Smart Talk #9

You are likely well-aware that Title 42, a public health order used to turn illegal migrants back at the southern border, is due to be abandoned in another week by the Biden administration, opening the flood gates to a super-surge of illegals once again.  Fortunately, that decision to abandon the Trump-imposed rule has been challenged in court by 21 states.  Earlier this week, a federal judge “extended a temporary restraining order” that will stop the Biden-ites from shutting off Title 42 provisions on May 23rd as intended. Expressing gratitude for the court’s action, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said: “Our coalition of state attorneys general will continue to fight to hold the Biden administration accountable to the rule of law.  The president cannot surrender our southern border to dangerous cartels.”  What is badly needed now, however, is a stronger order/provision/law beyond health concerns to shut down the massive illegal border incursions.  Regrettably, until Republicans regain Congressional power in November, such is not likely to happen.

HBO’s “Real Time” host, Bill Maher, gets it when it comes to the seriousness of the illegal immigration issue: “Working-class voters feel like they’ve been ignored and abandoned.” They have “a reasonable argument that there’s this elitist group that’s running the world that’s left us behind.” And America’s workers are understandably concerned about the competition for available jobs. In a recent Associated Press poll, 73% of Americans responded that “their job prospects are cut as a result of (mass) illegal immigration into the United States.” And on that note, recent data reportedly indicates that “about eight-million illegal aliens are currently taking American jobs.”  A significant concern for Americans seeking employment.

Another major issue currently brought to the headlines, and resultant Democrat protests, following the Supreme Court decision ‘leak’: Abortion.  From the common-sense Republican side of the argument comes this from writer John Nolte: “Those same Democrats had 50-years to make abortion legal all across the land and those same Democrats chose not to. Over the course of those 50-years, Democrats held the presidency for 21-years.  And, for nearly two-years, between 2009 and 2011, Democrats held the presidency, the House, and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and still did …nothing! For 50-years, Republicans have been 100-percent upfront and honest about our burning desire to end this atrocity (abortion).”  The Supreme Court needs to release their decision now, so that America can attempt to move on.

And then there’s the matter of the national baby formula shortage.  Another opportunity for the administration to flourish the satin red cape and let the ‘bull’ snort, duck, and run past.  Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) was quick to comment: “Today, House Republicans are here to push for action from the FDA and the Biden administration who should have had a plan for this shortage months ago. Instead, bare-shelves-Biden has continued to pass the buck.  This is not a Third World country.  This should never happen in the United States of America.”

On this subject, Representative Patrick McHenry (R-NC), father of three young children, indicated that “parents are struggling in America” and concluded with: “The Biden administration has made every aspect of family life more difficult.”  Now, to make the administration’s apparent lack of urgency in resolving this growing issue even worse, or getting definite positive results, GOP Representative Kat Cammack posted on-line a picture said to be “fully stocked baby food shelves in migrant centers at the border!”  Said the Congresswoman: “This is what America last looks like.”  Summing up, it’s a clear case of choosing to cater to the baby food needs of illegal migrants over the needs of American citizens.  Bass-akwards priorities, again. Yet another example of stepping on, not around, organic matter on the nation’s sidewalk.

Regarding rising fuel costs, in a Rasmussen Reports poll, 82% of likely U.S. voters are concerned about rising gasoline prices, while 60% of them would support a law that “dramatically increased oil and gas drilling in the U.S.”  Another example of this administration ignoring what’s best for America to politically embrace delusional ‘green’ policies.  Only a third of likely voters indicated that the administration should focus, instead, on reducing CO2 emissions to (supposedly) reduce climate change. “Overall, 42% of likely voters do not believe climate change will be catastrophic within 100-years, including 24% who say it is ‘not likely at all.’”  Common sense, as always, ignored by the administration.

Oh, and parents aren’t at all happy about the President’s remarks at a recent Teacher of the Year event (Project Suck-Up), when he implied that students ‘belonged’ to the teachers in the classroom.  Said Mr. Biden: “They’re not somebody else’s children.  They’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.” Well, not now, not ever, in the eyes of two ‘Moms for Liberty’ spokeswomen. Said one: “That’s just false.  We are willing to partner with our children’s schools, but we do not co-parent with the government.  Every parent has the right to direct the upbringing of their children.”  And, said, another member of the ‘Moms’ group: “Never will there be a teacher, and administrator, or any public servant that is in charge of my child’s life.  And I will tell you that there are parents all over this country that will die on a hill to say that we do not co-parent with the government.”  This is all a justified reaction to parents growing realization that they are, in too many cases, being kept in the dark about what is being taught to their children within too many of today’s elementary school classrooms (e.g., race issues, gender preference, etc.).

On the ever-sensitive subject of race, long-respected Black American author, Shelby Steele, thankfully rejects the claim that America is a “systematically racist society.” Said Mr. Steele: “All the things that we protested back then are over now. Protest is not going to develop Black America. Black America is going to have to develop itself.  This is not a systematically racist society. It is a systematically goodwill toward Black people society.  People in this country are rooting for us. They are not holding us back. They want us to do well.”  Some very welcome and refreshing Smart Talk from a very smart American leader.

In an era, a Democrat-led one, where anti-America fervor seems to be the dominant theme, at least from most apparent attitude and actions coming out of D.C., Dan Bongino cited giving cell phones to illegal migrants as but one example of this administration caring far more about migrants than our own citizens. Said Bongino: “They never care. That’s the joke of the Democrat Party.  They never cared about you, ever. Their whole platform is ‘give us your money, give us your kids, give us your health care, and we’re going to regulate your business to death.’ When did they ever care about you?”

And speaking of caring, when lately, or ever, has this administration truly adopted Dr. Martin Luther King’s plea for character as the far better measure of a person than ignoring comparative qualifications and simply looking at, judging by, color or gender?  In Dr. King’s mind, that came down to the acceptance of equality as the primary measure of people succeeding, rather than one-size-fits-all equity, which by definition, and practicality, in order to be implemented, requires either the lowering or outright elimination of traditional standards.  It is impossible for all individuals to perform and succeed equally.  Thus, it appears that in federal government minds, negative equity overrides positive equality.  Thus, pre-determined selection criteria vs. comparative resumes solved.

Speaking to this overall subject, esteemed surgeon and Trump administration department head, Dr. Ben Carson, summed up the comparative and the overriding issue this way: “No wonder there is a rise in violent black nationalists in this country, the mainstream media preaches oppression, only seeking to draw out the division in society. Policies like equity only reinforce that narrative, inspiring people to hate America and its values of hard work and equality, instead of embracing them.”  Smart Talk and insight from a prominent, qualified, successful, and very intelligent Black American practitioner, thinker, and observer of today’s America.


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