Some Positive, Reassuring Stuff #4

Most important positive for the nation right now: The Democrat’s federal legislative effort to take over total control of national elections, so as to enhance their permanent power & “ownership” via various forms of possible vote manipulation, thus depriving all loyal Americans and their respective states of their Constitutional control and recent anti-fraud policy improvements, has, for the time being, been defeated!!  This was the bill, falsely titled the “For the People Act, more correctly the “For the Progressive Politicians Forever Act.”  Senator Chuck Schumer called their effort the “battle for the soul of America.”  More correctly, it’s the “battle for permanent control of America.” Mr. Biden replied: “Unfortunately, a Democratic stand to protect our democracy met a solid Republican wall of opposition.”  And thankfully, so.  That bill had zero to do, zero, with ‘protecting our democracy,’ and everything to do with eroding, and step-by-step eliminating it.

Democrats are so far off the rails on this that they’ve lost sight of the train.  Their ultimate wish is to stop all state efforts to correct the vote-validity failures of the 2020 election, steps undertaken by state legislatures (their just jurisdiction under the Constitution) to make sure that national elections are conducted freely and fairly going forward.  The Democrat claim that state revisions have made it more difficult to vote are so incorrect as to make their very complaints fraudulent.

The Democrats will continue to reconfigure their legislation and try again and again to get it passed.  Their urgency, of course, is the 2021 election, where the Democrats face the very real likelihood of losing the House, and possibly the Senate as well, due to the appalling direction the country has now taken, under their ‘leadership,’ to include the southern border disaster and the spending plans that will pulverize America’s current and future economy, not to mention all of this ‘everything-is-infrastructure’ and ‘climate change’ fiscal (& ‘scientific’) childishness.  Thanks and congratulations are due the Republicans for standing strong against this critical challenge.  And the need to continue to do so, as legislative ‘Sons’ of the “People Act” are conjured up going forward!

Democrats claim that voter ID is discriminatory, even though those (the few) without driver’s licenses (or other proposed suitable identification) can readily obtain a suitable legal ID at no charge within their local municipal offices. You need legal ID to do virtually everything these days, so something as important as the privilege of voting should certainly be included.

And the really good news is that the vast majority of Americans agree.  In a recent Monmouth University survey, 80% were in favor of requiring a photo ID for voting (91% Republicans / 87% Independents / 62% Democrats).  Support for photo ID for voting among non-white voters: 84%.  Even among the younger, 18-34-year-olds, support for photo ID was 78%.  Case closed.

And another key break-through.  Louisiana has now become the first Democrat-run state to stop those federal $300/week bonus unemployment payments, which everyone knows ended up paying people to stay home rather than return to work, aggravating the already critical employee shortage, brought on through those many months by the virus. The Louisiana supplement will end on July 31st.  Twenty-five other states, all led by Republicans, have announced early cessation of that supplement.  The federal program is not due to end until September 6th.  Some Democrats apparently favor making that supplement program permanent!  Swell.  So, let’s continue draining the U.S. Treasury and keep even more people out of the workforce.

Now, down to Florida where good things continue happening, Governor DeSantis announced a new required state-wide high school program of instruction that will now require students to study civics, as well as learning about “the evils of communism and totalitarian regimes.”  Tweeted the Governor: “Florida students will learn about patriots who come to America after fleeing communist regimes.  Our students will learn from an integrated civic education curriculum that compares our rights & freedoms to places where they don’t exist, like China & North Korea.”  He went on to criticize higher-ed campuses as ‘intellectual repressive environments,’ saying that previous generations of students could expect to encounter more diverse speech and ideas at school, rather than group-think and public shaming.”  The Governors academic upgrades will now also require students in the state’s public high schools to have training in CPR and first- aid.  All smart initiatives and investments for Florida’s future.

In Richland County, Ohio, a group of 89 clergy members encouraged citizens there to gather for a day of prayer in appreciation for their local law enforcement officers.  Pastor Hank Webb spoke at the event: “We are here to honor the brave men and women who serve in law enforcement and to seek the divine assistance (on their behalf) of God Almighty.  We are also here to demonstrate that there’s more that unites us than divides us.”  By the way, a Breitbart News report back in May (2021) noted that 73% of Americans believe crime is higher now under Mr. Biden than it was under President Trump.

And speaking of law enforcement, in response to Governor Abbott’s call for the help of states at the border, the State of Nebraska will be sending a contingent of state troopers to Texas to assist with the non-stop migrant border surge they are facing there.  Said Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts: “The disastrous policies of the Biden-Harris administration created an immigration crisis on the border. While the federal government has fallen short in its response, Nebraska is happy to step up to provide assistance to Texas, as they work to protect their communities and keep people safe.”  The Nebraska state troopers will work with the Texas Department of Public safety for a period of at least 16-days.

Atlanta (GA) Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has recently placed the blame for her city’s increase in major crimes on the fact that her Republican-led state “reopened” early compared to several others, amidst the COVID emergency and resulting shut-downs.  GA Governor Brian Kemp began easing restrictions back in late March (2020), following Texas, Mississippi and other states led by Republicans.  Said Governor Kemp: “According to the mayor (Bottoms), rising crime in our capital city is everyone’s fault but hers. Getting Georgians back to work, back to school, and back to normal didn’t lead to more crime.  The left’s anti-police, soft-on-crime agenda is to blame. People are tired of leaders blaming somebody else for the problems that they have in their own jurisdiction.  I know I’m fed up with it.”

And perhaps a fitting way to wrap up this edition is with some refreshing comments from California resident, comedian Bill Maher, who makes some surprising, but welcome, and certainly non-liberal comments critical of California.  Said Maher: “For a state that just loves to be up everybody’s (butt) all the time, water management might be a better place to direct that instinct (e.g., wild fires & droughts).  When it comes to regulations, either go big or go home, or I’m going to find a new house, because my house is one gender-reveal party away from burning down while I sleep.  We are the most regulated state in the nation with more than 395,000 regulatory restrictions. It is a constant nightmare of inspectors, and permits, and fees.”   Buried in there was a subtle suggestion that he might be ready to abandon California for someplace saner, or certainly less regulated.  His negative comments about a state many Republicans love to hate is definitely a positive with which to end!!


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