Some Positive, Reassuring, Good News #2

The best possible good news was delivered to America’s patriots this past Tuesday evening, Election Day, when the voters of Virginia stood tall at what is hopefully the initial stage of the revolt of our nation’s freedom-loving people to reclaim our America, by electing Republican Glenn Youngkin as their state’s governor, with the key issue being one that impacts parents around the nation: Education and the right of parents to have a say in what their children are being taught.  Hopefully this will trigger similar responses throughout the country with school board elections and especially with the national elections coming up next November.

Not only did Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin prevail, but voters brought alone with him as the state’s Lieutenant-Governor, Republican Winsome Sears, who became the first woman, and first woman of color, to be elected to the #2 office in Virginia. Jamaican by birth, Ms. Sears is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. Said she: “America allowed me to come and do for myself and my family.  No one can say to me I don’t know what it is to be poor. You’re looking at the American Dream.”

And Republican Jason Miyares, an Hispanic, was elected the state’s Attorney-General!  Rounding out the quadfecta, Republicans also won back majority control of the Virginia House of Delegates by one seat!  Every ‘party has a pooper,’ as the saying goes, and among those unhappy with, and perhaps unbelieving, the Virginia election results, network commentator Sunny Hostin reportedly stated, speaking no doubt for the overall thoughts of endless libs, that “the 57% of Virginia’s White women who voted for Glenn Youngkin for governor want to pretend slavery did not happen.”  No doubt a shot at CRT instruction in public schools, that now so many parents, of all races, are publicly objecting to. Now, when you roll a silly, childish, fictional, and resentful statement, like so many from fervent libs, and roll it all into a ball, it most often comes out the other end as one that’s just plain stupid. And in this case, historically so.

Meanwhile, in another significant issue, the voters in Minneapolis, MN were asked on Tuesday whether or not they wanted to replace their police department with an Office of Public Safety, to be composed of perhaps some police officers (to handle serious crimes, and how many aren’t serious!!), but mostly social workers, crisis counselors, and others from make-believe land in the fight against crime.  And speaking of crime, in Minneapolis, violent crime there, year to date, is up 30% over 2019, along with 78 homicides so far vs. 48 in the same period in 2019.  No question, liberal Minneapolis has a crime problem, just as have so many other major metropolitan areas, who climbed aboard the vision-impaired Progressive defund-the-police bandwagon.  As a Wall Street Journal editorial on the election concluded: “We’ll see on Tuesday whether the city’s voters are ready to play criminal roulette.”

Well, good news!!  The voters of Minneapolis rejected the notion of eliminating its traditional police department.  However, not by a landslide. The vote came out at 57% to 44% (with all but 3 precincts reporting).  While the motion to destroy the police department failed, you’ll notice that 44% of the lib insaniacs thought doing away with actual, armed, police protection would be a welcome idea. Seems like 44% of those Minneapolis voters must have flown in from another planet far, far away. Thankfully, the thinking people of the city did the right thing to preserve life, property, and sanity there.  And that message was clear in other major cities around the country who previously had a knee-JERK response to the earlier move to divert city funds away from policing.  The public largely responded in favor of supporting, and expanding, their police departments. “Voters in Democratic cities nationwide Tuesday soundly rejected measures to defund the police and elected candidates who campaigned strongly on issues of crime and law enforcement.”  As but one example of such a candidate, voters in New York City elected former NYPD captain, Eric Adams, as its upcoming new mayor.

And bravo to Texas for taking the illegal migrant problem into its own hands (vs. the purposely sedated Feds) when it comes to their state border.  In addition to the 6,500 National Guard and Texas State Troopers now on duty at their border, and along with installing razor wire around likely crossings, and plans soon underway to begin construction on their own border wall, Texas is now further blocking entry points with large shipping containers, the same kind you see on trucks in Savannah and on ships at the Port of Savannah. Said Governor Abbott: “Then on top of that, if they do come across the border, the National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety are authorized to arrest any of these people who make it through our blockade efforts and put them in jail for violating the crime of criminal trespass in the State of Texas.”  As of mid-October, reportedly state troopers have arrested 1,300 for criminal trespass and 6,339 on felony charges. Texas has instituted its own “Catch and Jail” plan! Said Governor Abbott: “The Biden Administration is AWOL at the southern border.”  Continued shame on the current administration, purposely allowing tens of thousands of illegals (future voters) each month to enter America, with huge long-term negative impacts on our nation. The Biden administration (or whomever is calling the shots) is asleep at the switch, and literally so at the recent UN “climate” conference!

And, now, a salute to some everyday American citizen heroes. In Springfield, Missouri, an Amazon driver noticed smoke coming from a home on his route.  A woman was trapped inside.  He broke a front window and shouted to the woman to come to that window, which, struggling through the smoke, she was able to do.  He helped extract her through that window opening. She survived.

When a small airplane crashed into a home in San Diego, again, a woman was trapped inside by the smoke and flames. Neighbors determined that she and her husband were inside the burning home. These are bystanders, mind you, not official first responders, who rushed to extract both, once again, through a broken front window. Both survived thanks to their brave neighbors.

Five men traveling in another car spotted a vehicle on fire along a California freeway.  They stopped, raced to the scene, and were able to remove both the elderly passenger and driver (who suffered some burns) and both were transported for treatment after medical help arrived. Said their son: “We are just so grateful. These guys are heroes to us and to our parents for stepping up immediately, and that is phenomenal.”

And to finish this edition of good news on an additional up-note, turns out that Americans are more generous with both their time and money than any other nation or continent.  According to the Almanac of American Philanthropy, “Americans donate around seven times as much as continental Europeans to charitable causes per capita.”  Best yet, said the report, just 14% of U.S. donations come from foundations and 5% in addition come from our corporations. Reportedly, about 80% of total U.S. charitable giving comes from individuals, our U.S. citizens. Said the AAP: “The three most popular causes Americans contribute to are household basic social services, combined purpose charitable organizations (like United Way or Catholic Charities), and health care.”  Amidst a sea of negative news about, and within, America of late, both domestically (border/inflation/virus mandates/socialist policies/supply chain/climate change/ schools, etc.), and internationally (Afghanistan!), its refreshing to know that, despite it all, Americans remain the most generous in the world. Again, that includes both our money and our time. And caring American citizens might well assume that. Nothing new. It’s historically true. But great to have it freshly confirmed amidst our many national social, financial, and political issues.

Speaking of which, thanks and congratulations, again, to the voters of Virginia.  You’ve given patriotic, nation-loving and preserving Americans a fresh burst of much-need enthusiasm, hope, and positive energy !!  Now it’s up to the rest of us around America to keep this re-awakening going.


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