Southern Border Invasion Continues (Of Course)

As our southern border “door” remains wide open to all comers, and from all nations (friend or foe), the issues, congestion, drug trafficking, and other security threats (the latter mercifully, yet to play out) continue to press our courageous Border Patrol agents to their limit and beyond.  Since all in D.C. can see what’s going on there, without even visiting, there can be no question any longer that this come-one-come-all entry policy is clearly purposeful, as mentioned all along.  What is happening is absurd, a national disgrace, and an errant progressive-politicized policy that will come back to harm America in untold ways, and hopefully not the devastatingly tragic kind. Continued shame on those in power for allowing this unconscionable mass incursion to occur, month after month.

With two months yet to go in “fiscal year” 2022 (October 1-thru-September 30), migrant entries already exceed the total 2021 tally.  And that nearly 2-million number is just the illegals “encountered” by CPB.  It does not include the “Got-Aways,” which at last count was estimated to be around 800,000.  Eliminating the “Remain in Mexico” policy, established by President Trump has made the border situation much, much worse.

Last weekend, in just the Del Rio (Texas) sector alone, Border Patrol agents apprehended about 3,500 migrants (plus an estimated 500 Got-Aways).  Del Rio is now considered to be the nation’s “busiest Border Patrol sector.”  Stated writer Neil Munro: “Biden’s huge inflow of workers, consumers, and renters helps to tilt the economy against ordinary Americans.”  There can be no question that migrants, shipped around the country, form lower-wage employment competition to be unfairly faced by American citizens seeking work.

Anymore, it’s reported that about 72% of all border-crossing migrants are coming from countries other than Mexico.  Large numbers of Cuban nationals have been seeking entry this fiscal year, along with Nicaraguans, Venezuelans, Haitians, Turks, and among others, Russians (!) (3,975 vs. 511 in fiscal year 2021).

Compounding the issues faced by our Border agents are adults seeking entry who are posing as children.  Since last October, El Paso border agents alone identified 665 illegals posing as children (most often men in their early twenties!).  The reason for the attempted scam is this. “Minors who cross the border, unaccompanied, cannot be immediately deported.  They must be provided with food, shelter and medical care while officials attempt to locate a parent or guardian.” The penalty for posing as an unaccompanied minor include fines and potential imprisonment.  Those convinced by handlers to try the “child” tactic are rarely told of the consequences if found out.

Britain has had some of the same issues with illegal males seeking entry to their nation as children. “In an embarrassing revelation, Home Office figures show that border officials were either so inept or indifferent as to register 52 grown adults, over the age of 30 years old, as children over the last decade!”

Fortunately, our drastically overworked and understaffed Border Patrollers haven’t been duped in that matter, dealing only with child-claiming migrant men in their early twenties.  Equally frustrating for our U.S. border agents is that when illegals are apprehended and admitted, they all too often must leave their apprehension post and do the paperwork necessary to process the entrants pleading for asylum (for which the vast majority are not eligible under long-standing U.S. immigration laws).

Making reference to a very recent instance where Texas National Guard soldiers had locked an entry gate on private land, only to have Border Patrol come along behind them and unlock the same gate, Representative Jody Arrington (R-TX) commented: “How ironic that President Biden is building a $500,000 border wall around his beach home (in Delaware), and I’m sure they won’t forget to lock the gates at night.  The administration has been willfully disregarding the law and intentionally not securing the gates of our country.”

In sum, hard to believe, but with expected political-speak, the politically-appointed federal head of the Customs and Border Protection agency was actually quoted during a CBS interview as feeling like “we’re doing very well” (at the border), and that “I think we have the ability, and we’ve already shown it, to deal with even large numbers of migrants in an orderly, compassionate, and effective manner.”  In other words, the flood of migrants is OK and even more would be fine, too.  However, Americans polled by left-leaning NPR (keep ‘left’ in mind) don’t agree.  Fifty-four percent overall say this massive migration flood is an “invasion.” Agreed to by “76% of Republicans, 46% of independents, 40% of Democrats, and 47% of Hispanics.”  Our wide-open border is a threat to America, in all too many ways (among them, the killer, fentanyl!), and is clearly opposed by most thinking, rational citizens who worry about entry-level jobs being taken away at lower wages, along with health and safety concerns, and the longer-term overall cultural, economic, and security well-being of our America.


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