So, Now, We Wait….

We wait while the fate of our democratic republic rests, for the most part, in the hands of individuals who may well not share the fervent desire of most American patriots to retain our current, traditional, governing practices and values. We wait while the national media-partnered, power-obsessed, state and federal political manipulators on the Progressive Left, attempt to out-think, out-smart, and, ultimately, out-maneuver our great nation’s dedicated, vigilant, freedom-obsessed, security, liberty, and law & order protectors on the Right (Supreme Court included).

Bear in mind that, for the most part, those in leadership hoping to now aid, or invent, state-centered positive outcomes for the Progressive side, are the very same “leaders”  who may have assumed law or constitutional-abridging powers, during these past few epidemic months, by ordering extended, presumably, virus-related “lock-downs” of their respective states and/or municipalities, for the implied “protection” of their own ‘subjects,’ oh, sorry, their own ‘citizens.’ And that done, regardless of the actual comprehensive health extent and need, and apparently, regardless of the incredible economic damage done to local/regional businesses, and, thus, to their own state economies (but all the while, with future focus on Party-line, federal bailout solutions).

And, do recall, that within some of those states, we had mayors who sat on their politically-welded butts, watching, seemingly dispassionately, while thugs and gangs of clueless, indoctrinated youth “peacefully” rampaged, looted, and burned portions of their downtowns.  Spoiled, improperly-educated youth who, by the way, have richly enjoyed all of the rights of our freedom-blessed society, apparently without yet having to bear or exhibit any of the responsibilities,  required of us all for access to, and the benefit of, that enormous, priceless, gift of unending freedoms.  Perhaps, in the case of those unrepentant rampagers, too unending!

That said, and now temporarily off this nation-loving chest, we will all now wait, for some additional minutes, hours, days, heaven-forbid, weeks, while legally-required (and observed) ballot securing, screening, and tabulating continues, and any subsequent legal challenges are pursued, as the preservation of our sacred liberties rests in the balance……

ADDENDUM:  And while all of the pallets of fresh Progressive ballots are “discovered” in the hours ahead, do remember the miss-speak (or was it?) made by the the gaffe-master, Mr. Biden the other day when he boldly proclaimed from the podium: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter-fraud organization in the history of American politics.”  Unfortunately for liberty, we are now seeing that prophesy and promise come glaringly true, right  before our unbelieving eyes.  Tragically, it certainly appears that M. Biden did not miss-speak.  Disgustingly and destructively, he nailed it.  Just as, by so revealing, he and his fellow Progressives are attempting to nail, not only the validity of this election, but our Constitution, laws, principles, and traditions to the out-house wall, as well.