Separation Anxiety

The news the major media can’t seem to get enough of lately is the issue of children being separated from their parent(s) who broke long-standing U.S. law by entering our country, not at a designated entry point (requesting amnesty), without legal permission, and are being detained for prosecution.  The practice, going back at least two presidencies before President Trump is that when a parent(s) is detained, their children must be separated from them and are then cared for separately.  And by all indications, cared for very well, even better say some, than American-citizen children, being raised in extreme poverty.

Suddenly, this separation practice, which again goes back years, has become a huge political issue.  Called inhumane, immoral, and other less polite descriptives. Practiced during the 8-year term of President Obama, but never a voice was raised. Or if at all, never publicized as loudly, broadly, and repeatedly. Now President Trump has done the unthinkable.  He is upholding the law, which dictates that all who cross our border illegally have committed a crime, and thus will be arrested, prosecuted, and likely deported back to their home country.  There is now “no tolerance” for illegal border crossers who are caught.

Under President Obama, his administration’s version of the law was a practice known as “Catch & Release,” whereby those caught were subject to a hearing at a specified later date and released into our country.  The vast majority, of course, never return for their hearing, and continue to live here illegally.  By the way, illegals fall into two categories: those in the present discussion who enter the country without legal permission, and those who have been issued visas, but ignore the end date, and stay here regardless.

So the current issue, blared across the land by the liberal’s national advocacy media (formally the news media) is that children shouldn’t be separated from their detained parent(s).  Even though that has been the practice for many years, that does not make it right, leading President Trump, amidst the escalating cacophony of complaints, to end the separation practice last week by Executive Order. Monies will be allocated and facilities made available to accommodate reunited families being detained for violation of U.S. border laws.  That should solve the problem, right?  Nope……

Democrat leadership, and their media surrogates (print/electronic/social), now beat the drums of discontent even louder.  Turns out their unhappiness about illegal families being separated upon arrest of the adult(s) was only a place-holder, a smoke screen.  Reuniting families wasn’t good enough.  The real issue, to them, was detaining the illegal border crossers at all!  It became quickly apparent, once the separation mask was removed, that the real intent of Democratic leaders, and their leftist megaphone followers, was to allow unchallenged entry to all who want to come here.  In other words, Open Borders.

For any rational, thinking, America-loving person, this would lead to the economic and social destruction of our historic liberty and sovereignty. The end of our cherished land of opportunity.  Just take a look at what unlimited foreign migration has done to many of the countries in Western Europe.  Drained resources, increased major crime, loss of national identity, language, and culture. That would be our blueprint, our destiny. No longer a free and independent country, as fought for, preserved, and revered through the generations, by courageous military members and thankful civilians, but simply a very large and crowded chunk of land, just another piece of the greater global community, existing under suffocating, likely Communist, global control, with the seat of that ultimate power being headquartered in …Beijing, Moscow, Tehran?

Open borders, the unimpeded invasion of America, cannot be allowed to happen. That seemingly fervent Democrat desire must not be allowed to prevail.  As such, along with the nuclear stockpiles of rogue regimes and nations, unlimited migration into America, becomes the national survival issue of our times.

That said, circling back to family separation, the spark that ignited this verbal bonfire. We’re now witnessing days of harsh rhetoric and even serious threats on peoples’ lives and safety, over the issue, first, of child separation, now morphed into any detention of illegal entries at all. But there is another group of parents, this time American, who have lost a child, murdered at the hands of an illegal immigrant, and who now, collectively, speak for the tragedy of real separation.  Permanent separation.  Said Angel Mother Agnes Gibboney: “When my son was murdered, I didn’t know for 11-years that the man that killed my son was an illegal alien.  This is what now separates my son and me: a coffin and six-feet of dirt.  How is that for real separation?”   (Quote credit: Daily