The Enemy At Our Gates

Our way of life, and our way of government, may very well be at a crossroads.  We now face two enemies, not just one.  One: previously, only Progressive-Socialism threatened both our economic system and form of government.  Two: Now, this coronavirus epidemic threatens human life and America’s way of life.  With effective treatments still in the preliminary human trial stage, and with a successful preventive vaccine perhaps still, at best, a year away, the uncertainly of our near and long-term future is on the minds of us all. Will American society ever again be truly free of the fear of coronavirus infection?  Will a vaccine be developed, tested, and made widely available enough to render the now perhaps enhanced flu season benign for those smart enough to get the shot(s)?  Health and financial uncertainty right now, even about tomorrow and the next day, let alone six-months from now, plaques us, almost as much as the actual life-taking plague itself.

But now, this virus, this worry, this uncertainty about our future health and well-being, has become a blessing to Leftists in government, at all levels, who have no intention of “letting a crisis go to waste.”  It’s the old strike the enemy when he’s down. The “enemies” in this case, for leftists, are We!  America’s democracy, free-enterprise, liberty, and nation-loving citizens with now, perhaps more than ever, ample present-day concerns (if not outright fear).  We of solid character and values, we who love our American way of life, are perhaps now, due to such wide-spread uncertainty, more vulnerable than we have been in many years (9/11 comes to mind). Vulnerable to having our rights, freedoms, democratic government, ultimately even our sovereignty, taken from us by liberals (now more accurately, Progressive-Socialists) who have been squatting impatiently in the weeds, ever ready to spring into destructive action at the first sign of rampant national uncertainly and vulnerability.  Sadly, my fellow America lovers, we are now at that point, a turning point with an increasing grip on our future.  Will we remain a free-enterprise, democratic republic, with traditional individual rights and liberties, or will the guerrilla force adamantly against those same freedoms, the Progressive-Socialists, aggressively worm their way into national control and turn the lights out on democracy?  With likely no chance for conservative and other common-sense voters to recover, that would bring a permanent end to our republic.

But what evidence do we have, you ask.  Look no further than Speaker Pelosi, the queen bee of the destructive hive.  Ever armed with presidential cheap shots, one of her latest went like this: “Leaders take responsibility. He (President Trump) is a weak leader. He doesn’t take responsibility. He places blame on others.”  And after re-loading, she later said on specifically to the virus testing issue: “The president gets an “F,” a failure on testing We’re way late on it and that’s a failure.”

With financial control in the House, after delays she caused, the Speaker saw to it that the $2.2-billion “bail-out” fund for principally small businesses and individuals was crammed full of megs-millions of dollars in funding for progressive pay-back favorites, all of which had zero to do with assisting American business to regain full productivity.  When the business loan money for small businesses ran out due to demand (and the greed of larger businesses and Ivy League universities(!), for whom the money was not intended), she chose to hold up passage, hoping again to add more unrelated lard for self-centered political pay-offs.

This time, some in both parties had had enough with the purposeful, self-aggrandizing stall. To her dismay, no doubt, fifteen House Democrats sided with Republicans to add pressure to the urgent $250-billion small business assistance add-on requested by the President, to whom she had regally given an “F” (more likely, an f***you). Shifting across the aisle, Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) admonished the Speaker and her fellow Democrats: “Don’t play games and say ‘I will give you that and keep this successful program alive, if you give me these other things, like the Kennedy Center debacle. We’ve got to stay away from those kinds of games.” Bottom line: Knock off the pro-party add-ons.  Added to this apparent impasse, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) got straight to the point: “I always like to say to the Democrats who are holding this up, realize you’re not negatively impacting businesses as much as you’re negatively impacting people’s ability to pay their rent, to pay their utilities, to feed their kids. People need their paychecks, (so) stop holding it hostage in order to do something else.” Pelosi & Company know full well that they can get away with delays or other “games,” because the Democrat-fawning national media won’t write or say anything negative.

She finally relented, now two full delaying weeks after the President requested those badly needed added funds ($250-billion) for small business relief.  Two weeks of more senseless delay, during which still more small businesses had  suffered or perhaps had to shut down completely. Without question, her relenting was likely done with the promise from Democrat leaders in the Senate that her stocking-stuffers would weasel their way into yet another stimulus package, this next one to be, according to the President’s wishes, aimed at national infrastructure repairs & replacement.  Pelosi’s key “stuffer” appears to be mandated national/state mail-in balloting, which as all with common sense know (note: 2018 elections in California) is nothing but mandated mail-in-cheating (more on that in a later post). Summing up her actions, and this desire in particular, commentator Steve Levy added this: “Pelosi and her minions continue to use hardworking Americans as pawns in their efforts to redirect national priorities.”

