Smart Talk #10

The Issues & Insights site posted an interesting article written by its Editorial Board which poses a question with a sadly obvious answer: “What would Biden be doing differently if his goal was to purposely send the country into a tailspin?”  As promised, the sad answer is: Nothing!!  Wrote founder, John Solomon: “Deliberate and intentional.  Two words you can expect Republicans to utter a lot more as they make the case that what ails America now isn’t an accident.  It’s Joe Biden’s design.”  And that’s the disgusting part of all that we’re seeing, feeling, and paying for within our nation today (open border, inflation, big city mayhem, etc.).  The pain and dislocation we’re experiencing is by “design.”

All of these destructive moves are, apparently, no accident.  It’s seemingly being shoved at us on purpose, by the liberal elites currently running America, validly elected or not, so that our freedom, security, culture, and our economy, can be force-fed into their enormous capitalism grinding machine, eventually spitting out a Socialist-Marxist-based central government, one then in total control of our once Land of Liberty.  If this isn’t true.  If this isn’t the objective, then we are being led by the stupidest collection of idiots and fools ever raised by unsuspecting, yea, perhaps in some cases, inept parents.  As a result, there should be shame-a-plenty.  But there isn’t.  Regardless, may this whole Socialist-Marxist scenario be nothing more than pure fiction and fantasy, for the sake and continued long-term preservation of our noble and proud Land of Liberty (to include, as always, traditional common sense and decency).

On the subject of potentially destroying our America, billionaire supermarket chain owner, John Catsimatidis, expressed his frustration with administration policies (or lack of the correct ones) which may actually trigger a recession: “It will get worse, which is very, very sad.  A recession does not have to happen.”  Looking specifically at America’s known energy resources, Catsimatidis continued: “Turn on the spigot to North America.  Don’t go and beg Iran for crude oil for $120.00 and make them richer.  Don’t beg Saudi Arabia for crude oil, don’t beg Venezuela for crude oil, we have it. We have a hundred years’ worth of oil (known availability within our ground). Let them open up the spigots and the price of crude will come back down to half (what it is now). ‘Somebody’ is on the path to destroy America.” Smart talk from a successful gentleman with a whole lot of money, and a conservative, for a refreshing change!

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had some choice words for the current president, reflecting on inflation and everything else that seems to be out of control (and perhaps on purpose).  Said Gingrich: “I think its not fair to say that he’s (Biden) the worst president.  I think Buchanan, who got us into the Civil War, still has that title.  But it would be fair to say that Biden may be the second-worst president in American history, at least in terms of his destructive effect …. Biden seems to have no clue about what’s going on around him.”

Following up on Speaker Gingrich’s thoughts, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) who feels that Mr. Biden’s administration may, in fact, be “the worst presidency in history.” “Frankly, he said, “I’d like to meet the 33% who think it is all on the right track because there hasn’t been anything done right. We went from secure border to chaos.  They’re doing it intentionally. We went from stable prices to 41-year high inflation. We went from safe streets to record crime in every major urban area in the nation. What we had under Donald Trump was so good compared to the ridiculous chaotic situation we have had, unfortunately, under President Biden.  And when he speaks, it only scares people even more.”

And FOX Business Network host Stuart Varney effectively rebutted Mr. Biden’s recent outlandish claim that, under his leadership, “America has achieved the most robust recovery in modern history.” Said Varney in response: “I call that a desperate political spin operation. Biden is completely ignoring the vicious inflationary spiral that we are now in, which is a real danger to the economy.  It could kill the economy.  He’s ignoring that, in the interest of spin.”  Spin, yes, to be polite.  Outright lying is closer to the truth.

FOX Business Network’s Larry Kudlow has some similar thoughts regarding what’s happening to our economy and way of life.  The president has said that “federal spending is not the problem.  The trouble is, almost no one in the country agrees with that.  It defies common sense.  He’s already spent over $3-trillion in his first year. Now he wants to spend more – childcare, eldercare, EV purchases, aid to farmers, homebuilding, green energy subsidies for windmills and solar panels.  The inflation reality is here to stay.  It’s going to last several more years.  Joe Biden wants to keep injecting more cash to increase more demand across the economy and at the same time, he is restricting more production of goods and services.” On that subject of restricting, think first of oil and gas production, which the administration is successfully strangling via oppressive regulations, along with halting pipeline construction.  We are supposed to ‘transition’ from fossil fuel energy dependence to a realistic alternative, one that doesn’t currently exist.  Thus, the energy catastrophe toward which we’re heading (or, at the pump, already in).

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is convinced that President Biden’s economic plan (is there one?) was now “destroying the American dream.  I think most Americans are very discouraged right now. They’re worried about inflation and crime, inflation and the border, and inflation and their kids’ education.  That’s what people are worried about when they lie down to sleep at night … and can’t.” The Senator thinks that this administration, rather than really trying to deal with and fix inflation, has instead “just given up.”

We’ll finish up this edition of Smart Talk with the opinion of Micah Morrison, chief investigative reporter for Judicial Watch.   Morrison has written a lengthy article on the subject of critical race theory (CRT), now a major issue within local schools, especially.  His ominous conclusion is most worthy of thought, letting the projected far-left consequence sink in.  Wrote Morrison: “Critical race theory is the latest front in the decades-long war of the left against American values. Imported from far-left academics in American universities, its hard-edged identity politics portrays the United States as a country so steeped in white supremacy and racism that it must be destroyed to be saved.”  One could make the case that the “must be destroyed” concept might seem to be in sync with the apparent negative direction this administration is attempting, sadly with growing success, to take America, by the force of both edict and inaction.


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