Stolen Colon

A short walk on the lighter side to escape the normal mayhem.  The University of Kansas Cancer Center is looking for its missing colon.  When inflated, this large display version was ten-feet long, weighed 150-pounds, and doctors, patients and parents could walk through it at the Center, serving as a very accurate replica which has proven to be an effective conversation starter for a profoundly serious subject few really wish to discuss.

How was it stolen?  It was deflated, packed up, sitting in the bed of a truck, and driven to Kansas City for a weekend walk/run event specifically to raise both awareness and funds for colon cancer research.  The truck was parked in KC.  And, there, the colon was stolen.  It was valued at $4,000, a significant amount for a Cancer Center trying to generate funds, not spend them on a   replacement.

As of late last week, it had not been seen or returned.  An inflatable, 150-pound colon would likely be kind of tough to conceal at home, and it’s doubtful that pawn shops would have any interest.  So the Cancer Center continues to hope they can somehow, sometime, get their giant colon back.

(Information via, Louis Casiano, 10-26-18)