Smart Talk #4

As it should be, the southern border remains a dominant negative issue with all loyal Americans who are paying attention. Former ICE Director Tom Homan had some choice words following the VP’s political/media visit (meaning no substance) to a quiet area of the border vs. where the true Texas border chaos is taking place daily.  Replied Homan: “President Trump dropped (illegal) immigration by 80-percent.  How many women didn’t get raped coming across that border? How many young people didn’t die (from) fentanyl overdoses? How many millions did the cartels not make when President Trump had declining (illegal) immigration?”  Homan concluded: “This president (Mr. Biden) has failed the American people.  We have the first president in the history of this nation that is actively facilitating illegal immigration and across-border crime, and it disgusts me.”

Appearing on CNN, former Obama Democrat DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said “the situation on the southern border is troubling,” and that the close to 200,000 illegals encountered by the Border Patrol in May is “way too high.” So even some of the intelligent on the Left appear to realize that the border is an out-of-control problem for the nation.  And Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) weighed in on this stunning national crisis.  Said Biggs: “This is a national security issue.  Terrorists on known watch lists are coming across the border.”

And the word terrorist is clearly a hot-button issue for America’s national security, because we know they are getting in!  Said Panama’s Minister of Foreign Affairs: “Members of terrorist organizations and sanctioned parties have found their way into Panama, where they are not permitted to enter in the first place. On the Panamanian border, a parallel (to the U.S. border) crisis is unfolding as unprecedented numbers of migrants from Haiti, Cuba, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East attempt to cross Panama’s Darien Gap en route to Canada and the United States.”  VP Harris visited Mexico and Guatemala but failed to stop to learn about the situation that Panama is facing, with its direct relevance to our own border issue, because the illegal destination of those entering Panama is, principally, America. And did you notice, once again, that the migrants don’t all speak Spanish!  They are arriving from all over the world, to include from terror-supporting countries.  Far, far better to stop would-be terrorists at our border (or, better yet, before), rather than hope to locate them once they blend in, and link up, across America.  Terrorism from within needs to be a central issue and concern for our perhaps uncaring, come-one-come-all, ‘climate-change’-focused federal government.  If we were serious about illegal migration, we’d need to be paying more attention to helping Panama stop bad people from entering and, worse, exiting Panama.

And continuing with this critical issue of the border stampede, in a June 2021 Washington Post/ABC News poll (note: not a conservative combo), perhaps surprisingly and thankfully,  51% of respondents reported that they are not satisfied with Mr. Biden’s handling of the border crisis.  33%, however, were satisfied.  Makes you wonder if those folks were sleepwalking when responding.  There is no way a sane person, loyal to our country, could conclude that things are just fine at the border. Recall again that a reported 180K migrants were intercepted at our border in May (not including those who slipped-in undetected), which is the highest monthly number of illegals in twenty-years!  Clearly encouraging illegals to come, and then purposefully removing all of President Trump’s protections (e.g., the Wall, End Catch-and-Release, Remain-in-Mexico program, etc.), lays the blame and responsibility for this border disaster squarely on the Biden administration’s power-lust political selfishness vs. what’s best for the safety and security of our nation.  Heaven help us if a terrorist illegal immigrant makes good here on his foreign orders.

Said Texas Governor Greg Abbot regarding the border situation: “Things have changed so quickly and so dramatically under the Biden administration.  It’s been amazing and disastrous.”  A Harvard/Harris Poll last month “found that a whopping 74% of registered voters believe the border is a crisis that must be addressed immediately.”  Would that anyone in D.C., where there is no migrant impact (yet!), were actually listening or concerned about what the voters think.

Well, as it turns out, at least one Congressman is listening.  Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) has now introduced a bill that would take $5.7-billion in alleged earmarks from the Democrat’s ‘infrastructure’ measure to establish a dedicated fund to continue construction of the border wall.  Said Roy: “Democrats included nearly $5.7-billion in corrupt earmarks in the surface transportation measure. Instead of using federal taxpayer dollars to fund pet projects like electric vehicle charging networks in California, and million-dollar sidewalk expansions in Connecticut, Congress should redirect these funds to address the ongoing and very real crisis at our southern border.” Given the situation, Congressman Roy recently actually questioned the value of Texas remaining in the Union, if the federal government refuses to adequately police and control the border.  And he was serious.

Coincidentally, on the off-chance you’d like some positive news, in a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, the responses suggest that “a growing number of Americans disapprove of Mr. Biden’s leadership on the economy, gun violence, and taxation, with the biggest decline coming (ready for this) from within Mr. Biden’s Democratic Party (approval down with non-white Democrats / Democrats under 40 / Democrats without a college degree).”  There’s some smart thought for a change.


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