The Looking Glass View of Western Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Western European nations are facing a genuine, long-term crisis created by the unceasing flow of migrants to their shores and borders.  As we, here, face what certainly seems like an increase in violent crimes at the hands of some illegal immigrants arriving, primarily, through our southern border, so too is Europe dealing with criminal human trafficking networks and gangs, as well as the violent crimes committed by certain migrants individually, once in cross-cultural-resistant residence within their new host nation.  The overflow migrant situation now plaguing Western Europe will become our issue here at home if we don’t get serious about stopping the flow, the invasion of illegals, if you will, by building that border wall.

Europe’s problem with capacity to absorb, and ultimately, the capacity of their nations to financially afford, this overflow of migrants, may continue to worsen.  And that’s because the UN, apparently blind to the serious issues, created literally in nations around them, is effectively encouraging open borders throughout Western Europe.

You see, the UN proclaims that the continued “We’re Open” stance of months past (think: Germany) is the right thing to do, as proclaimed from their elitist philosophical, kum-by-ya perch, well-shielded from the very real, citizen-impact, ground-level issues.  Said a spokesperson for the United Nations International Organization for Migration, regarding the issue of migrant overflow: “We consider it a political crisis, not a migrant crisis.  The numbers are not that significant.”  Spoken, again, from a white-glove elitist view, well away from the reality in European cities, now dealing with abundant new-comers who for the most part choose not to be assimilated, not to speak the host nation language, amidst a host of other issues, civil, criminal, and economic.

The UN declares from on high that the “numbers are not significant.” Well try this on for size.  It is a known fact that, right now, there are at least 700,000 migrants in Libya, alone, waiting for a boat ride to Europe.  And a trafficker trick, now, is to under-fuel those Europe-bound migrant boats, so that they become dead in the water, well short of the shoreline, forcing humanitarian transport the remaining way to the coast.  And from there, the migrants move across as many borders as the human trafficking types will take them.  Italy, it should be noted, has stopped playing that game, and stopped accepting boat-bound migrants, at least for now.

Almost ¾’s of a million migrants awaiting passage to Europe from one North African nation alone!  Don’t try to tell leaders and civilians within those European nations, who are already dealing with the numbers and the issues, that those numbers aren’t “significant.”  While, no question, this continues to be a humanitarian crisis, it shouldn’t be Europe’s alone to solve.  When does the UN get serious about working with African nations, assisted and likely funded by many nations of the world, to create the conditions and opportunities necessary to resolve, or at least ease, the issues there that are generating this huge, seemingly unending flow of migrants?  Or is it just much easier to slip on their rose-colored glasses and view the very real migrant issues and concerns as merely political, dealing with numbers they see as insignificant, as proclaimed from their lofty, “see no evil” perch at UN International Organization for Migration headquarters in Switzerland.  Americans take note. If we don’t take the necessary precautions and actions, it could well become the U.S., not Europe, that we see reflected in that looking glass.   (UN quote via 7-10-18)