Our Border “Burns” While Liberals “Fiddle”

In the words of the head of our Customs & Border Protection team, we have a “full-blown emergency” on our southern border, with our border-area facilities for retaining arrested illegal migrants, now beyond capacity.  CBP arrested 133,000 illegals in May, a 30% increase over April, and double the number apprehended early in the year!  For daunting perspective, the May numbers resulted in the highest monthly total of illegals apprehensions here in 13-years!! And while our border agents are bogged down processing and transporting this massive number of illegal entrants to detention facilities, the human smugglers and drug runners take full advantage of, by necessity, fewer agents available to patrol that lengthy border.

Bad enough that hardened criminals are smuggling in drugs and captive humans, we now know that ISIS-directed terrorists are also among those seeking illegal entry, likely often hidden within a large horde of Central American migrants.

At least one ISIS militant was captured recently, holding dual Canadian & Trinidad citizenship, who admitted to authorities that he had been recruited, with others, to be smuggled into the U.S., via Puerto Rico to Mexico, with the stated mission of “crippling our economy,” by executing terror attacks within New York City’s financial district.  He was recruited, primarily, because he spoke English, which would ease considerably his travels and access. Worst of all, his handler was identified, by him, as someone from New Jersey!  So the coordination for the planned attacks was local and already in place.  Fortunately, this guy was captured, overseas, and the plan was never executed.  That is, so far.  The concern is how many Islamic terrorist wanna-be’s are, in fact, already within our borders, either foreign-born or domestically-produced?  Migrants are certainly one pressing concern. Criminals and terrorists, a much greater one, representing far more immediate and severe consequences.

And now, we learn, that last week, CBP agents arrested 116 illegal entrants from Africa.  Africa!! They came across the Rio Grande River intending to enter Texas. How they got to Mexico to begin with, at this point, remains unreported.  Meanwhile, at the end of May, perhaps the largest single group of migrants, to date, attempting to cross our border uninvited, 1,036 of them in all, were apprehended in the El Paso (Texas) Sector.

Since the start of 2019, over 500,000 individuals have attempted illegal entry. If that pace continues, we could actually hit 1,000,000 illegals apprehended by year end. As anyone, other than liberals, can easily see, we have a huge human crisis on our hands at the southern border. And a serious financial one.  The cost of caring for these last few years accumulation of migrants, admitted for lack of resources to detain them further, and released into our country “temporarily,” pending asylum hearings, for which the vast majority never do attend, is in the billions of dollars a year, and increasing by the day.  Taken to its extreme, this could potentially, eventually, bankrupt the nation, as educational, health, and the myriad of other social services are exhausted. And, again, made so by illegals, not by American citizens.

And the cause and reason for that out-of-control human inferno at our southern border? Liberal Democrats, pure and simple. The fault is theirs. It’s all in their pious, self-centered laps. The Democrat-controlled House has failed to do anything whatsoever about the border crisis. They refuse to act.  Why?

It’s all about money and power.  The money comes from the federal government, at least much of it, to care for the illegals. California, the state perhaps the closest to bankruptcy, although others are close behind (all run by Democrats), likes the federal dollars that illegals bring in, thus the “sanctuary” movements. And along with the funding, the power comes from having the illegals counted in the upcoming census. The more population, now including, they hope, illegals, that they can recruit and retain, the more U.S. Representatives a state can demand (somewhere north of 700,000 residents earns a Congressman).  Now is “sanctuary” status ringing another bell?  More Representatives from these Democrat-controlled states, thanks largely to illegal residents, equals more federal power.

So, the liberal Democrats (redundant?) in Congress want to do nothing about the migrant mess at the border.  The more who come in, the more power and money they receive. Its insidious. This puts what’s most advantageous to their personal and collective power, well above what is best for America and our people.  What’s best for the financial future of our nation, what’s best for America’s security in a very unsettled world (most certainly terrorists already among us), and what’s best for our citizens long-term (attention to the needs of our veterans & homeless, first, before spending so much on care and services for uninvited illegals).

Democrats in Congress, and ultra-liberals in general, are “deplorables,” to pin their term of choice where it belongs, squarely on them, for a change. They’ve earned it.  Deplorable because they refuse to propose, let alone adopt, reasonable, responsible bi-partisan immigration reforms, in the best interest of the future of our nation. Deplorable because they refuse to accept and accelerate a protective fence on our southern border, in hopes of stopping this out-of-control invasion of migrants, bringing along in their midst, illnesses, criminals, drug smugglers, and terrorists. Deplorable because they openly choose party power and control over what’s so badly needed by our nation. In sum, because they refuse to do what’s best for our country, and our citizens, choosing self over nation, they are not only deplorable, their words and actions (or inactions) render them un-American, as well. By virtue of being loyal only to party and self, rather than to America. The same nation that exalts and compensates them. And all of that, together, is a travesty.


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