.” Case in point, an example of current executive branch over-reach, the administration has now proposed recruiting the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the agency chartered to administer legalities, maintaining a just relationship between listed corporations and investors, to bear down even harder on energy companies and others  Believe it or not, if implemented, the SEC will now expand and require “all public companies to disclose the climate risks involved in their operations.” Continued article commentator, John Horvat II: “President Biden is waging war on American energy, and his administration is doing everything possible to discourage production.  The SEC was never intended to be a policy-making agency imposing an ideology. These draconian requirements especially target oil companies, which would be required to estimate emissions from rigs, tankers, and pipelines transporting oil and gas. The (proposed) new reporting is meant to intimidate.”

And one last bite of the “green” reality apple.  “Any significant expansion of today’s modest level of green energy – currently less than 4% of the country’s total consumption (vs. 56% from oil and gas) – will create an unprecedented increase in global mining for needed minerals.”  For instance: “A single electric car contains more cobalt than 1,000 smartphone batteries; the blades on a single wind turbine have more plastic than 5-million smartphones; and a solar array that can power one data center uses more glass than 50-million phones.”  Oh, and one more present-day fact: “Oil, natural gas, and coal are needed to produce the concrete, steel, plastics, and purified minerals used to build green machines”!

So then, with the urgent help of common sense Congressional and state politicians, plus America’s voters, the Progressive pirates of D.C., today’s preeminent “Greenies,” must be driven back from their incessant push to eliminate oil and natural gas production, the predominant source of U.S. energy.  We have got to end this incredible, short-sighted foolishness of eliminating fossil fuels, a utopian, empty-headed, politically-crazed, outer-space-based drive clearly at substantial odds with what is today’s best, available, reliable energy production solution for America. We literally cannot exist today without an abundance of nation-wide, fossil-fuel-produced, America-first, energy.

Secondly, our Progressive pirates and the extremely serious issue of illegal southern border migration: potentially stealing and side-lining our unique Constitutional history, our traditional culture, our predominant language, our national security, the rule of law, our capitalist economic system, and the integrity of our electoral system (currently undergoing needed reform in many states; only citizens may vote!).

We’ve addressed the illegal migration issue within previous posts here, so it’s most certainly a major problem with which you’re already quite familiar.  While Texas seems to be taking the brunt of the on-going illegals crisis, Arizona continues to deal with the alien migration, as well.  Over the last fiscal year, the Arizona boarder has seen a 579% increase in illegal migrant ‘encounters,’ not including those who managed to sneak across undetected.

And underscoring the administration’s practice of quietly flying and busing illegal migrants from border entry to states and cities all over the country, who would have guessed that Portland, Maine is now facing a “dire situation” financially, due to the “unprecedented volume” of migrants arriving there!  Portland is not alone, due to the Biden administration’s lax border policies, total U.S. southern border “crossings hit more than 1.5-million in fiscal year 2021 and are approaching 1-million already in fiscal year 2022.” And the critical problem isn’t just the literal unceasing flood of migrants.  It’s also the illegal drugs that are coming across that border, too often undetected.  Especially fentanyl, reported to have caused about 100,000 U.S. deaths last year alone.

Like Maine, Idaho isn’t right near our southern border, but is being “overwhelmed” by fentanyl overdoses.  Said an Idaho sheriff: “These are numbers that we have never seen before, literally unprecedented, and fentanyl is at everyone’s doorstep because of the porous border and because of the cartels and how much supply they are moving across the southern border.”

As a stark statement of the numeric impact on the American population being created by the seemingly non-stop surge of illegal migrants, Texas Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick recently predicted during a television interview that “20% of the American population will be here illegally by the end of Biden’s term.”  Beyond belief, but apparently that’s the road we’re on if steps aren’t taken, and very soon, to shut down our border from the illegals stampede.  A bad enough projection, but Germany is already reached a full 25% of its population that is deemed to have a “migrant background.”

Regardless, of our unprecedented human invasion, the administration has announced its intention to cancel Title 42 border protection in late May of this year.  Unbelievably, that public health-based provision has been the only thing enabling Border Patrol officers to turn around and send back (or at least force individuals to stay in Mexico) even some of those seeking entry to America.  And now, of all false conclusions, the Biden administration has claimed to some that there is “no level of defense that can stop the surge of illegal immigration.”  Not cancelling construction of our border wall on Day One in office would certainly have helped!  Of course we have defenses to stop the on-going surge of illegals!  Start by getting word back to the southern countries that our border is now closed, and mean it. Then, by golly, close it!  Stop the invasion! Man it with a substantially increased number of Border Patrol and other officers and, if likely need be until the anticipated surge diminishes, National Guard soldiers.  The surge can be stopped with both enhanced and comprehensive communication and meaningful preventative action.  Such as, as Texas has taken it upon itself to do along that state’s border, continue building that full-length border wall.

That is if the administration truly wanted to stop it and protect our country.  Sadly, it does not.  At a cost of billions of U.S. tax dollars to support and care for these now millions of illegal migrants, who will undoubtedly need federal, state, and local financial assistance (plus education and healthcare) for untold years to come.  Meanwhile, in likely too many cases, the distinct possibility of taking lower-level jobs away from American citizens, lowering wages, and ironically, cruelly, forcing many of our own citizens then onto welfare rolls!  Conjecture, but it could well happen from the crunch of far, far too many illegals being transported and settled within our land, by an administration that views each illegal migrant adult on the public dole only as a future vote for Democrat politicians and policies.  Embracing, selfishly, partisan politics over the nation’s best interest.

As with the purposeful lack of action on the current energy stalemate, the migrant situation is but another utopian vision that, the powerful hope, will bring us closer to their fuller socialist dreamland.  Progressive socialism is all about power and control, centralized among and within the insider elite. Striving for an unbreakable central government-hold on the American public.  Shunting our Constitution and the rule of law aside, new dictates, rules, regulations, along with punishments for infractions, to be imposed by our self-centered Progressive rulers on high. Everything flows downhill from the anointed holders of major new federalized powers.  Regarding the ultimate and inevitable negative outcome of comprehensive socialist government plans, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher nailed it when she stated simply and accurately for all time: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

We must rally those in Congress, and those in state office, to keep Title 42 in place, along with as many other policies and deterrents as possible to slow, if not stop, the huge number of illegal migrant ‘encounters’ at our border.  There are, of course, defenses available to those in authority who really do want to turn this unacceptable situation around.  It will likely take a very strong Republican victory in November to create any real stopping power at our southern border.  It’s a tragedy, and an injustice, that America must wait until then for truly meaningful and effective solutions, as, meanwhile, the pending new uncontrollable mega-surge becomes likely reality by late May.  Hopefully then (November), finally, the Progressive piracy of our sovereignty, security, economic system, and cultural traditions, along with, as covered above, that of our critical future energy supply sources, can successfully be stopped.


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