Stay Alert: Federal Government Deception/Decoy Attempts Will Continue

At least three impactful decoys or deceptions, pushed by the administration and Congress, will rear-up as the New Year begins.

Regarding Deception #1, bold, pro-America, inflation-fighting Senator Joe (the good Joe) Manchin (D-WV) “killed” the Progressive’s proposed, totally-partisan bill in the Senate, deceptively called the Build Back Better Act, stuffed full of huge expenditures which neither the nation, nor our national treasury deficit, in any way needed.  Among them, a bounty of holiday gifts for the Greenies, another collection of hard-left ideologues siphoning-off tax-payer dollars by the barge load.  And speaking of Greenie climate change, let’s get this out of the way now: Mankind does not possess the power to alter the weather. That design, influence, and execution rests with powers a lot higher up.

So, Senator Manchin has been credited with “killing” the BBB Act.  But we all know, and hear about, miraculous recoveries.  There is no question that “Son of BBB” will surface again in the Senate (presumably as revised in the House first, but who’s paying any attention to the Constitution these days).  The Leftists will attempt to formulate BBB so that the West Virginia Senator can, at last, vote positively for it.  This is not a matter of if, but when, and in what form.  The other Joe needs it badly to re-claim political points (and reward his flock with bundles of free government bucks, i.e., your money, to re-impress his seemingly evaporating electorate).

In the midst of staggering inflation (6.8% November 2021) and heaping trillions more IOU’s into our empty national debt bucket (no problem, the authors will all be dead by the time this travesty smacks your kids), just what all was in the BBB version that Senator Manchin would not approve?  Its original contents have been called “a Pandora’s box teeming with far-Left vipers and viruses.”  Among them, $1.7-billion to prop up local newspapers (henceforth to seemingly be “owned” by government; kissing any remaining objectivity good-bye);  $80-billion to hire over 86,000 new IRS agents to claw even deeper into individual federal returns at all income levels;  Increased childcare subsidies in the billions (due to proposed regulations that babysitters be paid equal to elementary school teachers…let that one sink in);  Universal pre-Kindergarten (providing government schools with access to 3-4-year-olds for likely left-leaning instruction, rather than having to wait to get at them until Kindergarten!); and many other political give-aways.  Saved mentioning this beauty until the end: Billions of our dollars to create a Civilian Climate Corps, which envisions hiring 300-thousand young Greenies in the nation with efforts aimed at making us all feel even more guilty about not doing more to change severe weather events, like wind / rain / storms / floods / tornadoes / hurricanes / forest & wild fires (Colorado, sadly), and other such natural disasters which, you’ll recall, we as humans cannot change/stop/impact, by using paper rather than plastic grocery bags, and other such perhaps well-meaning, but imaginary efforts.

You’ll remember that FDR created the Civilian Conservation Corps back in 1933 to put tens of thousands of unemployed Americans back to work on construction projects needed around the nation, as a way of helping pull Americans out of a debilitating national economic depression.  There was valid reason for FDR’s CCC.  In addition, and an interesting side note, CCC members back then formed an important part of re-building America’s Army (significantly downsized after World War I), when world tensions boiled over in the late 1930’s/early 1940’s. However, with this currently proposed Progressive CCC, there is no economic, or otherwise, valid reason for the absolutely unnecessary Climate Corps being called for in this BBB hodgepodge of purely political give-aways. That is, unless, these young federal hires really can change the weather.

None of this, and its billions of dollars in government backing, really has anything at all to do with building a better America.  Every bit of it, from IRS agents, to schools, to CCC,  is only about one thing: power and control.  Maintaining and increasing the power of the federal government, let by Democrats forever (they hope and aspire) to further and further influence and control our lives.  And all at the expense of our personal freedom and liberties. More accurately termed “Build Back Better Ways to Extend and Expand Federal Control Over Our citizens,” since they know very well that paper-vs.-plastic doesn’t mean squat.

