Silver Star Award Presented to 107-Year-Old WW II 3rd Infantry Division Veteran

Delayed for so many years, now finally, in early October 2022, Army Staff Sergeant Harold Nelson accepted his Silver Star Medal for valorous service during World War II.  Drafted in 1941, via Fort Crook, Nebraska, Nelson served with the Third Infantry Division, during intense combat in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy.  He participated in six amphibious landings, and sustaining three gunshot wounds, during his service with the Division.  He was discharged from the Army in June of 1945.

Given his age, and in order to limit his award presentation travel, the ceremony was held at Fort Carson, Colorado, hosted there by the 4th Infantry Division.  Presenting the Silver Star Award to Mr. Nelson, in person, was current 3rd Infantry Division Commanding Officer, MG Charles Costanza.  MG Costanza’s remarks were, in part, as follows: “Harold Nelson served our nation with honor and distinction, and I am grateful that we could honor his service today. It is important to ensure that the service and sacrifice of our Veterans, those whose shoulders we stand upon today, is never overlooked or forgotten. Harold is a ‘Dogface Soldier,’ and I’m proud to call myself one too.”

Our congratulations, and since thanks, to Mr. Harold Nelson, from all Americans who, today, still deeply appreciate, the service and extreme sacrifices that he, and so many others, made on our behalf, those many decades ago, so that we could continue to live in blessed freedom within this exceptional nation, our America.


(Ceremony information via Third Infantry Division Public Affairs Office, Fort Stewart, GA, SFC Jason Hull, 10-4-22)