Smart Talk #6

A few (thankfully) major municipalities (most recently, New York City) have decided to let non-citizens vote in local elections (how do they accurately limit that vote to local only?).  This is an excellent way to cheapen or water-down legal citizen votes, a clear unethical advantage if you happen to be the Big City party in power (Democrat).  Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla), along with some Republican colleagues, is proposing legislation that would “ban federal funding to state or localities that allow foreigners to vote in U.S. elections.”  Finally, a meaningful, proposed stinging penalty, rather than the usual verbal hand-slap. On the House side, Representative Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) plans to introduce similar legislation.  Said Duncan: “Voting in this country is a right that should solely be limited to American citizens. Allowing non-citizens or illegal immigrants to vote, even if only in state or local elections, gives foreign nationals influence on some of the most important decisions impacting our families, our rights, and our representation in government.”  Doubtful right now that such a measure can pass in the House, but the Senate is possible.  But nonetheless the beginning of smart and important political push-back which may well see passage after the November national vote.

On the subject of Critical Race Theory, which has apparently spread faster than spilled hot gravy, seems to teach that all whites are now, and always, “oppressors, while blacks are destined to be “permanent victims of white hate.” You see, CRT seems to “judge people solely on skin color.” Many parents, both white and black, object to this theory being taught (pushed) in public schools. Commentator Deroy Murdock wrote that decades of “white-black cooperation confirm that CRT is a gargantuan, nauseating lie. America (has a) rich, unfolding history of interracial collaboration for freedom, justice, and opportunity. Critical Race Theory mutilates a centuries-old legacy of interracial cooperation.”  Deroy Murdock as many of you know is black. His opinions on race and other political topics are always worthy of notice and remembering.

Working to reduce violence in his South Chicago neighborhoods, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Black Pastor Corey Brooks spoke to the issue of CRT.  Pastor Brooks comments as follows (in part): “I believe that critical race theory hurts black America.  It is a cancer in our society.  It is a race-obsessed worldview.  Over the past several years, this dangerous far-left ideology has managed to creep into our schools.  CRT says that America is an inexplicably racist nation.  That all of our institutions are based on oppression of racial minorities. (One of the) objectives here is clearly to stir up Marxist grievances.  Karl Marx used class struggles to spark enthusiasm for his call to world communism.  Well, CRT uses race in place of class, aiming to instill that same hatred for free-market capitalism.”  Pastor Brooks and his team have established a neighborhood resource center for young people, including training programs, like construction skills. “We see daily the power of transformative lives through our jobs program, through the promise that comes from participating in honest work in our capitalist system.” Wisdom from a gentleman of the cloth working daily, hands on, to improve young lives.

And continuing with the race issue, a bright light on the horizon has emerged in the person of Ms. Winsome Sears, the first black elected to the position of Lieutenant-Governor in the State of Virginia. Regarding equal opportunity, Ms. Sears has said that she, personally, is “the embodiment of what we’re trying to achieve in America. I think I am a visible success story that says to people, ‘You can do it. You will do it. No matter your gender, no matter your color, even no matter where you were born.  I came from Jamaica (age 6) and here, I have made it.” She continued: “You have to teach about the racial issues.  We need to know where we were wrong, so that we can move forward and right things.  And the way to right things is through opportunity.”  With Republican leaders now in the top two state slots, Virginia will most likely be heading down a very positive, opportunity-driven, path.

On the subject of crime in our cities, which seems to have now entered yet another active wave, civil rights attorney Robert Patillo spoke with host Dan Bongino.  “Most of this crime is being pushed by drug gangs throughout our county.  So, we need to use some of our counter terrorism laws, use them to prosecute many of these drug gangs that are terrorizing communities. And let’s do something about the importation of guns and drugs across the southern border.”  And an additional key suggestion: “Why aren’t we putting money into the types of programs that will get young teenagers off the streets and get them into STEM coding classes?  Get them certifications and the type of educational support that is needed so that they don’t have to turn to a life of crime.” Common sense suggestions, as with Pastor Brooks training suggestions above, especially, in addition, regarding doing something meaningful about our ridiculously porous southern border, that this administration seems to be willfully ignoring, as if the continuing migration flood is of no long-term consequence to America.

Rounding out this edition, fittingly, with MLK, Jr. Day now just two days behind us, Dr. King’s niece, Mrs. Alveda King, offers some thoughts about his life and the lives she would hope that we all might lead. “My uncle sought to live like the Lord. Now, he wasn’t successful because he wasn’t perfect.  He was human.  So, he would repent.  He would ask for forgiveness.  And he wanted to learn to forgive others as well.”  She went on to remember that her uncle would say that “hatred paralyzes life, and that love releases it.  He was never pessimistic.  He was optimistic.”   And, of course, tying in with today, and very much against CRT, Dr. King’s fervent wish was that we would all begin judging people by their character and not by their skin color.

A good final reminder for today in America when we are faced with so much that is truly negative regarding the condition of our nation and our seeming lack of firm leadership determined to solve the many problems that beg hopeful, meaningful, successful solutions.   And a final thought in that regard, especially for hope.  Said Mrs. Alveda King: “People would rather hear the social message, than the gospel message.”  Truth abounds in that telling statement.


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