Some Positive, Reassuring Stuff

On a highway overpass near Pensacola, Florida, Mr. Freddie Finkley witnessed a vehicle crash.  Rather than just continue walking and let first responders deal with it, Mr. Finkley ran to the vehicle to try to extract the driver.  By then, flames were all over the dashboard.  The driver told him to just leave him.  But Mr. Finkley responded: “I can’t leave you.  You’ll burn up.” Mr. Finkley continued: “So I pried his hands loose from the steering wheel.”  At that point, he was joined by another man and together they carried the driver well away from the burning vehicle.  Later on, the driver’s grandmother had a chance to meet and thank Mr. Finkley.  Said she to him: “You’re truly God’s angel.  I praise God that you were there because you saved my grandson, and that means everything to me.”

There’s no question that the grandson’s life was saved by Mr. Finkley’s quick resolve and actions.  There’s something else important that you need to know about this life-saving story:  Mr. Finkley is a black American. Mr. Finkley is an Army veteran.  And Mr. Finkley is homeless.  This story of heroism made the local and some national news.  We sincerely hope that his actions have been rewarded locally by employment assistance and housing.  If anyone deserves a community’s helping-hand, it is Mr. Freddie Finkley.  And our thanks for your military service to America, sir.

Speaking of veterans, up in Minnesota, known to be quite cold in the winter (and beyond!), World War II (Pacific Theater) U.S. Navy veteran, Tom Cornish, occupied himself during the virus isolation by knitting hats for the Salvation Army.  Really enjoying his knitting hobby, it’s estimated that, to-date, he has produced more than 500 woolen hats for those in need via the Salvation Army (incredibly, about 400 made and donated in 2020 alone!).  “I feel like I’m working for the Lord, and that’s a good feeling,” he said.  He expects to continue producing hats for adults and children, alike, “until I take my last breath.”  Proud Navy veteran, and still serving those in need around him, Tom Cornish is 96-years-old.

Switching to some positive news from the political realm, Republican Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, a black American, recently took on the Progressive claim that America is ‘systemically racist.”  Responding to that sadly frequent and erroneous charge, Mr. Cameron said: “The myth of ‘systemic racism,’ of course, is nothing more than a rhetorical ploy by leftists to gain power.  While individual racists certainly do exist, albeit thankfully in fewer and fewer numbers, America hasn’t been ‘systemically racist’ since the laws that kept racism, well, systemic, were abolished in the ‘60’s.”  He continued: “I think we can get there (i.e., ‘a more perfect union’) if we put aside these hyperbolic terms, if we put aside this casting aspersions on one another, if we hold hands and walk together to our future.”  Very refreshing and welcome words spoken by an influential and prominent elected official serving in Kentucky’s state government, and no doubt, a rising star within the Republican Party nationally.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ben Carson, most recently Secretary of Housing and Urban Development within the Trump Administration, had a lot to say about the developing opposite goals of existing ‘equality’ and the new push for the far-from-balanced concept called ‘equity.’ Wrote Dr. Carson in a recent op-ed in The Washington Post: “Proponents of equity see no problem with treating groups of people differently based solely on race, as long as it serves their agenda. This is what we used to call racism.”  Dr. Carson continued: “Instead of pursuing Dr. King’s ideal of judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, equity would reward and punish people because of the color of their skin. Rather than equality of opportunity, equity would mandate equality of outcome.  This goal is not only un-American – it is impossible to attain.”  Wise, refreshing words from an extremely intelligent, accomplished, and esteemed national leader.  If only closed ears and minds would open occasionally and truly listen.