This discussion about Mrs. Pelosi illustrates two strategies from the Progressive-Socialist’s playbook: Delay and Spending.  Delaying everything in hopes that it causes further Democrat-created negative clouds over the President to hamper his re-election chances.  Keep citizens locked down or with restricted movements in order to prolong the business shut down, and thus further slow economic recovery as close as they can to the election, detracting, they assume, from the President’s voter desirability.  Recall Professor Pelosi giving the President an “F” grade for lack of leadership.  Everything the Progressive-Socialists do, and will continue doing, is aimed at one objective: weakening President Trump.  Just like they have been attempting, without ceasing and without success, since his election, and even before.  In their twisted political sense and lust for power, COVID-19 has been a Progressive-Socialist blessing.

And then Spending.  On top of the $2.2-trillion, so-called 3rd stimulus bill (the original one known to most of us), after the Speaker’s two-week delaying slow-walk, the House joined with the Senate in approving the $484-billion small business assistance funding plus-up, known now as “Stimulus 3.5.”  And plus it up they did!  The President had asked for $250-billion to replenish the original small business aid effort.  Added to that, by the apparent consensus of both parties, were substantial additional monies for hospitals, and for more coronavirus testing ability nationally.  Those last two items sounded legitimate per need. There may well be other Dem-favored items in there (the Pelosi factor), but they haven’t been widely identified, thus far. Bottom line, the President’s desired plus-up for small business became almost twice the size of his request.

There is now talk of a 4th stimulus bill, this one, according to the President’s wishes would be primarily, as mentioned, for infrastructure to assist in getting America’s construction industry and its employees back to work on the economy-needed expanded scale.  It would also include funding for “broadband expansion, tax incentives for restaurants, entertainment, sports, and payroll tax cuts to increase economic growth (President’s Trump’s words).” The President has also signaled his need to include “fiscal relief” for state & local governments, that have been slammed with coronavirus-related expenses.

There is Republican opposition in the Senate to a 4th stimulus package right now, for two reasons.  First, the gigantic additions to our already over-extended national debt in packages 3 and 3.5.  Over-extended, thanks in large part to the tendency of the previous administration to spend extensively on all manner of social programs, elevating our national debt total significantly. How and who will pay for all of this new debt, other than simply printing billions more dollars and raising taxes.  Or another option would be to simply ignore it, politically, and let succeeding generations deal with the nation’s certain likelihood of eventual federal insolvency (that’s PC for bankruptcy).  And the second reason for Republican’s wanting to step on the spending brakes for now, despite the President’s stated desire, echoed of course by the Democrat-driven intent to add in billions for the relief of state & local governments: lack of firm control over how those likely billions would actually be spent, despite stipulations.

The very real Republican concern is that these billions would be used by the Democrat-run states to bail out their historically heavily under-funded pension plans for state & local government retirees.  Lavish compensation and benefits spending by Democrat-controlled governments has been going on for decades to keep unions content and their members voting Democrat.  While there may be some sentiment toward helping state/local government heightened expenses due to virus-combatting expenses, there is zero interest among Republicans, and rightfully so, for solving long-standing, self-inflicted pension funding abuses for entrenched Democrat governors and mayors (the latter, especially).  Regrettably, that may well become a key Progressive bargaining chip in order for the President to get his infrastructure funding.

Oh, and one broom-handle-in-the-spokes further, as mentioned earlier, and repeated for emphasis, Speaker Pelosi is determined (and likely promised in order to pass “3.5”) to include in potential Stimulus #4, provision and funding for mandatory national mail-in voting for the November election (and forever after).  Their ostensible reason is “concern” about in-person voting due to the virus health danger.  Now, if the virus is still a major U.S. health concern by November, then we have a much larger national problem than how we vote.  But, realistically, her push for all-mail-in (e.g., absentee) voting has absolutely nothing to do with national health, and everything to do with Progressives being able to control the outcome of elections, that is to guarantee victories, by means of cheating and fraud. Period. This push also includes day-of-election registration (no chance to verify), no voter ID, and concern about polling locations hampering turn-out.  No mention of illegals voting, which Progressives would encourage, as a key part of the fraud plan. Be aware, the Progressive drive to move voting from polling place to mail is serious, and yet another of their efforts to take full advantage of the epidemic that has dropped into their delighted, control-obsessed hands. Be aware and watch for this Progressive push. It will be all out.

