Southern Migration: A Potential Positive Step

Mexico’s Foreign Minister announced that his country has committed to spending $30-billion over a five-year period to help develop and grow the economy in the southern part of their country.  Apparently that section of Mexico is still more rural and poor.  The influx of major dollars should bring employment opportunities to the region, helping to curtail, it’s thought and hoped, the major caravan(s) of migrants clustered at the northern border with the U.S.  It’s not an immediate solution. It won’t happen overnight, but it’s a start and a good faith effort on the part of Mexico to offer more opportunities, in order to move the overflow migrant groups away from the border.  Hopefully this proves to be actual accomplishment and not just theory.

Mexico further maintains that discussions are on-going with the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to also make significant investments in their own countries to further stem the need for migrants from those nations to travel north for work in the first place.

Just as we have stopped the pending invasion of migrants, Mexico, itself, was invaded by these caravans.  Sadly, it appears they did not make a formidable effort to stop the migrants at their own southern border, or somewhere along the way, a move that certainly would have solved America’s current border dilemma.  With thousands of migrants still camped in and around Tijuana, creating crime problems there for residents, let alone the financial burden of feeding and sheltering so many for an indefinite period, Mexico has stepped up with a regional development plan that will hopefully defuse at least some of the congestion at our border.  The alternative to providing training, employment, and housing for as many migrants as possible would ultimately seem to be deportation, a huge, dangerous, likely violent, undertaking, given the thousands already there.  And they need to find ways to stop additional groups from forming and coming.

Something has to give with this border crisis, and it won’t be the U.S.!  By not stopping them to begin with, Mexico has taken on, unwillingly and perhaps unwittingly, a massive migrant problem.  Hopefully their southern neighboring countries will, in actuality, also make immediate investments in more jobs to stop the need for continuing migration at the source.

The only realistic solution for America is to build that southern border wall.  Not a fence.  A solid, very tall, wall. If the last President could send billions of dollars, initially in secret, to Iran, we can certainly find the $5-billion needed to construct the wall, critical for the protection and sovereignty of our country, and its future. The House majority needs to stop stalling, grow some backbones, and get the funds allocated NOW, before Republicans lose control of that Chamber.  There is very little time to get this done.  May lightning strike and make it so!

(Mexican plan info via, Leah Barkoukis, 12-13-18)