The Blowhards Blow Harder

Once used to describe the wretched mass of American voters (i.e., those smart enough not to vote for her), the incredibly unhappy political and entertainment royalty have earned the hard-fought right to become our nation’s true deplorables.  Those who now (actually, it’s been the last three years) grab the anointed gold ring on America’s un-merry merry-go-round, and freely exhibit daily, by means of their verbal flame-throwing, the deep distain they have for the duly-elected President, who in fact was not, they say, duly-elected, because their “candidate” was not ‘allowed’ to win (thanks be to God).

We could well assume, with their non-PC ways, that those who’ve been smacked on the shoulder, with the royal sword, at the Progressive Throne, are fluent, as you’ll see, in two languages: English and Profanity.  With the latter soon to be unleashed, we’ll start slowly with the language of our land, and build rapidly to a raging profane crescendo.

Starting slowly, then. Said Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) with a backhanded shot at the President: “This is just a lawless administration that knows no restraint.”  Partnered with a House Majority with a hell-bent lust for a coup, rather than doing the legislative work America’s tax-payers deserve and are expecting. Lack of Congressional productivity apparently “knows no restraint.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) proclaimed that the President “has used his office for his own personal gain, and in doing so, undermined the national security of the United States, by withholding military assistance to the Ukraine…”undermined the integrity of our elections by what he has done” (such as??) … and he has violated his oath of office.”  Well, she pretty well cleaned out the closet of complaints, none of which are factual.  She’s chosen, for purely partisan reasons, to ignore all of the crappola Mr. Obama bestowed upon the nation.  Not the least of which, “undermining the security of the United States,” as he played nice with our enemies (loading Iran’s terror coffers) and seemingly shunned our allies, as well as apparently using “his office for his own personal gain” (check on his financial status before and after his term). His interest certainly wasn’t the betterment of America first!

And speaking of national security, continuing with the talking points echo, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), has declared that “Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the national security of our nation at this moment.”  She bases that invalid assumption on the fact that he pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Accord (its climate-change-created-by-humans agenda!),and  pulled us out of the Iran nuclear agreement (yes, and he didn’t send billions of butt-kissing U.S. dollars to the Iranian tyrants, not to mention that Iran was cheating on the agreement, likely all along). Talk about softening our resolve and negatively impacting our national security!  And by the way, many of her party-peers are now claiming that “climate change” (man-made, of course) is actually the greatest threat to our national security.  Just saying.

And now, ratcheting up the rhetoric a notch, West Coast anti-Trumper, Rob Reiner, among his seemingly continuing rants against the President, stated last week that: “The case (e.g., “impeachment”) against Donald Trump is beyond a slam dunk. If he is not thrown out of office, Putin will have been successful in destroying our 243-year Democratic Experiment.”  Only he knows what the heck he’s talking about, anointing Putin as our conqueror.  But we must thank Mr. Reiner for boldly and single-handedly protecting the future of our Democracy which, news flash for the historically-challenged, after 243-years, is no longer an “Experiment”!  Back in the “All in the Family” days, you’ll recall that Archie called his TV son-in-law (Mr. Reiner) “Meathead.” How delightfully prophetic.

Then there’s this from another persistent, West Coast Trump critic, Robert Redford,  expressed concern about President Trump’s alleged “dictator-like attack on everything this country stands for.  It’s time for Trump to go, along with all those in Congress who have chosen party loyalty over their oath to ‘solemnly affirm’ their support for the Constitution.  What is happening, right now, is so deeply disturbing that instead of the United States of America, we are defined as the Divided States of America.”  That was a compilation of his recent unhappiness with the President, expressed this week via an NBC News op-ed. Now, typically with actors, such as Mr. Redford, we can enjoy them, on stage or screen, when they take on the role of fictional significance.  We are less impressed, however, when they take off the make-up and put on, instead, the fictional role of themselves. Such is the case here, as Mr. Redford sees his nation, only through the “Save America” camera lens of a left-leaning Southern Californian (redundant).  The ones who’ve “chosen party loyalty” and have acted in spite of the Constitution, for three long years now, are actually the elected members of his own party, not the inferred Republicans.  The President may appear to play the role of a dictator, at time, because he’s had no choice.  With a blinded-by-hate Democrat-dominated House, in order to get anything done for America, the President has had no other option but to issue executive orders.  And he has always done so for the betterment of our country. As for the “Divided States of America,” that movement was initiated very effectively by the previous eight-year ‘dictator,’ who acted not always for the best interest of America, but to often for apparent self-interest and praise.  And now, Mr. Redford, while your opinion is accepted, thanks to our Constitution, please return to expressing your thoughts via fictional role-playing.

Mr. Steven Hassan has written a book titled ‘Cult of Trump,’ and he firmly believes that anyone who supports, and votes, for President Trump must be members of a “destructive cult, where people are being fed propaganda and they’re not being encouraged to think for themselves.”  So let’s see, there is a cult of voters who support President Trump, but there was no cult of Obama followers?  Nonsense.  Conservatives can and do think for themselves.  Liberals chose not to because facts and truth are too scary.  It’s simply easier being part of a herd (or “cult”?).  And “people are being fed propaganda.”  That’s exactly the function provided today by so many of the nation’s print and electronic media outlets. Once purveyors of unbiased journalism, while today they have, instead, become unembarrassed marketers of liberal propaganda.  Mr. Hassan is correct.  There is a propaganda-driven “cult.”  But it’s not composed of followers of the President.  Rather, it’s that gaggle of non-thinkers, with hands out, clustered within their “safe space” on the extreme left side of the dance floor.