In addition to delay and spending, thanks to this virus epidemic era, America’s Progressive-Socialists leaders strongly favor all of the movement-stopping steps evidenced, nationally and locally, that have been put into place giving more and more control over our citizens to government. More government control inevitably leads to less individual freedom.  Once controls, programs and funding are put into place, despite promised cut-off dates, too often those dates never come, with programs, then, being renewed indefinitely. That is especially the case with Democrat, now Progressive-Socialist, controlled administrations and/or Senate and House majorities.  The Progressive objective is government power and control, the more the better, seducing civilians with ever-increasing and sustaining handouts to cement the relationship.  That’s why programs and funding, announced as temporary, will inevitably become permanent. To do otherwise is a risk that Progressives can never take.

Case in point: “The Emergency Money for the People Act”, now proposed by two House, P-S-transitioning, Democrats. If passed, it would provide $2,000 per month “to every qualifying American over the age of 16, making less than $130,000 annually, plus $500 per child per month (up to three children), until U.S. employment returns to pre-pandemic levels.”  Two problems here, at least.  First, huge spending again. Two-thousand dollars a month (plus kids) x American citizens over age 16, adds up to an enormous amount of money, money we already don’t have.  Intended for Americans, now. Will the signing ink even be dry before Progressive-Socialists (federal & state) extend the same to illegals?  Another enormous chunk of American money, minus tax-payer approval.  Problem two:  Monies to be granted “until U.S. employment returns to pre-pandemic levels.” Who will determine when that is?  Sadly, but realistically, it could take many months, or even years! And the decision-making on continuation, even beyond, will reside with whichever party is in control at the time.  It’s darn tough to take the bottle away from the hungry and dependent baby.  Folks, this is the one-way road to national government-provided guaranteed annual income.  The very thing Progressive-Socialists are determined to impose, once given the chance.  This, like all handouts, renders the population more and more dependent on the federal government, making recipients more and more determined to keep the hand-out provider in power. That’s the Progressive-Socialist dream, achieved at the cost of individual citizen rights and freedoms.  The government giveth, and the government taketh away.

And with that in mind, the presumptive Democrat/P-S candidate for president, Mr. Biden, has said publicly that after he defeats President Trump: “We can transform this nation. We can transform it so that it goes down in history, with your help Bernie, as one of the most progressive administrations since Roosevelt.” To do that for Bernie, Mr. Biden would have to support “Medicare-for-all, the New Green Deal, a 50% reduction in the prison population, free college tuition, forgiveness of student loan debt,” and other destructive policies, no doubt to include open borders (to beef up the guarantied voting block and the bankrupting of America, and frankly, the elimination of America as a nation).  And count on it, there will be more proposals from the Left, all objectionable to the Right. Try this one on.  Representative Ocasio-Cortez is now suggesting that mortgage and rent payments should be forgiven for a year!  She and others of her ilk are only getting started. So buckle up, Conservatives.  It’s up to us to prevent these nation-destroying excesses. Last stop on this increasingly out-of-control train: November.

In sum: Delays to recovery, designed as with every move they make, to hurt the President. Excessive spending, both now enacted and proposed, aimed at further weakening the fiscal integrity of our nation and reeling in naïve citizen dependency. And overall increasing the federal dictate and control, replacing individual choice and freedoms, as transformation from democracy and private enterprise accelerates to, for us, an unrecognizable Progressive-Socialist central-authoritarian-power, pro-global, quasi-sovereign state.

No question, it’s no secret, thanks to COVID-19’s economic and societal upheaval, the Progressive-Socialists in this country are on the move, and aggressively so, with strings, as always being pulled and funded by behind-the-curtain manipulative  globalists, whose fond desire is to cause, and see, the end of America as a free and independent nation.

Which makes the election in November (the one Progressives fully and illegally intend to hijack), the only battle armor we have to fend off the control-thirsty offensive by this determined, and demented enemy, now literally at our nation’s gate (e.g., polling place).  If Conservatives (and other sane citizens) lose the presidency, along with one or both houses of Congress this November, it’s lights out for democracy and freedom. Meaning we would never again see and experience our Founders’ Constitutional brilliance and the great nation their wisdom created. We would no longer see, experience, or even recognize, our America. Without a Conservative victory this November, American democracy truly will be in peril.


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