And despite all the zaniness (actually, bravo sierra) from the hard-left zealots, there are just a few, for now, indications that some on the far side might be willing to crack through their protective shield a bit.  West Coast activist, Rose McGowan, heretofore virulent left-winger and anti-Trumper, spoke of growing up in an actual cult.  Now in adult life, that experience apparently has given her the ability to detect cults, which is what she sees happening now with Democrats.  Reflecting on that past experience, in an interview on ‘Fox News Primetime,’ she stated that: “It gave me the ability to see the control and the propaganda machine especially in the U.S. for what it is and how it harms people.”  The Democrats say: If we would do X, the world would be perfect, if only those Republicans would get out of the way.  Well, OK, you have gotten control… what are you doing to make the world better?”  Ms. McGowan concluded: “My persecution and awakening from being a Democrat was so much of what I do now.  So much about realizing how hardcore of a cult it is.  What it does to women and the people it says it is going to help. Then why haven’t they achieved anything?”  Again, refreshing realization and admission from someone who in past months & years had seemed to be so pro-left and so anti-Republican.  Perhaps the departure of President Trump has made the errant pathway of the Democrats now finally so clear and obvious.  We’ll hope her apparent awakening regarding the cult of the Democrats continues.  We can learn from her perspective.

And also, perhaps surprising, liberal cable network host & commentator, Bill Maher, has come out again for common sense, taking on millennials for being in favor of abolishing the police (30% favor) and thinking that communism might be a good idea to try (36% favor!!).  Said Mr. Maher in his recent monologue: “So when you (millennials) say (to me): ‘You’re old, you don’t get it,’ get what? Abolish the police and the border patrol? And capitalism? And cancel Lincoln?  No, I get it.  The problem isn’t that I don’t get what you’re saying or that I’m old.  The problem is that your ideas are stupid.”  He didn’t hold back.  Once again, refreshing candor from an intelligent guy, who generally resides politically on the left.  Could things out there, amidst some if the prior opposition, be starting to turn, at least a bit, against the establishment left?  Hope springs eternal.

And in a Newsweek article entitled, “When Everything is Racist There’s No Room for Reason,” former advisor to the Trump Administration and very much on our side, Matthew Brodsky, lays into liberals for their seeming commitment to ‘banish all dissent.’ Wrote Brodsky: “In their regressive Orwellian worldview, anti-Americanism is the new patriotism.  In their version of American democracy, big tech thought police substitute for the real police.”  He continued: Rather than a “free corporate media” airing “multiple sides” on issues, providing for “an open exchange of ideas on opinion pages,” the media today have given way to “mob-and-media-approved narratives,” while silencing all opposing views. And that has resulted in “the Left’s distortion of any discussion about the relationship between the issues of border security, immigration, and voter integrity.”  And, as we all well know, ignoring realistic, truthful discussion of the border situation and illegal immigration is all about expanding the Democrat voter rolls, leading, they hope to perpetual power and their brand of heavy-handed control of our nation.

And to conclude this edition on a semi-political, but definitely reassuring note, the Sunday night Academy Awards telecast ratings tanked, thanks to the insipid liberal drivel from the “Hollywood supremacy” (race optional) elite who like to lecture we mere mortal earthlings about how bad our country (e.g., President Trump) and economic system are, oblivious to the fact that both have made them insanely wealthy.  The rating were down, even among the favored millennial+ crowd (18-49), down in fact, 64% from last year! Wrote National Review’s Kyle Smith: “The Oscars always had problems but in the last decade, they’ve become turgid, sanctimonious, predictable, joyless, and boring, not to mention bitter and negative about the country that has created so much splendor and wealth for the lucky few.”  And to fling even more icing onto their deflated cake, Megyn Kelly, who pulled her child out of a NYC private school due to liberal indoctrination (bravo, Megyn) had the following question posed, via tweet, to the better-than-we West Coast elite: “How’s all that incessant, insufferable woke, depressing lecturing via film, interviews, social media, and at the actual, awful awards show going, Hollywood?”  Thanks, Megyn, for that well-deserved verbal slam-dunk aimed at all of the glittery ‘perfect’ people, on behalf of the rest of we commoners, and common-sensers, who, despite their self-obsessed belly-aching, dearly cherish, honor, love and are eternally grateful for, our America!


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