The 2019 Miss Ungrateful American Finalist

Ignoring all of the daily anti-Trump verbal fire-crackers going off among the alleged entertainers out west (We all really need doctors. No one has ever really needed an entertainer), this year’s Ungrateful American Finalist is the current captain of the U.S. women’s soccer team.  Her name doesn’t matter, because, ultimately, in today’s pressured, hectic nation, she doesn’t either.

Now, taking absolutely nothing away from her superior athletic skill.  She has proven herself to be an amazingly effective, scoring competitor on the soccer field. But she has now used that same field to embarrass herself, by showcasing her ingratitude for the incredible privilege of being an American.  Doing so by kneeling, rather than standing proudly with hand over heart, while our National Anthem is played prior to competition.  And worse yet, doing so on the global stage, as her defiance is telecast world-wide.

Her apparent issue?  Why hatred of President Trump, of course.  Joining with the disgruntled band of liberal whiners who refuse to accept his Presidency, wishing instead for the assured ineffective leadership of Mrs. Clinton, as she would’ve carried forward the progressive anti-America banner, or better yet, perhaps, the actually preferred outcome, a never-ending term in office of the beloved, global show-boat, Emperor Obama.

When she should be demonstrating respect, and reverence, whenever our beautiful American Flag and National Anthem are present, and exhibiting sincere thankfulness for the privilege of living (and freely performing) within this, the most exceptional nation on earth, she instead uses her visible position to generate media attention for choosing her narrow political hatred (“the f-ing White House”) over the far larger, and expected, role of American pride and love of country.

The old, and now quite tiring, progressive choice of self-love over national pride.  Personal political grudge and “issues” over exhibiting the best of America, the best of the very nation that’s provided her with every opportunity to become a national and international soccer star.  After America’s recent win over France, she was widely pictured standing before the crowd, chest extended, with both arms stretched out to her side, as if to say to those in the stands: “You simply can’t love me as much as I love me.”

Her foolish political-statement mentor was, of course, that one-time talented and worthy football quarterback, whose name doesn’t really matter, because, ultimately, he doesn’t either.  This guy started the anti-America kneeling stunt, ostensibly to protest “social inequality and injustice,” ever-more-tiring and ineffective political buzz-words, when he decided that he wanted to own the media spotlight, and because of it, force personal attention upon himself, becoming the self-professed savior of all things unjust in America.  And his impact?  He managed to spawn some copycats, the latest of course the female soccer star, all of whom also wanted to showcase their self-love over respect for the very nation that’s enabled their success. But other than that, the football QB did manage to KO his own potentially successful professional FB career, through short-lived political foolishness.  However, he has now recently re-emerged as the nation’s Commissioner of Social-Justice Acceptability for Athletic Shoes, with suitable veto power (more on that in the next post).

So, the 2018 Mr. Ungrateful American Awardee has managed to pass the social justice (or, I hate Trump) ceremonial knee to our reigning soccer star and current leading ungrateful American.  May her true goal be continued winning shots for America, rather than continued cheap shots for self-love and political brownie points.