Now we move on to comments increasingly more stark, brutal, and yes, increasingly deplorable, from oblivious people whose opinion, ultimately, matters not.  From the Land of Oz, singer John Legend, referencing the fresh departure of the U.S. Navy Secretary, reportedly replying via Twitter: “The President is a cancer and needs to be removed from office as soon as possible.”  Cancer, as we all know, is a wicked, too often relentless, disease.  As such, Mr. Legend seriously resents and dislikes the President, and does not wish him well (understatement).  The President has the Constitutional right to appoint Executive Branch leaders (with advice and consent) and the right to end their tenure when needed.  And that’s what he has done here.  Recall that Mr. Legend is a wealthy entertainer, who, as such, inhabits an orbit well above that of we commoners.  We may enjoy his singing.  But when the notes end, and the non-entertainment verbiage begins, and while we certainly appreciate this particular amateur medical diagnosis, we have no obligation, or need, to pay any attention whatsoever, when folks who spin together in the same elite circles venture out of their realm to instruct us on how the country should be run.

Time now to venture into “parental guidance” language, the type that caused Mom to apply soap where it doesn’t belong.  Speaking on one of the delightful leftist cable network morning talk programs, commentator Elise Jordan is reported to have said, with regard to the impeachment hearings: “They (Republicans) know he’s a moron.  They know he’s corrupt. They know that his behavior is just (that of) a classic scumbag.”  Now, for those new to the vernacular, the term “scumbag” is not a compliment.  As for “moron,” very few morons have the smarts to become exceptionally wealthy and successful, not to mention becoming President of the United States, arguably the most powerful leadership position in the world.  So a moron he is not.  As for “corrupt,” for lack of any impeachable-proof, that term might better represent the now-exposed band of Obama Administration Democrats, in top positions, who apparently worked tirelessly and shamelessly, via several agencies, to discredit/destroy both the Trump campaign and especially his presidency.  And those efforts, no doubt, continue by the yet-to-be-exposed career employees, compensated by the nation’s tax-payers, embedded deep within D.C.’s federal bureaucracy.  Just more liberal babble.  Nothing to see here.

And here comes some additional pointed slander, seasoned with an unwelcome dose of profanity.  In a live presentation, in front of a large crowd in Las Vegas, Representative Dina Titus (D-NV) felt that the early Nevada caucus would be “the first step to getting this con artist out of the White House.”  Regarding impeachment, she went on to say: “Frankly, I think the House is going to do it, and I’d like to impeach the bastard right now.” Such an indelicate way to question his parentage.  Anymore, there seem to be no limits on what can be said, and the language used, in public pronouncements.  With regard to the “con artist” assertion, pretty sure that better fits the guy occupying the White House just prior to President Trump.  That was eight years of make-believe, to the detriment of our nation.  Should there be the hoped-for Republican surge next November, perhaps this is one Representative (age 69) who should be escorted by the electorate into retirement, there to collect her Congressional pay for the rest of her life (and that whole extreme benefit for all in both houses, is something that, regrettably, won’t be corrected within my lifetime, if ever (given those who must vote on it!).  Amazing how many of those elected in both houses, and to the presidency, arrive in D.C. with comparatively little, and leave with a whole lot.

Now, saving the best, make that, the worst, for last, here comes another West Coast actor, another persistent hater of the President and proudly so, Mr. Robert De Niro.  He indicates that he favors Pete Buttigieg as the Democrat candidate who, he feels, has “all the credentials” to beat that “piece of s***” Trump in the next presidential election.  Well, isn’t that nice.  Taking the full-flex of the First Amendment for a gallop, delivering a profane cheap-shot at the President, whom he obviously hates, seemingly, worse than any of the other extreme liberal name-callers.

A fitting, though extreme, way to end this compilation of the carefully crafted out-bursts from among the very best of America’s blowhards.  All fitting perfectly with what Socrates experienced and wrote about, prophetically so, those many centuries ago: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.”  And isn’t it interesting that nothing remotely like any of these comments above would ever have been uttered against the beloved former president.  Any such would have immediately been pounced upon as “racist.” We had a true Teflon president, one who could easily let slip away any conceivable contrary comments (that is, if anyone dared!).

But for President Trump, it never ends.  There will be more, but hopefully less profane, ‘thoughts’ expressed by Liberals to an ever-receptive media, in the day-after-day that follows, right up until the date that President Trump is re-elected, despite the certain election “irregularities” that are likely to be even more prevalent, and determined, than they were in 2016.  Conservative forces will have to be extremely vigilant this time, with so much at stake for the haters, and far more importantly, for the future of our free, non-dictator-run (!) nation, one that remains, regardless, the envy of the world.


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