Separated Kids: By The Numbers

Data via anonymous Facebook post, but checked via Google search.  So, you want to talk about minor children separated from their parent(s) in our country?  Here you go….

2.7-million U.S. kids have a parent in jail or prison (1 in 28 kids) (1 in 125, just 25-years ago!)

687,000 U.S. kids are in foster care (2016) (400,000 yearly average thru recent years)

765,000 U.S. kids are separated from their deployed or away training military parent.

But what does America’s national media focus on and chose to repeatedly hammer us about?  The 2,000 kids (on average) temporarily separated from their illegal immigrant parent(s)!

Separated, of course, due to the parent(s) decision to violate U.S. law and enter our nation illegally.  And the kids are well cared for, separated for their own safety, to prevent potential adult abuse, trafficking, etc., prevalent with large group incarceration.

Obviously, the numbers are fluid.  But it puts child separation reality into clearer perspective.  What also becomes very clear is that, based on the huge comparative numbers, the media’s focus only on children separated from illegal parent(s) is purely political.  No longer objective reporting.  Partisan promotion.