Southwest Border May Soon Be Blown Wide Open

Be prepared for a possible massive ‘human storm of the century’ beginning this Thursday (May 11, 2023).  A statement far closer to reality than hyperbole.  We’ve been watching the illegal migrant invasion of America since this president took office, which he is purposely allowing to happen, or he’s mentally commuting from another planet and has no knowledge of the damage he has caused, to satisfy his political masters. And, again, done totally on purpose.  While the numbers of illegals he has allowed to enter and wander about our nation is now in the millions (accounting also for the “Got-Aways”), the numbers are about to escalate beyond belief and beyond the sanity of caring, loyal Americans. Those in power, to whom truth is apparently a confusing concept, could care less, just as they are totally careless, about the great harm and damage they are purposely inflicting upon our great nation.  These seeming ingrates, from the top down, care nothing about damaging our country by dumping tens of thousands of non-English speaking/unskilled singles and families (needing full economic support) on America with an unconcerned, elitist, Progressive-Socialist shrug of the shoulders, because they will never have to deal with any migrants or the damage and human cost they create.  And so you ask: Why now, all of a sudden, is this continuing mega-concern boiling-over again?

The cause is a Trump-era regulation called Title 42.  This policy was introduced, again, by former President Trump at the start of the Covid era to provide the power needed to prevent suspected Covid infectees from entering and endangering the health of our nation. It allowed stoppage and deportation of families, unaccompanied children, and singles considered to be carriers of covid (lack of vaccination). The right move at the right time, very useful in cutting down the flow of illegals wanting entry.

Well, in comes Mr. Biden who was determined to wipe out virtually every vestige of the Trump presidency; whether the regulations were good and useful didn’t matter. They were from Trump and, thus, had to go. You’ll recall that on his first day in office, he stopped the Southwestern wall construction, as well as the northern pipeline, both good for the safety and the economy of America. But of no use because they weren’t the policies of Mr. Biden, regardless of the negative impact of both actions on America.

So then, Title 42.  Reportedly, Mr. Biden had most of the migrant-type restrictions removed, now that the Covid threat was no longer.  Thus, there is apparently no further restriction on entry for families and for supposedly-accompanied children (often the accompanying adult had actually no relation to the child!). That left only employment-age adult males who were to be screened and counted for as best they could for the undermanned Border Patrol agents facing surge after surge.

If Title 42 is allowed to expire later this week, with Mr. Biden likely doing nothing to stop it, there will be an explosion of adult males, especially, seeking entry, along with the usual families and accompanied minors. There are said to be tens of thousands of these groups, especially the single adult males, lined up and ready to enter America as soon as the provision expires. Mr. Biden has made a totally-political move by now ordering 1,500 National Guard troops to the border.  Nice move in theory, but these soldiers will have no law enforcement powers!  They will be able to attend to paperwork, feeding, and otherwise caring for those coming through, leaving the still-under-manned BP agents to attempt to keep up with recording the entrants the best they can, all while the “Got-Aways continue to enter and get away without notice.

Citizens living on our SW border cities especially will bear the brunt of this now-continuing explosion of illegals. And the increased horde seeking illegal entry to our nation will not slow down any time soon.  With Title 42 expired (if that is allowed to happen), that is the last impediment to slowing and/or stopping the entry of all but the most obvious of criminal or deviant single adult males seeking to enter America, regardless of any uncivilized behavior that might be exhibited once here!  We’ve discussed previously the dangers of potential terrorists or dangerous criminals allowed in by mistake or oversight. And that happens when the surge of illegals literally over-powers the ability of PB agents to do adequate due-diligence.  They try their best, as sworn law enforcers, but again it’s a sheer numbers situation.  Meanwhile, the Mexican cartels continue their money-making efforts by sneaking in drug and human smugglers, and then subsequently, young Americans by the hundreds continue to die from fentanyl.

So, storming the border brings not only unwanted-in-number foreign illegal migrants, now from countries all over the world, but also large quantities each day of lethal illegal drugs.  Even if Mr. Biden chose to continue to leave the border open to illegal migrants, also a HUGE mistake, the situation is made all the more dangerous and destructive when illegal drugs, too, are a large part of the illegal entry problem.  Americans are dying each day because of the effective super- highway into America that drug carriers are being treated to courtesy of Mr. Biden’s illegal and nation-damaging open border policy.  The negative impact on our America of both the massive amount of illegal humans and the massive amounts of illegal death-dealing drugs being allowed in, will have both an immediate impact on our nation (drugs) and longer-term impact (humans) that we citizens will be dealing with for decades to come.

Our open border is not only illegal but unconscionable. The chief executive of our nation is sworn-in agreeing to protect America from enemies both foreign and domestic. What we have at present are potential enemies now, and potential enemies later.  Both are a failure to carry out the vitally-important commitment assigned to every American president, then to our security services and to our military, upon the direction and order, as needed, from the president.

Watch the news this week.  See whether someone, either the president or Congress, has the nation-protecting backbone to keep at least Title 42 in place indefinitely.  And do understand this: That is the very least we need to semi-protect our border, and from it, our great nation.  Looking ahead to the possibility of imposing true border protection and control again, once genuine, committed, and caring Americans vote to take back the White House and both Houses of Congress.  Then, with it, and without a Progressive-Socialist regime in control, refreshing sanity and fuller freedom will, thankfully, return to our land.