Democrat, repeat, Democrat Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, is standing strong against a lib-infected House, now Senate Bill (H.R.1 / S.1) which is labeled (or perhaps libeled) the “For the People Act.”  The reality is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the betterment of the “people,” and everything to do with gaining and maintaining far-left power and control.  The real name for it, then, should more accurately be the “For the Progressive-Socialist-Marxist Politicians’ Perpetual Power And Control Act.” (Regrettably, but not surprisingly, given the Democrat majority, it passed the House back in March).

And here’s why the name change is appropriate. You’re all aware of the efforts being made by many states, with Republican controlled legislatures, to tighten up voting procedures for all upcoming elections, from requiring voter ID’s so as to more effectively monitor voter eligibility (recent strong diversity turn-out proves the ID requirement does not suppress the vote), to adding requirements for absentee ballots, to regulating the times and places where/when votes may be cast, to, in several cases, add hours and days for in-person voting, etc.  Overall, removing as much as possible the free-wheeling pre-election changes some Democrat Secretaries of State (also, it appears, to a certain extent, Republican Georgia!), or perhaps governors, managed to ram through without legislative approval (as in, the law!), which helped to produce some actual and/or suspected fraud in the election processes and outcomes.  We all remember the mysterious late-night ballot counting “pause,” which occurred simultaneously in a handful of key states, when ballot counting observers/monitors were sent home.  And when counting resumed, remarkably the lead in those states had magically shifted from President Bush to challenger Biden.  Nothing to see here folks.  Everything’s going according to the pre-determined script and result.

So, with many states working hard to correct errors, loopholes, and purposeful, devious, unconstitutional pre-election changes, Democrats in the House determined that making the election procedures more legal, legitimate, and fair would upset their likely-to-have-been at least partially-rigged success in 2020 (as more vote audits and other mishandling evidence is now appearing and showing, including possible foreign interference in vote totals). Thus, the fraud-encouraging “For the People” effort which, passed by the House, and coming to the Senate this month, would, now listen to this, nationalize all voting policies and procedures, utilizing the full Democrat wish-list, unconstitutionally stripping the states of their legal, mandated right to set them, as clearly set forth in our Constitution!  This steamrolling effort over states’ rights would legitimize the “revised” procedures made infamous in the 2020 election, and effectively guarantee liberal Democrat control over the nation indefinitely.

Riding to our rescue, not on a majestic Budweiser Clydesdale, but rather in a regular fossil-fuel-burning vehicle, just like the rest of we non-elite, non-holier-than-thou, loyal, nation-loving, normal Americans drive, comes West Virginia’s  Senator Joe Manchin.  And why, at this critical turning-point in time does Senator Manchin matter?  Because, when and if Senate-1 comes to the floor for a vote, the Senate, you’ll recall is deadlocked at 50-50, with the Democrat VP having the tie-breaking vote.  All Republican Senators currently oppose the bill.  Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is boldly, not only against ending the all-important-for-Senate-integrity filibuster procedure, he has, thankfully, to date, also expressed his desire and plan to vote against the unAmerican “For the People” Democrat self-protection scheme.  This is huge, for anyone who cares a whiff about maintaining either our democracy or the future of our great nation born of equality and freedom for all (rather than secured solely for leftward-Democrats).

For his courageous, principled stand, apart from his Democrat Senate colleagues, he has taken considerable heat and been called everything but, as the old saying goes, ‘a son of God.’  Lovely former ESPN host Jemele Hill has reportedly disparagingly accused the Senator, because of his lack of support, of “upholding white supremacy” as a “cowardly, power-hungry white dude.”  Here we go again with the ridiculous, elitist “white supremacy” crap, created-in-resentful-fantasy because our thoughtless, self-centered European ancestors “sailed the ocean blue” for opportunity here, rather than simply staying put there and dying off, apparently now, centuries later, fouling the opportunity water for those of non-white pigment brought here from other continents, and, today, boringly unhappy about just about everything here, yet refuse to leave, since complaining is far more fun.  He has also been accused of being an obstructionist, and “preserving Jim Crow”!   The Jim Crow thing is the Democrats current insult de jeur, conjuring up memories of the KKK and white-on-black violence from early last century, carried out, you’ll recall, by “white supremacist” Democrats!  Kinda stupid for the libs to keep bringing up that self-infecting reference, but then past history is but an annoyance, and ‘darkness’ to these modern, cancel culture types!

Despite the elitist slander, thankfully Senator Manchin still enjoys popular support back home.  Said he recently: “I believe that partisan voting legislation will destroy the already weakened binds of our democracy, and for that reason, I will vote against the For the People Act.  Furthermore, I will not vote to weaken or eliminate the filibuster.  Congressional action on federal voting rights legislation must be the result of both Democrats and Republicans coming together to find a pathway forward, or we risk further dividing and destroying the republic we swore to protect and defend as elected officials.”  A powerful breath-of-fresh-air statement from a genuine American who understands cooperation rather than separation.

Wrote New York Post political commentator, Rich Lowry: “HR1 (and S1) is a constitutionally dubious monstrosity that would trample on state voting laws in an enormous step toward the federalization of American elections. Manchin was right to say (in an op-ed) that it is telling that not one Republican is supporting this partisan power grab. Surely, the attacks on Manchin will only get more venomous.  Such is the price of refusing to reverse himself on the filibuster and get on board a sprawling travesty of a voting bill.”

Such is the price of personal integrity, which, on this critical issue for the nation, Senator Manchin has definitely and defiantly shown.  May he continue to hold his ground and convictions, despite the coming slings and arrows launched in his direction, by whiny, extremely-partisan opponents who apparently don’t get the integrity piece, and don’t mind trampling all over the Constitution and its clearly prescribed rights of states to set their own policies and procedures for voting.

As the S-1vote now stands, it will be 51-49 to defeat this “travesty of a voting bill,” thanks to Senator Manchin’s steadfast, nation-first commitment.  If you’d like to contact the Senator to express your appreciation and encourage him to ignore the name-calling and stand his ground for our nation, you can email him at, or contact his D.C. office at (202) 224-3954.  It’s vitally important that he be reassured that he is doing the right thing for a continuing free and Constitutionally-obedient America.  Joe Manchin: The smart, principled, democracy-supporting, pro-America politician named Joe…….


(Jemele Hill quote via, Dylan Gwinn, 6-7-21; Manchin quote via, Wendell Husebo, 6-6-21; Lowry quote via, Rich Lowry, 6-7-21).