The Orchestrated Invasion Of The Migrants

No question, this is a set-up.  Right out of the playbook, and the fervent dream, of the delusional open borders crowd. Timed to erupt, but hopefully not violently, on our border, close to the November election.  No accident there. Five-thousand+ migrants (the number has now reportedly more than doubled!!), many now purposely with children in tow, they don’t just wake up one morning and decide that trying to barge into the United States without permission would be a really good idea.  There is big money behind this being supplied, there can be no question, by socialist-leftist backers hidden well behind the series of thick political curtains, while paid leftist activists out front have generated it, corralled the increasing thousands, and pushed them north, promising, no doubt, that all of their problems will soon be solved by this magical ‘march.’  Financiers are now reportedly said to be Venezuelan, but since that country is in financial ruin, the funding is more likely coming, through them, from China, the nation that loans Venezuela huge sums of money, gladly accepting payback in badly-needed oil.  But again, deep behind the curtain, no doubt, lurk socialist-leftists directing this growing and dangerous looming attack on our nation. Dangerous because, despite promises that may have been made, none are to be allowed in.

And the word ‘march’ is but an innocent sounding euphemism for invasion.  Nasty, scary word.  But that’s exactly what this is, a fully-intended invasion of our nation.  And please do notice.  Even though this unwelcome, uninvited potential incursion of our southern border would be a pure violation of our immigration laws, not a peep of concern or opposition has yet to be voiced by any Democrat.  Not a word. Proof positive that they are categorically behind, and very much encouraging, this attempted invasion of our nation.  Either that or they have no knowledge or understanding of our very specific, long-on-the-books immigration laws. And if the latter is the case, they have no earthly business holding elected office.  At least not in our country.

While everyone hopes (at least sensible ‘everyones’) that a border confrontation with the determined-to-invade migrants does not happen, watch for the women and children to be pushed to the front, with the potential for injury.  Should that happen, on cue, the American “news” establishment and the snowflakes of all ages will pound their liberal, the heck-with-the-good-of-the-country chests, and shriek about how callous and wrong it was for Republican leaders to let this happen, when it would’ve been so much more humane and civilized to simply let several thousand more illegal uneducated, unskilled, non-English-speaking persons into our nation.  And by the way, if that ever happened, watch succeeding “caravans” continually form and head for our border.  If we yield to this onslaught, the door will never close again.  And America will cease to be the nation we envisioned growing old in, no longer the land of the free.  No longer America.

It might be useful to know that, according to 2012 U.S. census data, 51% of immigrants (illegal and legal) required government assistance from our welfare programs, compared to 30% for American born citizens.  While many or perhaps most of the illegals who sneak into our nation do find work at entry level or trade-apprentice jobs, money earned here is generally sent back to family in their country of origin.  And while millions of American dollars are flowing out, millions of American dollars in government assistance programs (health care, schooling, etc.) are flowing into the laps of eligible illegals.  Hate to sound crass, but billions in tax dollars of hard-working American citizens are being redistributed to illegals to soothe apparent need.  Just imagine the cost to Americans if this current herd of migrants gained entry.  And, again, there would then be no end to the migrants thereafter ringing our southern border doorbell (or simply attempting to barge in.

Although portrayed as migrant families heading our way, the seldom, if ever, mentioned fact is that the vast majority of those in this current migrant flow are working-age males.  And the reason they are hoping to gain asylum here has nothing to do with drugs, gangs, or other violent environments back home.  This surge is solely about finding work.  Period.  And seeking a better life for oneself, while laudable, is not a criterion for asylum.  Even if temporarily admitted, upon Border Patrol & Customs agent assessment, most if not all of these migrants would be denied asylum and would be sent back home.

And, perhaps not surprisingly, not all of those within this huge migrant group speak Spanish!  It’s been reported that there is within the thousands a large contingent of Bangladesh citizens, a predominantly Muslim nation.  There are doubtless criminals and members of terrorist organizations merged within, as well.  And previously deported illegals hoping to slip through yet again.  All of that said, with the migrant band total now said to have escalated to over ten-thousand, goes without saying, but needs to be emphasized, that there are simply too many individuals who would be seeking entry, for our Border Patrol to process in any kind of a detailed and orderly manner.  All the more reason why this migrant caravan must be stopped, with no consideration whatsoever of admitting any of them.

Again, on cue, come the calls for compassion, compassion for a huge non-English-speaking (for the most part) mob seeking illegal entry into America.  Hollywood types trot out the old “no human being is illegal” bravo sierra.  If they are not U.S. citizens, and are not in our country, or seeking entry, without federal permission, then, sorry Hollywood and hangers-on, they are sure as heck illegal immigrants.  I think most of us wish that these liberal, ego-centric entertainer-types would just entertain, rather than try, repeatedly, to impose their thoughts on federal policy.  Truth be told, some of what they insist on sharing actually is quite entertaining. Wonder how many of the approaching migrants each liberal entertainer or politician is willing to take in and support?

Returning from entertainers to the urgent need for personal spotlight time during this widely-followed event, increasingly hard-left politician, Senator Harris from California, has said, via the press, that we should all be more “tolerant” of those trying to invade our nation in huge numbers.  Said she: “We are a country whose strength has always been that we are a tolerant country, that we are welcoming, in particular those who have fled harm.”  Well, Mrs. Harris, by their own admission, interviewed by reporters along the way, these folks are not fleeing “harm.”  These are economic migrants seeking to find jobs in America, in order to send money earned here out of our country and back to family members in their homeland.  Job hunting is not grounds for asylum in America.  So they either lie when they arrive, courtesy of liberal coaching ahead of time, or they tell the truth and are denied entry.  This is not about tolerance or lack of our “welcoming” nature, this is about an effort on the part of way too many thousands, from Central America, and who knows where else (!), to illegally invade the United States of America.

Our federal government, and the southern border state governments directly impacted, have Constitutional-granted rights to stop an invasion.  And that’s what this is. It’s an invasion.  And as such, it simply must be stopped, and, we pray, done successfully, with the absence of violence.

(Immigrants receiving government assistant via Investor’s Business Daily, editorial, 10-23-18; Harris quote via Breitbart,com, John Binder, 10-23-18)