We’re told that the WV Senator’s biggest objection involved the continuation of the childcare subsidies.  An objection effectively summarized within a Wall Street Journal editorial: “Press headlines are warning about families on the brink of penury (i.e., extreme poverty), if the monthly payments aren’t extended, but the vast federal and state social safety net – food stamps, Medicaid, housing subsidies, school lunches, Head Start, and much more – won’t cease to exist on January 1. Weren’t these programs supposed to eliminate child poverty?”  And the Editors went on to state an ever-so-true conclusion to this issue: “The eternal truth is that faster economic growth that creates jobs and raises incomes is by far the best anti-poverty program.”  As was shown, by the way, at least in part, during the economically-successful administration of President Trump.

Hopefully, some of the other incredibly expensive BBB Act items, besides childcare subsidies, will also end up on his objection list.  But the Progressive plan will be to drop or disguise enough items, and perhaps more trickery regarding true cost, to eventually win his approval.  Doubtful, but perhaps a few vulnerable Democrat Senators (election 2022) might also become impediments to eventual passage. The message here is:  Stay vigilant because the BBB is not dead.  It’s just gasping for Progressive air; laying low waiting for resuscitation amidst content revisions.

Then comes Deception or Decoy attempt #2: The “For The People Act.”  This has even more incredibly misleading labeling than BBB.  This one is definitely not For The “People.”  It is clearly, and solely, “For The Progressive-Leftist-Democrat Politicians,” who wish to ensure that they are all re-elected in 2022 and then forever thereafter.  This one would put into place, nationally, all of the anti-fair election procedures we’ve seen enacted previously in California.  Things like excessive, unmonitored mail-in balloting; mass mail-out of ballots regardless of whether recipients are dead or alive; door-to-door ballot collecting and voting “assistance”(known as ‘ballot harvesting’); perhaps even ballot mailing to all with state drivers’ licenses, which in CA includes illegals; restrictions on election night ballot-counting observers; same day registration (eliminating any opportunity to verify), and other free and open election indignities meant to help “throw” the election to the desired Democrat candidates.  But perhaps the biggest, basic, anti-fair election procedure is the provision, guaranteed to be in the “For The People Act:” In order to vote, there would be NO ID REQUIRED!!

Overall, this Act would federalize state voting laws, meaning that all of the recent efforts by State Legislatures to clean up voting requirements after the slippery 2020 results, would become null and void.  Federal mandates would prevail, including that onerous no ID required to vote.  This effectively erases state efforts to provide, at least, fairer elections, in favor nationwide of the far looser “rules and procedures” that Democrats know they must have to prevail at the ballot box.  Now that they’ve experienced the power of voting shenanigans with their finessed White House and other victories in 2020, they are in no mood to go back to “fair.”  The For the People Act drifted around Congress during this past year without ever coming to any final votes, at least not in the Senate.

Recently, Vice-President Kamala Harris has been speaking out about the important of this “voting rights Act.” Said she: “We have been a role model saying: ‘you can see this and aspire to this and reject autocracies and autocratic leadership.’  Right now, we’re about to take ourselves off the map as a role model if we let people destroy one of the most important pillars of a democracy, which is free and fair elections.” That’s interesting.  She spoke of avoiding autocracies, which many feel we are approaching at the federal level, if not almost already there.  And then her assertion:  “if we let people destroy…free and fair elections.” Well, that statement can only be a back-handed slap at the many Republican state legislators who have worked so diligently through the year to clean up their voting procedures in time for, hopefully, a “free and fair(er)” election in November 2022.

Be alert for this “Act’s” re-introduction in early 2022, in an attempt to pre-set (and dare we say, or think, unduly influence) the national election table for November.  This proposed Act must be defeated, allowing the states, as it should be, to continue to control their own voting procedures and legalities.  Defeat of “For The People” (which it definitely is not) is critical to the maintenance and continuation of democracy within our precious freedom-based Republic.

