The Objectivity Masquerade

Recently, over three-hundred U.S. newspapers committed to join with the Boston Globe to write editorials objecting to President Trump’s labelling them creators of “fake news, and, in sum, his so-called “dirty war against the free press.”  The Guardian newspaper, for one, spoke of its commitment to “stand with the U.S, press in its efforts to maintain the objectivity and the moral boundaries that this President is doing so much to destroy.”

Harsh reality: Much of America’s national and big city news establishment, both print and electronic, have strayed from journalism’s long commitment to objectivity, replacing it, instead, and unapologetically, with devotion to the Democrat Party and all things and causes associated with liberalism. They have become advocates, marketers, if you will, openly supporting any and all causes opposed to President Trump in particular, and conservative people, goals, and thought in general.

Any reasonable, responsible person can clearly see that the nation’s press has not “maintained objectivity,” nor “moral boundaries,” whatever that means, in today’s increasingly no-boundaries, amoral society.  You simply cannot say that today’s print and electronic news reporting in America, in a great many of our big cities and nationally, is any longer objective, when it comes to politics, specifically left-wing political interests.  Oh, you can say that, but not with a straight face.

For the sake of argument, let’s just say that America’s news outlets, at some future point, get ‘religion.’  Decide to trade-in advocacy for a return to objective reporting.    If that were to happen, after years of dedicated, comprehensive left-wing advocacy, making, at last, the decision to revert back to their original code of objectivity, meaning truthful, balanced reporting. Should that ever happen, here’s the real issue:  How would we know ?