Thank Heavens For The “Cajun Navy”

That’s what hundreds of flooded-out residents of the North Carolina coastal communities are feeling, if not saying, as those absorbing, and caught by, the wrath of Hurricane FLORENCE are rescued by the “Cajun Navy.”  A huge assist to police, fire, and military (Coast Guard and Army helicopter) personnel in serious, prolonged, flooding conditions, the “Cajun Navy” is made up entirely of volunteers, brave Americans, who ignore the risk and instead, plow straight ahead into the flooded areas to bring their fellow citizens to safety.

The “Cajun Navy” began in 2005 when Hurricane KATRINA brought catastrophic flooding to the New Orleans area.  Volunteers from Louisiana came together with small boats to assist authorities in the rescue of residents.  The Louisiana-based “Navy” then mobilized again last year, this time with plenty of Texas volunteers as well, when Hurricane HARVEY, like FLORENCE in NC, had stalled over Houston, bringing both heavy rains, and prolonged ocean water flooding to the Greater Houston area.

It’s estimated that as many as 1,000 “Navy” volunteers have banded together to being rescue relief to those stranded on the North Carolina coast, hopefully not to eventually include the rescue of residents along the South Carolina coast as well.  But if needed, they will be there, too.

Equipped with their own small boats and foul weather gear, these fine Americans leave the comfort of their homes, in states far away, with no compensation other than the satisfaction of helping others, to work alongside governmental authorities, bravely facing severe and challenging conditions to come to the aid of their fellow citizens.  So many in North Carolina today, along those previously rescued back in New Orleans and Houston, are so very thankful for the lifesaving and life preserving work of these great patriots.  As the title above says, thank heavens for the “Cajun Navy” !!