The Death of Common Sense (Again!)

If Fox & Weeks in Savannah had to handle the arrangements for common sense deaths in the Greater Savannah Area alone, they’d need to go to three-shifts and a conveyor belt, seven-days-a-week.  Fortunately, the remains of #356 are not here, but in Alaskan cold storage.

This one could easily top the all-time loss-of-common-sense Dishonor Roll.  One evening in downtown Anchorage, a heavy-set, likely three-sheets-to-the-wind, man (repeat, man), wearing a nightgown, rang the bell at the women’s (repeat, women’s) shelter, and requested admission for the night.  As is all too familiar, amidst the rampant absurdities of today, this stout fellow “identified” as a woman.  Thinking the nightgown was his pathway to entry, he was surprised when admission to the shelter was denied.  End of story.

Well, no. Actually, and regretfully, the next day, perhaps in a tasteful blouse and skirt combo, our shut-out cherubic man-trans-woman contacted the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission. And here’s where common sense does another fatal back-flip from the eleventh-floor balcony directly onto the pavement below. The AERC actually took this jerk’s claim, and has, believe it or not, charged the night shelter with “sex and gender identity” discrimination!!  PC overwhelms common sense, yet again.

How does a women’s night shelter, in existence solely to give battered and fearful women a safe place to stay, honor that pledge by admitting a big drunk fat guy with an “I’m a woman” delusion?

Hanging on with all our might to what remains of common sense, one must hope that this one either gets thrown out or, at the very least, is decided in the shelter’s favor.  If the shelter doesn’t prevail, then we’re all sliding over the mountain’s peak in factory-second speedos.  Said the article’s insightful author: “Only the crazy dictates of political correctness, backed by the coercive power of the administrative state, make travesties like this one possible.” If we ever find out the results of this lunacy, it’ll be posted here.

(Episode basics and author quote via, Robert Curry, 8-21-19)