Short And Far From Sweet

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington), apparently wanting to associate  with that current cabal of media-darling, spotlight-hogging, rookie Democrat Congresswomen, whose ideological guide must be the Red-Crested Loon.  She has, like her sisters of late, made an outlandish assertion.  Appearing on a leftist-adoring cable network, Ms. Jayapal said that the United States should be required to pay reparations to the migrant children separated from their parents (Note: By illegally crossed our southern border!).  Said she in a later tweet: “We all should show…a real commitment to fixing what was done to these families and these children.  This is a lasting trauma for thousands of children –we must make reparations.”

Is it possible that most, or all, of the Democrat contingent, in both Houses of Congress, has now (or perhaps well before) become anti-America?  Lately, they all seem to be speaking from the same sheet of off-key, anti-nation music.

Reparations? Because America separated, for their safety, children from confinement with adults, a great many of whom are young men?  And don’t forget the apparently sizeable number of migrant kids sent across our border unaccompanied.  How’s that for caring parenting!  Knowing full well that their ultimate plan is to one-day make a claim to be reunited with their children, because they are now here, thus making their kids, effectively, loss-leaders.

Reparations?  Let’s remember something basic in this untidy scenario. It was those parents who chose to violate U.S. immigration laws by bringing (or sending) their children here illegally.  Had they not knowingly broken our border laws, there would have been no child separation.  Thus, it is those parents who are liable.

And by liable, we mean this.  With thanks to the Congresswomen for the idea, if there were actually any reparation payments to be made, that money should come, not from the U.S., but from the parents, or their native country, or the border-violation-encouraging ‘humanitarian’ agencies, or the paid leaders or traffickers, whoever can make the required payments.  Payments to the U.S. for what?  Child care!  Our government (make that, the American tax-payer) has absorbed millions of dollars in recent years in food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment, personnel, and untold other necessities, to keep these kids healthy and safe.  Thus it is America who is due monetary payments.  Nice try, Congresswoman Jayapal, but your reparations demand was a mere 180-degrees off-plumb.  Welcome to the reality of America First.  Perhaps for your team, a curious notion.

(Rep. Jayapal quote,, news, 2-8-19)