The Hip Bone is Connected to the…Lie Bone

An adjunct-associate quite possibly, of the historically-seldom known or recognized New England minor league tribe, the Crapajos (Navajo cast-offs), past self-proclaimed Native American, Senator (Chief) Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) has, yet again, saddled up for yet another war-pony ride, electronically smoke-signaling (modern technology) another totally false (i.e., forked-tongue) anti-Trump battle cry.

Having just angrily spit out peace-pipe fragments, she recently proclaimed, first generically, then specifically, and as always, without a shred of proof or factual support, that: “We are reaching a moment on our planet in which the crisis that is upon us may no longer be one that we will be able to successfully fight back against.”

So, is she voicing justifiable concern about the China produced and imposed coronavirus, which is certainly the most visible and oppressive domestic and world health danger right now?  Why, no.  Or how about the growing menace of domestic social media election interference from, again, China, or Russia or Iran?  Well, no, again.  She is instead ‘quivering’ over, oh, not again, yep, climate change, originally known as global warming, which was dropped when it proved to be neither politically impressive, acceptable, or accurate.

Climate change, that Progressive Party menace that, like them, won’t go away, nor will any of its proponents cease their chest-beating or weeping, long enough to provide any proof whatsoever that, if it truly does exist, that is, more than a fraction of a degree, up or down, over a century’s time, is any ‘change’ really caused by humans, and, if unlikely so, is there really anything impactful that mere humans can do to stop its expansion, if such is really necessary?

No one wants to assign a role in any potential climate change activity to either God and/or Mother Nature.  Well, certainly not God, whose existence and impact, Radical’s refuse to acknowledge, and whose all-powerful presence is “left” sitting in the bleachers on this one.  Climate adjustment are, of course, all the fault of mankind, specifically, American mankind, the most-evilest mankind of all. Forget about the planet’s two unquestioned prime pollution contributors, China and India. It is America’s responsibility, and ours alone, proclaims the Left, to clean up the supposedly threatened environment, both here and for the rest of the world.  And that’s because Americans are basically bad people, making us inherently, climatologically, irresponsible, but, then, as such, totally responsible!  There, that should make it all clear. America = Bad.  Rest of the world = Good.

So, then back to Pocahontas, sorry, esteamed Senator Warren, and her verbal war-path against climate change’s pending (if not already too late) disastrous impact, and the even more disastrous individual leader responsible for the damage and defiantly standing in the way of all solutions and, in fact, threatening the very future of all mankind to exist (even conservatives):  President Trump. With bow stretched, she lets arrows fly: “What has President Trump done for four years?  He not only hasn’t made things better; he has actively made them worse.”

Actually, the President has made most everything better for America, both domestically (pre-COVID economic & employment boom), and internationally, particularly standing-up to China, Iran, and forging a heretofore-thought-to-be-impossible mutual ‘recognition’ agreement between Israel and two (so far) Muslim nations within the region.  Oh, but big deal.  What about the climate, the really important item, which he should be controlling, say the indoctrinated, street-urchin radicals?

Stand by for Mrs. Warren’s bombastic lie, as she first takes a needed tee-pee, then, re-energized, with long-knives out, she slams her angry moccasins down around the Left’s spreading campfires, to reportedly proclaim: “Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life, of all life on the planet. And on November 3rd, we will hold Donald Trump accountable.”  Political ransom in wampum forthcoming, at last, says she, to be paid for the man who she declares is personally responsible for destroying the planet, sadly before Radical Leftists could get their own richly deserved credit for doing so.

Her ludicrous claim, that it is President Trump who threatens human “existence,” is beyond belief, and more than that, an utterance buried so deep in the Progressive lie-pit that it is even beyond human decency.  It’s absolutely ridiculous and without reason, fact, or rational substance.  It is an absurd statement made purely for the purpose of politically showing off, and likely made only after imbibing way too much of that heap-big-potent Pilgrim punch.  High-five, Chris Columbus!

The anti-America-as-founded Radical Progressives continue, compulsively, to shovel and spread their unending truck-load’s of hot, steaming bravo sierra. As for Mrs. Warren, her litany of pro-Sanders-style, Radical Left, self-boosting, but elegantly-fact-free pronouncements, simple go to prove that she can still powerfully ‘shake a (flatulent) tail feather.’

(Warren quotes via, Penny Starr, 10-19-20).