And, 2022 Deception or DecoyAttempt #3, the final federal slight-of-hand plan, for now, which involves yet another regal edict, this one from the Environmental Protection Agency whose agenda should be mostly about ensuring clean air and water for America’s citizens, not attempting to influence the weather, this current administration’s apparent raison-d’etre.  Newly announced are far more stringent fuel-efficiency requirements, now mandating that vehicles (passenger cars and light-duty trucks) must achieve a fleet-wide average of 55 miles per gallon by the 2026 model year (actually telegraphing the new standards as early as 2023, projected to get even worse beginning in 2027 and beyond).

OK, here’s the deal.  Regular passenger cars today cannot meet that elevated miles-per-gallon requirement.  A Honda-CRV, for instance, can travel 400-miles per fill-up+ today (30+ mpg), well below the expected 2026 requirement.  In fact, only hybrids, perhaps, and a gasoline-powered sub-compact the size of an RV’s bathroom, could possibly meet that standard today!  The requirement doesn’t mean that every vehicle in a manufacturer’s line must meet that 55 mpg standard by 2026, but rather its entire line of vehicles must average it.  That means either tiny cars from Ford to off-set its F-150’s, or federally-forcing an ever-increasing move to….. electronic vehicles (EV).

Now, here’s what’s going on with the coming electric vehicle push.  Electric vehicles (good) don’t burn fossil fuel (bad).  But unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, EV’s have significant drawbacks, to include initial cost (don’t even think about their mega-battery replacement cost), distance traveled per change, and beyond home charging time/cost (if you can find an out-of-home charging station).  We’re promised that millions of along-the-road changing stations will appear nationwide (within 4-years or less?), thanks to federal subsidies within that spend-a-holic “Infrastructure Act.” By the way, companies don’t get federal money to build new gas station/convenience stores, so why should changing station builders get federal dollars, when the expectation is that the investment will pay off with individual vehicle charging electricity payments?  And don’t forget the federal subsidies to vehicle manufacturers for the transition to electric, as well as to the purchasers of said vehicles!

But beside all of that, we’re told that the forced move to electric vehicles is good for the environment.  You know, climate change; controlling the weather.  Know well that such reasoning is secondary, at best.  Once again, this federal mandate, like the others, is all about power and control.  The Democrat federal government has the power to make such vehicle transition edicts, which then gives them even more forced control over the vehicle selections of previously free-choice individual citizens.  This isn’t climate.  Has nothing to do with it.  That’s just the public, save-the-earth, “sales pitch.”  This is simply, and solely, another way for the now Progressive-driven government to exert control over citizens and their previously-independent choices.  With subsidies for those who go with the government desire, and most likely penalties of some kind (escalating price of gas?) for those who prefer to make their own choices when it comes to the vehicles they desire.  Increased government power and control under the pretext of “doing good” for the environment.

Yet another step in the Progressive’s foolish, bound to fail at public expense (literally), effort to extinguish fossil fuels and associated drilling/production corporations from the nation, in favor of unreliable renewable power sources (right now, wind and solar), which are simply incapable of replacing oil, gas, and coal.  Period. To prove that point in today’s power-generating era, just ask the folks in Texas who froze in their homes and businesses at one point during the winter of 2020, when the windmills froze as well.  Their delayed salvation: fossil fuels!!

Some things to ponder, as we await the momentary start of another New Year.  When thinking about what each and every move is all about by the Progressively-pressured, Democrat-dominated federal government (administration and Congress), look no further than the unceasing desire for increased, and preferably permanent, power and control over every aspect of our lives. This government and its political leaders will not be content until federal policies control all American lives, literally from cradle to grave.  On that concerning note, and with a pause in pontificating (!), may we all enjoy a less government-dominated (if possible), less COVID-dominated, and far more pleasant New Year (one in far better national financial standing, one with a satisfying national election, and especially one with an even better personal health reality).


(Pandora quote and BBB contents stats via, Deroy Murdock, 12-28-21; VP Harris quote via, Cortney O’Brien, 12-27-21; WSJ editorial quote via The Wall Street Journal, Editors, 12-27-21; EPA’s ordered upcoming mileage standards via The Wall Street Journal, Jonathan Lesser, 12-29-21).