The New Deplorables

Remember back in 2016 when the losing candidate, Mrs. Clinton, labeled non-elite Americans, all 99%+ of us, as “deplorables.”  Well, as the world turns.  And by their actions, it certainly has.  Meet the “New Deplorables:” The ultra-leftist, pro-socialist politicians, their highly-paid activists, and their emerging herd of lock-step young libs.

The “ND’s” are those who, at the very last minute, have scrounged-up, and fully support, a couple of hard-left Democrat women who are convinced that, decades ago, Judge Kavanaugh was sexually inappropriate with them, irrespective of numerous past drinking parties and their foggy memories.  So then where were the assertions of these women, whom we’re now supposed to believe without question or evidence, many decades earlier?  Where were they during Judge Kavanaugh’s several previous thorough FBI background checks, as he progressed, squeekly-clean, through succeeding federal judicial appointments?  Where were they just two months ago when the Judge was subjected to withering Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, or when he met one-on-one with many committee members?  Well, they weren’t there anywhere along that 30-year+ pathway, and right up to the end of the confirmation hearings, because the inappropriate behavior they now assert, in all likelihood, never happened.

This is all a carefully, maliciously-orchestrated campaign to smear, and frankly ruin, an honorable, career Jurist, who by all recommendations, and testaments to his character and ability, has clearly earned this crowning appointment to the United States Supreme Court.  His only apparent character “flaw:” he’s a Constitutional conservative.  Wow, string him up!  And, regrettably, any other Supreme Court nominee that the President might select, would most certainly receive the same tar-and-feather treatment as Judge K.

It’s despicable that the left has brought us to the point where confirmation hearings, and, now, the immediate aftermath, for nominees to the nation’s highest court, whom they don’t like, have become underhanded charades, meant only to debase, humiliate, smear, ultimately eliminate and ruin whichever Constitutionalist dared stand in the way of their unrelenting campaign for power. Whatever it takes.  No matter who it may hurt, including spouses and children.  Shamefully, even to the point of threats of violence via social media and other means.

With this undignified, dishonorable state of affairs they’ve purposefully created, the question becomes who in their right mind, other than a nominee firmly in bed with the philosophical thugs from the left, would expose themselves and their families to this rampant reputation and career-destroying abuse?  No one, that is, with proven legal loyalty to our Constitution, as written.  By their use of whatever unseemly tactics it takes to destroy and eliminate any honorable Constitutionalist nominee, today’s ultra-leftists have hands-down earned the title of the “New Deplorables!”  Although not as you intended when you slam-dunked the vast majority of Americans with your dredged-up term, thank you, Mrs. Clinton, for inadvertently providing us with the correct descriptive word that is now reversed and reapplied as the most fitting and appropriate for this deplorable group.