“Sparkle (Way More Than) Plenty”

For Americans of Social Security age and beyond, (also any younger folks with an unexpected interest in the “Dick Tracy” comic strip of old), you will remember that one of the strip’s most prominent and endearing characters was “Sparkle Plenty.”  For those who may have forgotten, but retain an insatiable interest in comic strip minutia, Sparkle was the darling daughter of “B.O. Plenty” and his wife “Gravel Gertie,” an intriguing, if not appalling sounding and smelling couple, whom, if given a choice, you likely wouldn’t want to stand close to, with or without coronavirus social distancing rules in place. OK, you say, while this past comic strip history is indeed fascinating, given the time limits we all have here on earth, how about getting on with it.  Just exactly where are we headed with this far from fascinating saga?

Since you’ve asked, shifting to present day, and focusing in on a woman who is, in fact, becoming like a modern day comic strip character herself, is anyone else getting tired of seeing & hearing (to the point of heading to the streets for non-prescription pharmaceuticals) the non-stop, day-after-day, pictures and videos of lately even-more omni-present, Ms. Meghan “Sparkle” Markle and her Hub? She is currently creating waves, if not a tsunami, with her naïve, praise-worthy comments about BLM.  Said she: “When there is just peaceful protest and when there is the intention of just wanting community and just wanting the recognition of equality, then that is a beautiful thing. When we just focus on the uplift and positivity while still acknowledging the path…that shouldn’t be inflammatory at all.  That should be really exciting.”  “Beautiful” and “exciting,” spoken from the blissful throne of reality ignored.

Pretty sure, through the welcome fog of street pharmaceuticals, that she is in all likelihood a perfectly delightful lady. But every day, e-v-e-r-y day, via both liberal (of course), and regrettably conservative, on-line “news” media, there sits/stands Ms. Sparkle with her ex-patriot Brit husband, also no doubt soon to be her ex-Prince, given the calls back home for de-crowning due to his recent coupled self-centered, spot-light-obsessed marital decision to back liberal causes and a liberal candidate (presidential, of course) here in America.  Which the British Prince of Belaire, a foreign dignitary, green card or any card, has no business doing, as he begins wearing his wife’s “entertainer” slippers (hopefully that’s all) with his, reported, start of dismounted-polo-pony acting lessons, preparing, as they apparently are, to take a great big shared scoop out of our nation’s enormous West Coast honey pot of wealth.

May Sparkle and HRH Plenty kindly consider, if that’s at all possible, doing and saying less that draws daily media attention, social or otherwise. And by so doing, give loyal, patriotic Americans a well-deserved break. The every-day national interruptions provided by non-patriotic Progressives is more than enough irritation for the rest of us, thank you. Hopefully, the temporary “royals” can turn down the public persona intensity before their images ultimately turn up on fast-food restaurant place mats, historically the end of the road here in the land of the currently-free.  As with the rest of those within the outspoken, lib-doctrinated, “entertainer” world, in truth, the vast percentage of Americans don’t give a rip about how you feel or what you have to say about anything.  So please, Team “Sparkles,” stop now, before Officer Tracy is dispatched to your place with an arrest warrant for disturbing the rest of America’s peace of mind.

ADDENDUM (or perhaps in this specific case, Addendumb):   Connected with the “peaceful” notion that BLM’s objectives and real-world actions are “beautiful,” and moving, then, to the presidential candidate who refuses mutual pre-debate ear transmission device and drug testing for questionable-if-he’s innocent reasons, Mr. Biden is of the belief, as stated in that first debate, that Antifa “is just an idea, not an organization.”  Offering the obvious real-world counter to that nonsense, WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was quick to tweet: “Ideas do not target police officers.  Ideas do not burn down buildings. Ideas do not kill innocent Americans. Organizations do!”   Brutal, radical organizations, or more correctly destruction-minded mob organizers, intent on permanently disrupting and changing forever the course and status of our Founder-established free, citizen-empowered, republic.


(Markle BLM quote via nypost.com, Lee Brown, 10-1-20).  (McEnany response quote via townhall.com, Katie Pavlich, 10-1-20).