Stalking Horse

A false pretext concealing someone’s real intentions.  More specific to today’s political reality, per Webster’s: “A person whose candidacy is advanced temporarily to conceal the actual choice.”

And that’s exactly what America’s electorate is facing, and being forced to vote for/against, by the Progressive-Socialist-Marxist Party right now (Note: The former Democrat Party, like Elvis, “has left the building”).  Joe Biden is the PSM’s candidate for president.  He is their Stalking Horse, their temporary candidate, the person made to stand out in front. Everyone capable of rational thought knows full well that Mr. Biden is not the Party’s real candidate.  Back when the Party was faced with the clear likelihood that, coming out of their primary debates, Senator Bernie Sanders would become their standard-bearer for the 2020 national election, they realized that putting a known, undeniable, full-bore Socialist out in front as their candidate, would ensure a landslide re-election victory for President Trump.  So, South Carolina quickly became the tackling dummy and, magically, perhaps manipulatively, Mr. Biden emerged as the Party candidate.

Since then, or perhaps known by insiders even well before, the visibly-aging by the day it seems, Mr. Biden, has dramatically shown, when out in public, that, cognitive-health and stamina-wise, he is simply incapable of shouldering the actual day-to-day, pressure-filled, constant public appearance/news-interview, demands of the presidency.  Insiders know, as do astute observers, that he cannot become President with any hope of serving a full term, let alone a full year!  And he has already indicated, unknown in modern presidential race history, that he would not run for a second term.  No one does that!

Accordingly, out from behind the thick and obscuring branches of the Sit-Or-Kneel-But-Don’t-Stand-For-Liberty Tree, emerges the office-temp Vice Presidential candidate, the woman who, you’ll recall, performed and polled poorly during the Party’s own primaries, Senator Kamala Harris, determined by her Senate vote analysis, to currently be, joy to the world, the most liberal member of that body (she just chuckles, but never denies, when verbally asked to comment about that accurate determination).

So, Vice President/President combo candidate she is.  And despite her non-contagious, likely irritating, laughter habit, this is absolutely no laughing matter. Should, heaven forbid, Mr. Biden, win the presidency, and then at some point, likely sooner rather than later, be inevitably pushed to the curb (remember Nancy P.’s 25th Amendment plan, if First Responders must be summoned for unwilling “transport”), the nation would then be faced with, and held hostage by, an avowed hard-leftist, now seated in the ultimate captain’s chair, backed by strong support from a compliant, increasingly-activist House, and hopefully not a genuflecting Senate majority, as well.

Candidate for President ‘Pro-Tem,” oops, ‘Pro-Permanent,’ Mrs. Harris won’t be holding back, with or without Mr. Biden alongside.  This past Friday (10/30), she announced to a McAllen, Texas “rally” audience: “I promise you this – as a first order of business, Joe Biden and I are about to work to get rid of that (Trump) tax cut” (eliminating, of course, their pledge not to raise taxes on the middle-class!). With both of them laying out their jam-packed first-orders-of-business, it’s apparently gonna be a really business first wash day for the duo, deciding who abolishes what!

And some key thoughts from the timely on-line article, “Americans Deserve To Know What Happens If Joe Biden Is Elected.”  Author Karen Giorno begins with a partial roll-call from the hard-left: “We’ve all heard the drumbeat that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are irrelevant and outdated, that all morality is subjective, that we should do away with prisons and abolish punishments for breaking our laws and that law enforcement itself should be disbanded.  The underlying philosophy seems to be that there is no good and evil, just people ‘expressing themselves’.”  Zeroing in specifically on the Stalking Horse proposition, a startling concept, or in this case, reality, never clarified for, or even yet admitted to, the voters, Ms. Giorno wrote: “Americans does not go to the polls in a Presidential election year to elect the Vice-President as President”!  And then she winds up and pitches the key point in this electoral charade: “….In the election of Kamala Harris to Vice President, (there is) a kind of soft coup or deception that presumes to install a California radical to the highest office in the land without the consent of the governed.”

And there you have, in sum, what’s going on with the Progressives: “without the consent of the governed.” That’s us, by the way!  The knowing plan to run a pre-established Stalking Horse for the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth, while then, all in authority on the side of  America’s “fundamental transformation” (i.e., oppression) agree to the pre-determined “soft coup” (with or without a 25th Amendment assist), resulting without a ripple on the water with the installation of the new chief executive, President Harris, without any attention to, or concern about, “the consent of the governed.”

Of course, this follows the legal succession plan spelled out specifically in the Constitution (VP succeeds the President, if deceased or otherwise unable to serve).  But our brilliant Founders never assumed that this would all be planned and worked out (dictated?) well in advance of office-taking, and completely unbeknownst to the nation’s voters.

Those in the American electorate, paying any attention at all, now know full well that we have a Stalking Horse candidate at the top of the Progress-Socialist-Marxist ticket, with a “step aside” apparently waiting in the wings to be triggered at the whim of the Party rulers, both those in front of, and behind, the Progressive string-pulling curtain.  So, heads up, America. Should the Stalking Horse win.  You now know that the “fix” was in!


(Harris first order quote via, Kristina Wong, 10-30-20; Soft coup plan quotes via, Karen Giorno, 10-30-20).